Cactus Landscaping Ideas


Create a distinctive landscape style with cactus and succulents, offering a wide range of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. To thrive, they require full sun and well-draining soil.

Elevate your cactus and succulent arrangement with varying rock sizes and companion plants. Spacing is up to you, so let your imagination run wild.

Get inspired for your cactus and succulent landscaping project by browsing through an array of stunning photos!

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

High Volume and Size

Make a statement with your landscaping by using large, voluminous plants to create a captivating display of color and texture. Let your outdoor space demand attention!

Intrigue with Cactus Shape

Use the distinctive shapes of cactus to add character and intrigue to any landscape. Check out this cactus with a candelabra-like appearance, adding a touch of allure to its surroundings!

Mini Cacti

Don't let a small planting area hold you back! Opt for mini cacti and create a powerful display of greenery that's sure to impress. These small wonders pack a punch!

Succulent and Cactus

Get ready for a stunning show of color and texture by pairing these two hardy plants! Watch their individual attributes play off each other to create an alluring display.

Barrel Cactus in a Bed of Succulent

Bring life to your landscape by adding succulent plants in the gaps between your other features. Watch them fill the space with their lush and vibrant presence!

Lush Succulents for Erosion Control

Spruce up your landscape with gorgeous and robust succulents that not only add beauty but also help prevent erosion. Perfect for low maintenance regions, these plants can thrive with minimal water.

Lined Walkway or Driveway

Take advantage of a wide path or driveway by using it as a prime opportunity to enhance your landscape. Lining these areas has been a timeless and elegant approach for generations.

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