Growing chives indoors is easy, but requires patience. They add flavor and make a beautiful garnish. With proper setup, growing them at home is effortless.

Can Chives Grow Indoors?

– Planter – Soil – Seeds – Spray bottle

Gather Materials

You will need a planter with a minimum of 6-inches wide and 6-inches deep. Terracotta and clay pots are ideal because they retain moisture very well and chives like moist soil, which is beneficial.


Chives grow best in rich, moist, neutral soil. Choose high-quality soil to avoid issues down the road; it can make all the difference in the growth rate of your chives.

Garden Soil

To grow chives, you can use seeds, a plant starter, or a cutting. While seeds take more time, they produce healthier plants and are a rewarding experience.


Use a fine mist spray bottle to water your planter while seeds germinate. Mist soil once daily to keep it moist without over-saturating.

Spray Bottle