You can't root a Japanese maple cutting in water. The chances of it developing roots in water are very little to none because the stagnant water will deplete the oxygen roots require to grow. Japanese maple needs enough oxygen to propagate, and submerging a cutting in water will cause the root to rot before it can grow.

Japanese maple is a deciduous tree, so it belongs in an environment where the four seasons are in the cycle. To emulate such plant living conditions in your home garden, you need to provide soil that is rich in microorganisms present in a deciduous forest. You also need to create good drainage in the plant's container to prevent the soil from being saturated with water.

Why Can't I Root Japanese Maple Cuttings In Water?

While rooting a cutting in water is a convenient way of plant propagation, it is not the only easy process available to home gardeners. The most important thing to remember when trying to root a cutting is that the root has to be handled carefully to give it a higher chance of surviving during the transplantation process.

How Do I Root A Japanese Maple Cutting?

- Provide Just Enough Water

How Do I Take Care Of A Japanese Maple Tree?

- Fertilize When Needed

- Choose The Correct Soil

- Support Moisture Retention