Growing A Shade Garden


One way to combat excess leaves falling from your trees is planting shade-friendly plants below them. Generally, ferns and hostas will be the best option for catching leaves and have a great look.

Mulching Below Your Trees/Shrubs


Another idea for landscaping a yard with many leaves is adding mulch. Generally, mulch does an excellent job of manicuring a space, even if it's prone to excess falling leaves.

Build A Deck Or Patio


We recommend building a deck or patio in tree-filled landscapes for those who want to add extra living space to their garden. Besides adding property value, constructing a deck or patio outside under the trees can make cleaning the leaves easier.

Use Rocks For Your Landscaping


Using rocks can also help keep your soil from eroding, which saves you money on new potting mix later. Especially in desert landscapes, stones are often used to create designs and patterns around the yard, which is a unique way to handle this issue.

Create A Succulent Garden


Sticking to a desert theme, you can also try and grow succulents in a landscape with many leaves. Generally, succulents are low-maintenance plants, often doing better without much care from you.

Build A Compost Bin


Our last idea for landscaping a yard with many leaves is building a compost bin. Although this may not be the most aesthetically-pleasing concept for some, compost bins have become staples for many people's gardens.