Giant Red Tube

(Sarracenia flava)


Starting our list today, we have the giant red tube. This stemless, carnivorous plant can grow up to three feet tall and wide. These plants grow naturally in bogs and other water-logged locations.

Orbea caudata


The Orbea caudata is a flowering, low-growing succulent. These plants have dark green stems that are spattered with dark brown spots. The stems can be up to four inches long and have spine-like teeth.

Devil's Tongue

(Amorphophallus konjac)


The devil's tongue, or voodoo lily, is a rapid growing, cormous plant. Its corms are brown and edible. However, you should be careful to cook it first. These pieces have calcium oxalate, which is toxic to humans and pets.

Ghost Plant



The ghost plant is a herbaceous perennial that produces white, bell-shaped flowers. These flowers will have between four to five petals and are typically found in clusters.

Green Stone Plant

(Dinteranthus vanzylii)


If you're looking for an interesting succulent, then the living stone is something you have to see. These are very slow-growing plants that prefer sandy and shallow rocky soil textures.

Action Plant

(Mimosa pudica)


The action plant is very unusual because it's one of the few plants that we can see move. We can observe these plants moving in a few conditions. The first is a slow movement that is controlled by the action plant's internal clock. For example, these plants may open and close leaves depending on the positioning of the sun.