Best Ornamental Grasses

That Grow In Shade

Don't let shady corners dampen your landscaping. Add a touch of natural splendor and excitement with the enchanting ornamental grasses - the perfect solution to transform any dull area into a captivating wonderland. 

Elevate your outdoor space with vibrant ornamental grasses and transform shady areas into stunning focal points of your landscaping. 

Transform your garden into a mesmerizing masterpiece with our top picks of the most breathtaking ornamental grasses. Our exclusive list is here to guide you in making your garden dreams a reality. 

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Native to the US and Mexico, Hasmanthium Latifolium is a versatile grass with stunning wheat-like flowers that turn bronze in fall. Perfect for any garden, it thrives in both sun and shade, and can grow up to 3-5 feet tall and wide. 

Northern Sea Oat

Create a native, woodland look with Carex - an evergreen sedge grass that flourishes in shade. With over 100 species to choose from, its thin blades of varying colors and sizes bring a charming touch to any garden. 

Sedge Grass

Add a touch of natural beauty to your garden with Creeping Liriope - a popular groundcover with deep green leaves, spiky lavender blooms, and black berries in fall. Flourishing in partial sun, it's a stunning choice for Zones 5-11. 

Creeping Lilyturf

Add a tropical flair to your garden with Cyperus Involucratus - also known as Umbrella Grass. Its umbrella-shaped leaves and love for water make it perfect for zones 9-11 and a stunning choice for pots, ponds or as a houseplant.

Umbrella Grass

Add some wildness to your garden with needlegrass, a North American native known for its long, bristly leaves and pretty seed heads. It thrives in zones 5-10 and can grow up to 5 feet tall. 


Add elegance to your garden with the stunningly graceful Maiden Grass. With its long, silver-green blades that change to bronze in the fall, this ornamental grass is a sight to behold. Standing at 6-8 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide, it's perfect for zones 4-9. 

Maiden Grass

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