There are varieties of Indian hawthorn that are cold-hardy between US hardy zones 7 to 10. The plants might not survive a cold spell if your zone is below this range. If the temperature falls below -12 to -9° Celsius, the plant can experience cold injuries.

Will Indian Hawthorns Outlast A Freeze?

The freeze will cause injury to your Indian hawthorns. The plant can either survive or die depending on the severity of winter damage.

What Happens To Indian Hawthorn When It Freezes?

After winter passes, you should immediately discard the fallen and diseased leaves. By doing so, you can prevent fungal spores that cause entomosporium leafspot. Do not mix the discarded diseased leaves with compost to avoid spreading to other plants.

What To Do When Indian Hawthorn Freeze?

The Indian hawthorns can grow after the freeze. The hawthorns will grow back leaves if the bark is still alive.

Can The Indian Hawthorn Grow After A Freeze?

Indian hawthorns have red, pink, or white flowers that start blooming in spring thru the fall. You must preserve the healthy flower buds that will open from mid-April to May.

How To Make Indian Hawthorns Bloom After Winter?

You can transplant the Indian hawthorns in winter or early spring. Transplanting is good when the growing season begins. It is not advisable to transplant them during summer.

Do You Need To Transplant Indian Hawthorns In Winter?

Retain the beauty and abundance of Indian hawthorns in your garden by maintaining their condition for all seasons. Winter care for the plant is mandatory if you live in sub-freezing winter temperatures. You should check your US hardiness zone if suitable for growing Indian hawthorns.

Tips To Prevent Indian Hawthorns From Freezing