Store-bought cloves can be planted and will grow new bulbs of garlic. Remember that these might not yield well because they have been sprayed with chemicals to hamper growth.

Garlic or Allium sativum is a vegetable part of the onion family. Its leaves and bulb are edible. The bulb has at least 10 to 20 cloves, depending on the size of each clove.

Things To Know About Growing Garlic

How To Plant Garlic?

Prepare the area just before planting. First, remove the weeds. Then, loosen the soil and mix it with organic compost and slow-release fertilizer. Garlic needs a lot of nutrients for its growth.

1. Loosen Your Soil

Use unpeeled garlic cloves. Break apart the bulb into individual cloves. But as much as possible, leave the skin or the papery covering of the garlic intact.

2. Separate Your Garlic Bulb

Plant the cloves in a sunny spot. The garlic plant thrives best in an area with 6-8 hours of sun daily. This will give more oversized heads of garlic. It s a free source of energy for plants as well.

3. Plant Your Garlic In A Sunny Area

Garlic cloves must be planted 4 to 8 inches apart on a shallow trench. This will give enough space for the bulb to grow. Planting them too close will stunt their growth.

4. Space The Garlic Apart

After planting, place 3 to 4 inches of mulch where you planted the garlic cloves. This will protect your plant from temperature shifts from winter to spring.

5. Cover With Mulch

Garlic cloves that have just been planted need water for root development. But do not overwater as garlic does not thrive in soil with high moisture.

6. Water Your Garlic

Tips For Growing Garlic

Farmers have recommended soaking the bulbs in liquid seaweed solution. Garlic will sprout faster if you do this overnight before planting.

Use Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

The bigger cloves will also store more energy to make your plant grow faster.

Choose Larger Cloves

The months of September-November are the best times to plant garlic. The aim is for it to grow roots before the plant takes a rest. During the cold season, plant growth slows down and stores energy.

When Should You Plant Garlic?

Plant garlic cloves on raised beds when the soil is not draining well. This will also work if your ground is high in clay.

Will Garlic Grow In A Raised Bed?

It will take at least eight months for the garlic bulb to grow. You can harvest it in late spring or early summer if garlic is planted in autumn.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Garlic Bulb?