Best Fruit Trees To Grow In Texas

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Texas' unique climate offers a thrilling plant selection challenge with an incredible variety of greenery thriving across the state, from apples and peaches up north to grapefruit and pomegranates down south.

Our quest for the perfect fruit trees to grow in Texas led us to some exciting discoveries. We've uncovered the top producing trees that flourish in Texas' distinct climate:

Texas' apple season runs from July to November, boasting a variety of delicious options. While most apples require cold days to flourish, some adaptable varieties can grow in different parts of the state.


Cherries (Prunus aviums) are a delicious small-fruit option for Texas, adaptable with extra care. Consult with experts for the best cherry tree variety in your area - black cherry or Prunus serotina are common in Texas.


Enjoy fresh summer peaches (Prunus persica) in Texas! Cooler regions are best, but Florda Prince and Gulfking varieties can grow in warmer areas. Use well-draining soil, avoid overwatering, and soil test before planting.


Grow grapes (Vitis vinifera) in your Texas home garden! Choose easy-to-grow varieties like Miss Blanc or Muscadine for better success.



Try growing persimmons! With their unique flavor and striking orange color, they're a great conversation starter. Choose from two groups, Fuyu and Hachiya, to suit your taste. Plus, they're easy to grow in most parts of Texas.

Blackberries are a great late-season fruit that thrive in Texas. They are easy to grow and can take over your yard if not kept in check. Other berry varieties, like strawberries and blueberries, can be grown in Texas but require more work.


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