You cannot grow rice using the rice you buy from a store because the husk has been removed or already processed through polishing or parboiling. This process removes the main part of rice that germinates into a rice plant.

You could be planning to grow your own rice to save on expenses or planning to grow it on a large scale to bring in extra income. Or maybe you have a curious mind and want to know if rice bought from the store can grow. Let’s explore this question together.

Can You Grow Rice You Bought From The Store?

Rice is naturally brown after harvesting and afterward taken to a mill for processing. One of the processing methods is polishing, where the husk, germ, and bran, including varying amounts of nutrients, are removed.

Polished Rice

Parboiling is a processing method that has been used since ancient times. This process has improved over the years.

Parboiled Rice

Along with the white rice you find in stores, whole grain or brown rice is also available. Since the germ in this type of rice is intact, can you use it to grow rice? Remember, as we mentioned earlier, the germ is what germinates into a plant.

Whole Grain Rice

- Identify The Location Where   You Will Plant Your Rice

How To Grow Rice

- Soak The Rice Seeds

- Plant The Rice Seeds

- Add Water

- Constantly Wet The Soil

- Space Out The Rice Seeds As   They Grow

- Watch Your Rice Mature

- Harvest Your Rice