Creators Share How To Display Your Indoor Plants In Stunning Ways

Plants have long been known to bring life and energy to any space they inhabit. But why settle for a basic plant pot when you can elevate your indoor decor to a whole new level with creative and eye-catching plant displays?

From minimalist designs to statement-making installations, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting out, these innovative plant display ideas will have you dreaming up new ways to showcase your greenery.

So, get ready to explore the world of plant decor and unleash your inner plant stylist with these inspiring ideas from creators!

Gray hexagonal dividers for showing plants on the shelves, Creators Share How To Display Your Indoor Plants In Stunning Ways

Elevate Your Green Thumb With Plant Shelves

Nothing screams sophistication like a home lined with plant shelves. We can't get enough of them. Here are some of our favorites.

Creator @pantsonplants shows their incredible plant shelf display over their tv:

@pantsonplants I don’t think it’s full enough. We need to go plant shopping 🛒🪴🪴 Thank you to those who have followed this saga. Hope you like the results 🥰 #planttok #plantshelfdecor #plantroommakeover #plantshelfie #plantaddict ♬ original sound - bestspedup

Bookshelves really aren't just for books. Ikea furniture is iconic and the uses are seemingly endless. Look how @ourbarnesyard styled this shelf with plants and other decor pieces:

@ourbarnesyard I don’t have a problem…I don’t have a problem 🪴 #houseplantaddict #stopmotion #plantshelf #plantshelfie #plantshelfdecor #plantcabinet #plantlover ♬ Lollipop - The Chordettes

Leaves, succulents, and ceramic pottery fill up this modern, geometric shelf. If you're not so much a bookworm, consider giving your old empty shelf new life by using them to display plants and pots instead.

Hexagonal dividers with plants and books inside and on top for display

Finally, check out this simple DIY plant shelf! The simple wood posts make a great frame for smaller potted plants. Would you test this project out for yourself?

A wooden divider for showcasing plants. Modern way of displaying plants in the garden

Green gets even greener with your pots!

Upcycle anything from jars to empty beauty product containers for your plant pots. You can get as creative as you want with this, just make sure that the container you will use is safe for growing.

Always make sure to prepare your container before planting. For example, wash out any remaining product, make drainage holes, or line the container bottom.

@jakejamie Upcycle your empties ♻️💚 #ecofriendly #aesthetic #cute #beauty #skincare #satisfying ♬ Pure Imagination - Kathleen

These face-mask jar pots are perfect for smaller plants, ferns, succulents, or plant nurseries.

Use Unconventional Pots

Who says that plant pots only come in solids? Embrace your maximalist side with quirky, colorful plant pots. If you have a knack for making things, try creating your own pots at the potter's wheel!

You could try applying your own fun clay appliques, like these flowers:

@anyarinracha can you tell this was a last minute film job 🌸 #cuteplanter #planttiktok #plantmomaesthetic #danishpastel #houseplant #snakeplant ♬ The Loneliest Time - Carly Rae Jepsen & Rufus Wainwright

Or find pots with unique geometric shapes, like this one:

@anyarinracha just a another cute plant repot 🌿 #planttiktok #repottingplants #planttok #plantmomaesthetic #houseplants ♬ original sound - safe place 💓

You can also purchase unique planter shapes from specialty shops online. This TikTok user has some of the best recommendations. Look at this propagation station:

@gratitudejoural how cute is this container?! 🪴 #fyp #foryou #ClearGenius #XfinityFanthem #plant #planttiktok #planttips #aesthetic #sagecore ♬ Just for me - PinkPantheress

And this dollar store win:

@redislandexotics His name will be swimothy😌 follow to see my journey🤪 #bettafish #decor #cute #fish #aesthetic #adorbs ♬ original sound - riley

In this tiny graveyard, the Elephant Ears flourish. Even if you have pretty normal-looking pots, you can dress up the soil bed with cute miniatures just like this one.


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Create your little world with a classic terrarium. These plant displays are fun and easy to care of. Once the plant habitat is established, they practically look after themselves!

Mason jars with a miniature garden landscaping using moss, rocks, and other plants

Bring the jungle to you

For some, having neat spaces for their plants is already perfect. But why stop there?

User @joy.of.plants transformed this guest bedroom into a jungle wonderland. The plants vine around the perimeter of the room, and swoop down in captivating ways:

@joy.of.plants Indoor Jungle Vibes for Guest Room 1 🌿 West Facing Windows & Sunset View ☺️ #indoorjungle #planttiktok #plantmomaesthetic #plantdecor ♬ original sound - ⠀⠀⠀⠀

You can get creative with trellises, as well:


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Don't shy away from vines! Build indoor trellises to help them thrive and crawl up and around indoors. You can even get them to grow into different shapes.

Or you know, you can just let your plants do their thing. 

Different varieties of plants planted in different vases

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner designer and plant parent to bring new life into your home!

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