Beautiful Perennial Grasses For Zone 5

The pandemic has sparked a love for plants and gardening, inspiring us to create beautiful landscapes and enjoy the joys of nature. 

Adding beautiful perennial grasses to your garden can be an easy and effective way to bring texture, color, and movement to your landscape. 

Explore the best perennial grasses for USDA Zone 5 and create a stunning landscape with ease. Discover our top picks here!  

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Eragrostis spectabilis is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant grass with stunning purple plumage in late summer/fall. Ideal for xeriscaping. 

Purple Love Grass

Indian grass is a unique addition to your garden, with drought and heat tolerance. Its burnt orange foliage turns golden brown in autumn and it thrives in full sun, adapting to various soil conditions.

Indian Grass

Switchgrass is a unique addition to your garden, with bluish-green foliage and delicate flowers. It tolerates salt and drought, but needs well-drained soil with nutrients, so add organic matter during planting.


Muhlenbergia is a standout in your garden, with eye-catching pink to purple inflorescences. Easy to care for, it loves sunlight and well-drained soil. Water only when needed for a spectacular display.

Muhly Grass

This grass has greenish-yellow flowers and is great for pots, borders, and bulk plantings. It likes sun and dry, sandy soil, and only needs extra water during long droughts. Avoid wet soil.

Festuca Glauca

Fountain Grass

Fountain grass, with cascading leaves resembling a fountain, blooms pink, tan or purple flowers in late summer. It thrives in any soil and requires watering only during drought once established.

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