A cedar elm tree's usual lifespan ranges from 50 to 100 years. But these trees will require a little help to reach their maximum age. In other words, people will need to keep up with their maintenance, such as pruning.

Cedar elm trees are known for growing at a fast rate. But their maximum height ranges between 20 to 94 feet. Their surrounding areas and conditions will significantly impact how tall they get.

Do cedar elms cause allergies?

Sinus pain

Red or tearing eyes





Runny nose

Itchy eyes and throat


Dark circles under the eyes

How do I know if my elm tree is dying?

Brown and Brittle Bark or Cracks


Only Some Healthy Leaves Left


Pests and Fungus Infestation


Large Amounts of Dead Wood


Fails the Scratch Test


Signs of Root Damage


Develops an Odd Growth Pattern