Flowering Crabapple trees are fondly called the jewel of the landscape due to their outstanding visuals that differ by the season. During spring, the tree flaunts its luscious green leaves and white flower buds, eventually blossoming into vibrant white, pink, and red flowers.


Flowering Dogwood Trees

This tree is tolerable in full sun and partial shade making it versatile for any landscape. Moreover, it provides year-round beauty due to its colorful crown. You'll see its white, pink, and red flower bloom for a week or two during early spring.


Ornamental Pear Trees

Despite the Pear in its name, the fruits it produces are not edible; leave it to the critters to enjoy. This is not such a loss once you see its snow-white blooms.


Japanese Lilac Tree

If you're fond of birds and scented florals, consider adding a Japanese Lilac Tree to your garden. Its fragrant white flowers produce seed capsules that attract songbirds.


Chinese Fringe Tree

Also known as the snow flower for its large clusters of snow white flowers grows all over the US except for the southernmost tip of Florida. It produces berries popular with wildlife, but you'll need both males and females for this.


PeeGee Hydrangea Tree

This deciduous tree is hardy through zones 5-8; it branches low and has multiple trunks. PeeGee Hydrangea Tree has dark green leaves that turn yellow during fall. Its radiant flowers, wherein the color depends on the acidity of the soil, make up for the lack of aesthetics during fall.


Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia is the result of crossbreeding Magnolia Liliflora and Magnolia Denudata, which is widely popular among American and European Gardeners, especially during the 1840s. It produces saucer-shaped pink, white and purple flowers, hence the names, that bloom from February to April.


Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

This serviceberry got its name for its notable red and orange flowers hence the Autumn Brilliance. While it is known for its fall color, it is still equally beautiful in spring with its large white flowers.


Golden Rain Tree

Golden Rain Tree is deciduous that grows tiny canary-yellow fragrant flowers that appear in midsummer. During fall, you'll notice its matured dull brown seedpods that resemble Chinese Lanterns.