12 Vertical Garden Towers That Will Take Your Garden To The Next Level

12 Vertical Garden Towers That Will Take Your Garden to the Next LevelVertical Garden Towers are a gardener's dream. They are typically fairly lightweight, easy to move from place to place, can fit anywhere from a corner of a tiny apartment balcony to sitting in front of a sunny kitchen window. Most of them can hold several different kinds of plants, and you can even get them with watering systems to make your life even easier!

Below are some selections of garden towers so you can see what is available to help you make your choice!

1. T4U’s Stackable Vertical Planter

T4U’s vertical planter has six tiers and is perfect for indoor or outdoor locations. Whether you’re growing fruits, herbs, vegetables, or flowers, there’s adequate space for your plants. Each tier has three spaces for planting (for a total of 18) and the entire set can hold 28 quarts of soil.

The movable saucer allows you to change its location at your leisure--whether between rooms or bringing it in from outdoors. It features a “smart” watering system, meaning when you water the top pot, the bottoms ones benefit, too! Best of all, you can utilize this planter in its six-tier form, or you can have six individual decorations (or a combination of stacks and single pots).

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2. Mr. Stacky’s Strawberry Planter

This strawberry planter has five tiers (five individual pots) and can hold a total of 24 quarts of soil. It's strong, flexible, lightweight material makes this set ideal for growing plants both indoor and outdoor, as it can be easily moved and also withstand the weather. Its flow-through design prevents you from accidentally overwatering your plant (or worse, causing root rot). All you have to do is water the top pot, and all the plants are taken care of!

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3. Flower Tower’s Free-Standing Planter

Flower Tower’s free-standing planter is designed for small flowers, herbs, and fruit. It’s three feet tall and has a lean nature that makes it ideal for growing plants on your balcony, patio, or porch. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and since it can hold approximately 30 nursery plants, it fills out to the point that it looks like a plant standing on its own! The planter has an internal watering system, so you can water it from the top and it will disperse to all the plants.

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4. Greenstalk’s 5-Tier Planter

This five-tier planter is perfect for growing a variety of smaller fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetables. It’s made with high quality, UV-resistant plastic (that has a five-year warranty!) and is BPA-free. Greenstalk makes watering simple with their patented system: You fill the top planter with water to the five-tier mark and watch as it waters all the planters below.

The chocolate brown color is perfect for an outdoor decoration! Best of all, since it’s a soil-based planter, you can fill it with your favorite potting mix and watch your garden grow.

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5. Mr. Stacky’s Four Tower System

This four-tower system is easy to use and fairly efficient! It can hold up to 80 different plants and has a very simple built-in watering system. It includes an inline pump and is designed to recirculate the water. The automatic drip irrigation system waters the plants as needed, allowing you to grow a variety of plants in the same system. 

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6. Mr. Stacky’s Smart Farm

Mr. Stacky’s Smart Farm allows you to keep a 20-plant vegetable garden in a location with a small footprint. This planter is self-watering—all you have to do is set the timer! It’s a perfect option for people who love to garden but travel too much to keep plants alive. With the Smart Farm’s five stackable planters, you can travel easy knowing that its 16-gallon tank waters your plants automatically for up to three weeks. All you have to do is fill the base, plant the seeds, set the timer, and watch it grow!

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7. Rotating Garden Tower

This rotating garden tower has the ability to turn kitchen scraps into fertilizer. It can grow up to 50 plants in nearly four square feet, allowing you to place it almost anywhere you want. The rotating tower is an ideal place for flowers, herbs, and vegetables. It’s accessible, easily turning for you to reach plants in tight spaces, and the wide feet are able to attach the tower securely to an area of your choice.

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8. Greenstalk’s Vertical Planter

Greenstalk’s vertical planter is a sleek, black color. It’s perfect for herbs and flowers, as well as small fruits (like strawberries) and vegetables (like lettuce and potatoes). Its water system allows you to water the topmost tier and trust that the others will be watered from a trickle-down effect.

These soil-based planters are made from thick plastic and each one holds one cubic foot of potting mix. There are 12 drainage holes for excess water to escape from. You can even mix and match your favorite plants to fill the 30 pockets.

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9. Grow Up’s Vertical Hydrogarden

The Vertical Hydrogarden takes up only four square feet of space, making it perfect for balconies, patios, and rooftop gardens. With no soil, you don’t need to worry about weeding or warding off ground pests. This indoor/outdoor garden allows you the flexibility to grow crops and have fresh herbs and vegetables year-round.

Whether as big as an eggplant or as small as a pepper, the hydroponic technology uses 90 percent less water and helps crops grow almost two times as fast.

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10. 5-Tier Stacking Planters

Nature’s Distributing has a five-tier planter with a patented flow system. It has a self-watering grid design, making it a great choice to grow flowers, herbs, small fruits, and more. This vertical garden includes a free hanging tray and chain, in case you’d like to lift it off the ground.

These pots are self-regulating, making it harder for the plants to be overwatered, and evenly distributes the water to keep the supply consistent for each sprout.

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11. 3-Tier Stacking Planters

This three-tier planter set comes with a self-watering grid system and a tray to stack them on. The design of the stacked pots makes even the smallest gardens come to life. Your balcony will be filled with beauty, and with the automatic watering, you’ll never have to worry about overwatering your plants again. These planters are perfect for strawberries, herbs, flowers, and any other small plant you can think of.

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12. Topiary’s Iron Plant Tower

The four-tier iron plant tower stands 60” tall and is easy to assemble. The planters are powder coated and the liners are easily replaceable. The sturdy structure allows the tower to be safely stored during the winter months.

Each planter is 7” deep and 9” wide, and they gradually increase in diameter from top to bottom. It’s a perfect place to grow a tower of flowers, small herbs, or even small vegetables.

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Which is your favorite? Can you recommend another vertical garden tower that we haven't covered here? We'd love to get your feedback so please leave a comment below!

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