Cascading plants beautify gardens with a waterfall effect, trailing down vertically and covering walls horizontally. They're also delightful in hanging baskets.

Transform boring walls and fences with lush greenery and abundant blooms. Find the perfect spot for your plants to thrive with plenty of sunlight for vibrant foliage and colorful flowers.

Discover the top cascading plants that thrive in full sun. Keep reading to find your perfect match.

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

English Ivy is a great wall cover that thrives in shady to full sun areas, growing up to 50 feet. While low-maintenance, it can become a weed and suffocate trees by blocking sunlight. Check state regulations before planting outdoors.

Common Ivy

Bring vibrant blooms to your hanging pots with Phlox. Start with seeds indoors, use good potting mix, space plants apart, and trim back to encourage more blooms. Water sparingly to avoid rot.

Creeping Phlox

Elevate your retaining wall with stunning candytuft blooms. Ensure full sun for at least 5 hours daily, with heights ranging from 6-8 inches and a spread of 12-35 inches.


Create a stunning waterfall effect with cascading Aubrietas. Place them on walls or balconies, in hanging pots or ground cover. Blooming from April to May, they prefer full sun and well-drained soil. Cut and divide for more blooms.


Tough and versatile, trailing rosemary thrives under full sun and can spread over 5 feet, making it perfect for retaining walls. Minimize fungal infections with plenty of sunlight.

Trailing Rosemary

Create a colorful paradise on walls and planters with Wave petunias. Just give them full sun and they'll reward you with vibrant blooms all season.

Wave Petunia

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