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Smaller, simple gardens are an excellent way to bring some color and vitality to your yard. Whether you decide to grow vegetables or simply colorful flowers and other plants, your home will undoubtedly benefit from a simple garden.  

We created a list of 13 simple garden ideas to help you get started with your very own garden. 


Raised Garden In Side Yard

This simple garden makes use of this house's side yard. It consists of a couple of raised sections surrounded by wooden beams. Light-colored pebbles provide some visual contrast, elevating the look of this quaint garden. 


Planters, Flowerpots, And Fountain

This small, simple garden is comprised of numerous single flowerpots, planters, and a large rectangular fountain. Incorporating several planters allows you to experiment with different types of plants.  


Only Flowerpots And Planter

Flower pots are amazing because they allow you to make practically any space a simple garden. This front porch is adorned with an array of flowerpots, giving what would otherwise be a mundane porch a sense of life. 


Large Flowerpots With Vining Plant

This quaint corner is comprised of multiple huge flowers that boast colorful blooms. The flowerpots vary in size, shape, color, and texture, giving this simple corner garden more visual depth.  


Simple Walkway Flower Bed

A simple flower bed lining a walkway can have a powerful impact. This small garden is home to a number of small vibrant shrubs. Light-colored pebbles are a great choice for this kind of garden, as they provide visual contrast, highlighting the plants in the garden.