How To Grow Green Onions Indoors?

These vegetables not only freshen-up recipes but will brighten your kitchen with a vibrant burst of color.

Green onions grow heartily indoors all year-round as long as you provide the right conditions.

We’ll show you how to grow and care for green onions indoors by planting in either soil or water.

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Select a planter

(pot, window box, up-cycled egg carton, etc.), and fill with permeable soil.

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Plant onion seeds, bulb sets, or root scraps.

Start with fresh, mature green onions and cut off the top green stem portion of the onion to leave only the white stem, bulb, and roots.

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Keep soil moist, and put the planter in a sunny location.

Keep the soil moist by providing about 1” of water per week and watering 2 to 3 times per week. And put the planter in a warm, sunny location. Green onions prefer full sun and warm to cool temperatures between 55°F and 65°F.

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Harvest Stems & Bulbs

You can harvest the green stems at 6” to 8” tall. Cut the stem for immediate use. Leave approximately 3” of the stem so the plant will stay healthy and continue to grow.