You can use a lawn edger to cut grass along a fence. However, you must be careful and know the proper steps to avoid damaging the fence. You can also use other edging devices like a string trimmer to cut grass under the fence, which your large lawnmowers and edger can't reach.

Edging is as important as mowing because it will give your lawn a clean and neat look. This process will be very easy if you know how a lawn edger works. A lawn edger works by digging a straight line through the earth to define the boundary between the grass and another section of the garden.

How A Lawn Edger Works

Tips For Cutting Grass Along Fences

1. Adding Borders

2. Sectional Mowing

3. Trim Along Fences

4. Use Trimming Devices

5. Go Slow

6. Cut At An Angle

7. Protect The Fence

How Do You Do Landscape Edging?

As implied by its name, landscape edging uses metal. It makes an invisible border because you need to dig the border to install the metal. The metal should be four inches deep to be an effective separator.

Stone Or Brick Edging

Stones and bricks are popular edging options. They can be used to create a minimalist effect while providing a neat border. They are also ideal if you want a wider border between the grass and the flower beds.

Raised-Bed Edging

If you want landscape edging while highlighting your garden, you can try raised-bed edging. This type of edging provides borders between the grass and the garden and adds depth and texture to the overall look of your lawn.

Fence Edging

You can also consider using a fence for low-growing shrubs. The shrubs will blend with the fence, which will serve as a border. This will give a more defined but more natural-looking edge to your garden and lawn.

How Do I Keep My Fence Line Clear?

You might be focused on maintaining the entrance of your lawn and neglect the fence line. But keeping your fence line clear is important and promotes safety. You can keep your fence line clear using a lawnmower and trimmer.

How Do I Keep Trees From Growing On My Fence Line?

Trees near the fence line can damage your lawn. The trees can rob the soil of sunlight and nutrients.