How To Use A Yardworks Weed Puller [Step By Step Guide]

Pulling weeds is a tedious but necessary part of every gardener's life, and thankfully there are tools available to make this process a little bit easier. One popular option is the Yardworks weed puller. If you recently purchased one, you might wonder, "How do I use a Yardworks weed puller?" Well, you've come to the right place! We've done the research, found the best tips for using a Yardworks weed puller, and compiled them in this article.

Yardworks weed pullers consist of a long metal spike with a gripper at the end designed to grasp weeds at the root. To use the weed puller, simply follow these steps:

  • While holding the weed puller by the handle, insert the spike into the ground over the weed you want to remove.
  • Twist the spike to get a good grip on the weed
  • When the weed feels loose enough, pull it out of the ground.
  • Release the weed with the tool's release mechanism [often a spring or latch].

Although weed pullers are pretty simple to use, some tips and methods make the process a little bit easier. In the rest of this article, we've laid it all out in a step-by-step guide and answered other questions. So, let's get started!

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How To Use A Yardworks Weed Puller

Insert The Weed Puller

Teenage boy pulling weeds with a weed puller

First, you'll need to find a weed to remove. Weed pullers generally work best with larger weeds because it's easier to get a good grip. However, you can also have good results removing clumps of smaller weeds.

When you've found your target weed or weeds, check the end of your weed puller. It has three or four steel spikes attached to the handle.

Now, push the button that's on the other end of the handle to open the spikes just far enough to frame the plant. Gently push the weed puller until all of the spikes are embedded in the ground.

Twist To Loosen

With the weed puller's spikes inserted all the way into the ground, release the button. Get a firm grip on the weed puller's handle and twist it to loosen the weed. You may have to wiggle the weed puller back and forth if the weed is particularly stubborn.

Pull The Weed

When the weed feels loose enough to come out of the ground without breaking, double-check that the release mechanism button is up all the way.

This ensures that the weed puller's spikes are close enough together to achieve a secure hold. If you're satisfied, gently pull straight up. Your weed should come out of the ground easily with its roots intact.

Release the Weed

After the weed is out of the ground, press the button at the end of the handle to open up the spikes and release the plant. That's all there is to it! Continue working in this manner until you've removed all of your weeds.

Why Should I Use A Stand Up Weed Puller?

Eco-friendly weeding without the use of chemicals

Gardeners might choose to use a weed puller for a variety of reasons. One is that they might have mobility issues that make it difficult to bend over.

A stand-up weed puller allows you to remove weeds without bending over. However, this also means you'll need to select the correct handle length carefully. A handle that's too long or too short for you to use comfortably might cause even more unnecessary back strain.

Weed pullers also make removing weeds easy for gardeners with grip strength problems. Many weeds have deep, strong root systems.

You'll need a strong grip on the plant to remove the root altogether. Thankfully, weed pullers do all of the work for you if you find it challenging to grip your hands tightly.

Finally, the spikes on stand up weed pullers make it easier for you to remove the weed's entire root system. When you're removing weeds by gripping them near the ground and pulling, you risk breaking the plant's stem.

Although you'll no longer see the weed, its roots will remain underground and continue growing. In contrast, a weed puller exerts pressure on the roots so you can remove the entire plant, roots and all.

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What Is The Best Way To Dig Up Weeds?

Man's hand pulling out dandelion plant using weed puller

The easiest, fastest, and best way to remove weeds is with a weed puller. However, if you don't have one, you can still effectively remove weeds with a gardening trowel, handheld weed puller, or a screwdriver or strong stick. Just follow these directions:

  • Find the weed you'd like to remove. Using your tool of choice, gently stab the ground around the weed to loosen up the dirt.
  • When the dirt is loose, insert your tool into the soil as close to the weed as possible. Be careful not to nick or cut the root since even the smallest piece of root can regrow. Push the tool into the ground as far as it will go.
  • Repeat the previous step on all four sides of the weed. You should end up with a square of cuts in the ground surrounding the weed.
  • Now, grip the weed with your fingers on the root below the stem. It's essential to grip it on the root instead of the stem. If you hold it by the stem, you might accidentally just rip off the stem and leaves, making removing the root even more challenging.
  • Rock the root back and forth to loosen it when you have a good grip. You can also try using a twisting or light tugging motion. As you do this, use your tool or fingers of the other hand to continue loosening the dirt around the roots.
  • Test the root's looseness by gently pulling it. If it still feels securely rooted, continue repeating the previous step until it gets even looser. But if it comes out easily, congratulations! You've just successfully removed a weed with the root intact so that it won't grow back.

What Should I Do With Weeds After Pulling Them Out?

Fresh compost pile, with green and brown yard and garden material

After you've used your weed puller to remove weeds from your garden or yard, you're probably wondering what to do with them. The most important thing to remember is don't leave them in a pile in your yard! Weeds are some of the most resilient plants around and might re-root and continue growing unless you dispose of them.

Here are a few things you can try to discard your weeds:

Add To Your Compost Pile

If you have a compost bin, you can add your pulled weeds to it. Just make sure to do this with weeds that were removed before they went to seed, or you might end up with the unwanted plants reseeding all over your compost heap.

Alternatively, you can spread the weeds on your sidewalk to let them dry thoroughly in the sun before adding them to the compost.

Throw Them Out

You could also toss the pulled weeds into a garbage bag and throw them in the trash. Since organic matter decomposing in plastic bags releases methane, this is only a good option if you're dealing with seriously invasive or noxious weeds.

Burn Them

If it's permitted where you live, you can burn your pulled weeds. You could use a burn barrel, burn pit, or toss them on a bonfire - just check fire permits for where you live.

To avoid unwelcome side effects, you should also confirm that the weeds you're burning are non-toxic. Some plants, like poison oak and poison ivy, release fumes when burned that could irritate your respiratory system.

Add To A Salad

If you remove edible weeds from your garden, you can eat them! Some common edible weeds include dandelions, chickweed, wood sorrel, garlic mustard, purslane, plantain, and more.

Only eat your weeds if you're completely sure what they are and that they haven't been exposed to toxins like weed killers or gas fumes.

In Closing

Yardworks weed pullers are a great addition to your garden tool collection, especially if you have mobility issues or lots of stubborn weeds. To use one, just follow these steps:

  • Insert the spikes over the weed
  • Tighten the spikes and twist to loosen the weed
  • Pull to remove the weed
  • Release the weed by reopening the spikes

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