Paperwhites are known as bulbous perennials. You can keep them indoors during winter, and the blooms return between spring and summer.

What Are Paperwhite Flowers?

Paperwhites are considered perennials and indoor plants. These flowers are Mediterranean natives and are usually planted indoors during cold seasons. Their beautiful white flowers add aesthetic to the garden in early spring and delicately warm the house in winter—a picturesque indoor winter bloomer. Paperwhites are low-maintenance plants and, thus, easy to grow. These plants need little water to bloom and are winter-hardy when planted outdoors in zone 8 to 11.

How Long Before Paperwhite Blooms?

Paperwhite bulbs also sprout quickly if the temperature is warmer. So, bulbs planted in October take six to eight weeks to bloom, while those planted in February only need four weeks.

Should You Cut Paperwhites After Blooming To Save Them?

Cut off some old flowers after blooming to prevent draining the plant's energy and save the plant for the next year. Keep the plant in pots under the sun to let the foliage die. You can easily pull out any leaves that turn yellow. You can also save the bulbs after the blooming season. Dig the bulbs once the foliage dies, wash them well in running water, and let them dry for at least a week before replanting. After replanting the bulbs in a container, add a little bulb fertilizer and leave it for six weeks.

How To Grow Paperwhites From Bulbs?

Paperwhites are fragrant flower bulbs. You can plant these beautiful bulbs in fall or winter outdoors in frost-free regions. You can also grow paperwhites indoors in a container with pebbles or a pot with soil mix.

How To Grow Paperwhites In A Vase With Pebbles

- Pick A Bulb

- Choose A Container

- Nestle The Bulb

- Watering

How To Grow Paperwhites In Potting Soil

- Container

- Plant The Bulbs

- Topdressing

- Watering

- Keep In The Dark

Why Do Paperwhites Fall Over?

There are several reasons why paperwhites may fall over when they grow: – The plant did not have enough time to    develop a strong rooting system. – The paperwhites did not get enough light. – The plants were grown in too-warm temperatures.

Can You Water Paperwhites With Alcohol?

You can use a diluted alcohol mixture to water paperwhites until they start to bloom. But it is best to water them with alcohol once they are at least three to four inches tall. An ideal water-alcohol mixture is diluting one part of 40% vodka or gin into seven parts of water.

What Diseases Affect Paperwhites?

- Basal Rot

- Leggy Stems

- Weak Growth

What Are The Best Fertilizers For Paperwhite Bulbs?

- Jobe's Organics Granular Fertilizer

- Espoma Organic Bulb Fertilizer

- Voluntary Purchasing Group    Fertilome Bulb Food

- Down To Earth Natural FLower   Bulb Fertilizer

- Dr. Earth Organic Bulb Fertilizer

- Lilly Miller Bulb And Bloom Food

- Pennington Ultragreen Blooms   And Bulb Plant Food