The 10-10-10 Fertilizer


To make things simple when caring for eucalyptus plants, a well-balanced fertilizer is one of the best choices you can use. A balanced fertilizer is typically a good choice for eucalyptus plants because it gives the plant enough nutrients it needs for growth.

Slow-release Fertilizer


Eucalyptus plants in particular don't need fertilizer if they are planted in the soil outdoors. The eucalyptus plants in their native habitat of Australia generally adapt to the soil they are growing in, so they typically absorb whatever nutrients they can find.

Liquid Fertilizer


If your eucalyptus plant is doing a little poorly in its container, you can help boost them by using liquid fertilizers.

High Potassium Fertilizer


The best time to feed your eucalyptus plants is during their active growing season. Eucalyptus plants like fertilizers that are low nitrogen, low phosphorus, and high potassium. If you are shopping around for fertilizer, make sure to look for a high potassium label on the bag.