Tomatillo plants cannot be pollinated with their own pollen. The plant requires pollen from another tomatillo to produce fruit.

Are Tomatillos Self-Pollinating?

There are a couple of reasons your tomatillos may not be producing fruit. Let's examine the most common reasons your tomatillos aren't producing and learn how to remedy them.

Why Are My Tomatillos Not Producing Fruit?

Tomatillos take between sixty and eighty days to produce ripe fruit after being planted as seedlings. From seed, tomatillos take one hundred to one hundred twenty days to produce mature fruit.

How Long Does It Take Tomatillos To Ripen?

Tomatillos are not frost resistant and will ultimately die off during the winter. You often will see tomatillos returning each year because of dropped fruit from last year releasing seeds into the ground.

Do Tomatillos Come Back Every Year?