10 Best Walmart Large Flower Pots And Planters

Planters are an integral part of any garden. They allow gardeners to plant single plants or an array of plants in a thriller, filler, spiller arrangement above the ground. This is ideal for those that live in apartments or condos where viable ground space is limited. Planters also allow you to put plants in places where they otherwise wouldn't grow, such as on the porch or back deck.

A collage of best walmart large flower pots and planters, 10 Best Walmart Large Flower Pots And Planters

In addition, planters can often serve as decorative accents that spruce up the aesthetic of a garden. Planters come in a wide range of materials, from cement to metal. Whatever your decorative vision is for your garden, there's a planter you can use to achieve it.

With so many planters to choose from, the search can be overwhelming. But don't worry — we have created a list of 10 great large flower planters and pots from Walmart. Without further ado, let's check them out!

1. Sunnydaze Darcy Outdoor Flower Pot Planter

This pair of planters is available in either brown or gray. The surface is embossed with an ornate floral design, which will add visual intrigue to any garden. They are made out of low-density polyethylene which means they are extremely durable and weather-resistant. They both measure 16 inches in diameter at the top and 13 inches in height. 

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2. Sunnydaze Anjelica Outdoor Flower Pot Planter

This large planter measures 20 inches in diameter at the top and 16 inches in height. It is made out of durable linear low-density polyethylene, so it is sturdy and weather-resistant. It will also resist UV damage, so you don't have to worry about it cracking from excessive sun exposure. This planter is slate gray in color, so it will be a seamless addition to virtually any garden.

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3. Benzara Cement Recessed Lip Rectangular Pot

This cement planter measures 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 12 inches. Since it is made out of cement, it will withstand all kinds of weather. The size and shape of this planter make it ideal for holding herbs, cactus, succulents, and other decorative accent plants. 

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4. Kingsholm Square Galvanized Steel Planter 

This planter has a 14 inch top diameter, and it measures 18 inches in height. It's made out of galvanized metal with an antique finish, so it will go great in a garden with a rustic aesthetic. Its size makes it ideal for holding any moderate-sized accent plants. 

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5. Montpellier Road White Plaster Planter

This planter measures approximately 31.9 inches by 10 inches by 12 inches; the photo doesn't do it justice — this truly is a large planter. It is made out of fiberglass with a white plaster coating. This means it'll have no issues withstanding virtually all kinds of weather. Due to its size, this planter is a great holder for an assortment of different plants. 

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6. Valentine Grange Planter Pair

Each planter in this set measures 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height, but when placed on the black metal stand, the overall height is 30 inches. Since these planters sit up quite high, they're ideal for holding a plant that will be a focal point of the garden. The black and white contrast makes for an aesthetically appealing accent.

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7. Oversized Oval Planter With Gold Leaf Finish

This planter measures a whopping 24 inches by 79 inches, with the actual internal depth measuring 24 inches. Despite its size, it's actually quite light since it's made of handcrafted fiberglass. Since it's made of fiberglass, it can withstand virtually any kind of weather. From a decorative standpoint, this planter features a beautiful gold finish that will visually enhance any garden.

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8. Dukes Walk Planter With Plaster Finish

This planter is sure to be the focal point of your garden. It features a sleek and contemporary design with a white plaster finish atop a black base. It measures 42.1 inches in height and 13.4 inches in diameter, and the inside depth measures 13.4 inches. It's made out of fiberglass, so you won't have to worry about it being damaged by the elements. 


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9. Tamworth Circle Planter With Gold Finish

This is another unique and modern decorative planter. The dents and angles on the surface will catch and reflect the light in unique ways, further accentuating the visual appeal of the piece. The bronze color is a great complement to natural green foliage. It has a top diameter of 15.4 inches, a height of 13.8 inches, and the inside depth measures 15.4 inches. 

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10. Ivanhoe Path Outdoor Planter

This is yet another planter that boasts a sleek and modern design that's sure to be noticed. It is made out of linear low-density polyethylene, so it's extremely strong and weather-resistant. It measures 15.75 inches by 15.75 inches by 15.75 inches. Due to its size and appearance, this planter would make a great focal point for your garden.

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We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your search for the perfect large planter for your garden. Don't be afraid to mix and match different planters to achieve the desired look. Before you go, be sure to check out these other gardening guides that might be of interest:

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