How To Use A Toro Electric Snow Shovel?

Do you have a new Toro electric snow shovel and want to know how to use it? You've come to the right place, for we have researched this question and have the answer for you.

Unlike snow blowers that need gas to run, the Toro electric snow shovel is plug-and-play. Plug it into an outdoor electrical socket and use it like a weed whacker.

Let's discuss the Toro electric snow shovel in the succeeding sections. In the sections below, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using an electric snow shovel. Let's begin!

How Do You Use A Toro Electric Snow Shovel?

A portable snow blower powered by gasoline. Snow removal in winter.

Giving Your Toro Shovel Power Access

  1. Connect the power plug to an extension cord if you're using the corded model. If you're using the wireless model, insert a fully charged Toro battery into the battery case at the top of the power shovel.
    • Using an extension cord cover is a good idea to enclose the connection. An extension cord cover also helps prevent you from pulling the power cable from the extension cord.
    • Toro's batteries are interchangeable. If you have another Toro power tool with a battery with the same voltage output, you can use that on your power snow shovel.
    • Make sure to charge the battery if you use one from another Toro power tool. If you transfer the battery without charging it, it might not have enough charge for your power snow shovel.
  1. For models that use a power cable, please insert a small loop into the handle's loop. The line should make a small circle in the loop. Insert the cable from outside the handle's loop, then latch the cable to the small hook inside the handle.

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Removing Snow With Your Toro Shovel

  1. Position the electric snow shovel at the base of a pile of snow and point the front to where you want the snow to go.
    • Remember that the electric snow shovel can only send the snow in one direction regardless of the model.
    • Some models allow you to adjust the length of the handle to get the comfortable distance you want to use.
    • Moreover, some models also allow you to adjust the angle of the middle handle for better comfort.
  1. Support the shovel with your dominant hand close to one end of the handle.
  2. Place your other hand on the middle handle.
  3. Press the safety button with your thumb and keep it down.
  4. Squeeze the trigger to activate the power shovel.
    • The power shovel will not activate unless you press both buttons.
    • Some wireless models have two speeds.
  1. Push the power shovel in the direction where you want to remove the snow. Extend your arm forward as you remove the snow, eventually letting go of the middle handle.
    • You will have no problem with fresh powdery snow.
    • If you're working on older crusty snow, power the shovel before pushing it against the old snow. If the shovel starts to slow down, pull it back a little and then push it forward.
    • Advance slower when dealing with crusty snow.
  1. Slide the power shovel back towards you. If you're working on a rough surface, lift the shovel back to your position.
    • The wireless models will be slightly heavier than the corded models because of the additional weight from the battery.
    • Ensure your feet are in the correct position before lifting the shovel to prevent slipping.
  1. Position the power shovel in a new direction and repeat the same process until you clear the snow from the area you're working on.

How Long Does The Battery Last In A Toro Electric Snow Shovel?

Toro's 2.5 Ah batteries can power the Toro power snow shovel for up to 45 minutes at full charge. Fully charging the battery takes up to 60 minutes.

How Much Snow Can A Toro Electric Shovel Handle?

Snow shovel electric to lessen the burden on removing the snow in a path, How To Use A Toro Electric Snow Shovel?

Toro's power shovel can clear a path that is 12 inches wide. According to the company's numbers, it can also work on snow up to six inches deep.

However, there are videos of owners who successfully used the Toro power snow shovel on more than six inches of snow.

The shovel motor can loosen and throw the snow forward without problems in more than six inches.

Is It Safe To Use An Electric Snow Shovel?

Electric snow shovels are ideal for quickly removing snow in small areas. The alternative is manually removing snow using a manual snow shovel. The areas where a power snow shovel works best are too small for snow blowers.

Unfortunately, manually shoveling snow can lead to joint and muscle pain.

According to the NSC (National Safety Council, a non-profit safety advocate in America), snow shoveling is responsible for thousands of injuries and as many as 100 deaths each year.

With so many injuries and deaths from manual snow shoveling, is electric snow shoveling a better alternative?

Why Do So Many People Get Hurt When Shoveling Snow?

Man with snow shovel cleans sidewalks in winter

Several months of inactivity before suddenly shoveling snow can be dangerous.

The American Heart Association warns of possible heart attacks. The risk increases for some people because of the combination of low temperatures and sudden physical exertion.

Suddenly going out in the cold to shovel hundreds of pounds of snow can cause the heart to work harder.

People that are outdoors during extreme colds should avoid sudden physical exertion. Activities that seem normal during warm temperatures can cause a sudden increase in the heart's workload.

People with existing heart conditions, people who are sedentary, and those with high blood pressure or cholesterol levels are at a higher risk of straining the heart when shoveling snow during cold temperatures.

The Power Snow Shovel Alternative

Power snow shovels are light power tools that allow you to remove snow without too much physical exertion. The motor of a power snow shovel does the bulk of the work, and all you need to do is point the power shovel in the direction where you want it to work.

These tools are often made of plastic, reducing the likelihood of injury during an accident.

Most power shovels—like Toro's power snow shovel—will only activate while you maintain your grip on the trigger.

Thus, when you lose your grip on the handle, the motor will immediately lose power and lose the possibility of causing an accident due to an out-of-control power tool.

It is essential to keep in mind that power snow shovels are ideal only for smooth surfaces. There is a danger when you use it on an uneven surface, and the blades catch a pebble or a small object.

The power snow shovel will throw that pebble, and it can hit the glass of a window or a car.

What Is The Purpose Of Having A Snow Shovel?

a public service worker in a single shovel snow in the winter blizzard

The oldest known snow shovel is around 6,000 years old. The blade was carved from an elk antler's section found in a bog in Russia.

Snow shovels are like regular shovels with a long handle with a scoop-shaped attachment on one end. The handle on some designs has a curve that makes it easier to lift the shovel.

Moreover, some snow shovels are made to push snow to one side instead of lifting them. Some modern designs allow you to do both.

Additionally, newer designs include sharpened edges to make it easier to chip away at piles of snow.

What's Different Between A Snow Blower And A Motorized Snow Shovel?

An electric shovel works almost the same way as a snow blower. Both have a motor that makes removing snow faster and easier.

So, what is the difference between the two if they do the same thing in the same way?

One of the differences between a snow blower and a power snow shovel is the size.

A snow blower is larger and heavier. Thus, it can clear snow from large areas faster. Additionally, because of its size, it can clear drifts more than 12 inches deep.

However, since a snow blower is bigger, it also needs a bigger area for storage. Its size also makes it hard to maneuver. On the other hand, a power snow shovel is smaller and lighter than a snow blower.

Its lighter weight and smaller size make it more maneuverable than a snow blower. Thus, it is ideal for removing snow from tight areas like stairs, terraces, and walkways.

Because power snow shovels are smaller, it will take a long time to clear large snow areas. They are also unsuitable for deep snow drifts. However, the smaller size makes them easier to store.

Different snow blowers have different types of engines. They can have electric, gasoline, or diesel engines.

On the other hand, power shovels are only available with electric engines. You can choose from a wireless version or a corded one.

Wireless power shovels have a greater range, while the length of the wire limits the range of corded models.

Toro produces both power shovels and snow blowers.

To Wrap Things Up

Electric snow shovel used by a man to make a path

It is easy to use a Toro electric snow shovel. However, the wireless models are easier and more convenient than the corded versions.

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