Celery is one such plant that is notoriously difficult to grow.

With that in mind, how can you go about growing celery indoors?

Choose Your Base Growth

There are more types of celery available for indoor growth than the inexperienced gardener may imagine.

Choose Your Container

The type of celery you choose to grow will influence the container you want to invest in, all breeds of celery thrive when they have room to plant their roots.

Set The Seedling In Place

With your container set up and your growth ready to plant, it's time to get your celery in place. Ideally, you'll want your celery to sit in the center of your container or with at least one inch between each growth.

Water With Compost Tea And Water

After you've planted your celery growths, you'll want to quickly give them a dose of compost tea and water. Doing so will prime them for successful growth down the line.

Add Compost At Regular Intervals

As mentioned, celery loves nothing more than regular water. While you'll be keeping the soil moist, you'll also want to consider reinvigorating the soil with compost on a regular basis, at least once a week.

Be Patient

At this point, all there is to do is wait. Make sure to water your celery regularly, but buckle up for a long growing period. Most celery takes up to four months to finish growing, during which time you'll need to baby the plants so that your crop will be a successful one.

Blanch The Celery

If you want to experiment with the flavor of your celery, you'll want to blanch it two weeks before your harvest the whole of your crop. Blanching your celery will mellow out the flavor but will also reduce the nutrients in your harvest.

Harvest Your Celery Crop

Finally, once the growing period has passed, you'll be able to harvest your celery. You can pull the entire heads out of the soil or remove stalks from the plant.