World Traveler Reveals This Unexpected Use Of The ‘Awapuhi Plant

Shampoo ginger, or 'awapuhi, is a plant like no other. It has a unique and captivating appearance, but it's not just a pretty face. This fascinating flora has started gaining popularity because you can use it as a shampoo.

That's right, just give these flowers a squeeze, and out comes a slippery and soapy liquid that smells like ginger. Yum!

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days with Shampoo Ginger

Some colorful flowers of the shampoo ginger plant named Zingiber zerumbet in Costa Rica.

The Zingiber zerumbet is a plant in the ginger family.

It typically grows between four and six feet tall and three and five feet wide. These rapid-growing plants are typically grown as houseplants because they are only hardy for USDA zones 8a through 10b.

The real show-stopper for this plant is its stunning flowers. 'Awapuhi flowers begin as small green cones. Next, small blossoms are seen in between these green bracts. Finally, the bracts turn a stunning shade of red.

Check out some of the stunning displays you can create from 'awapuhi flowers in the video below.

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Uncovering the Surprising Benefits of Shampoo Ginger for Your Hair and Health

Shampoo Ginger or Zingiber zerumbet flower isolated on white background

There are so many uses for the shampoo ginger plant. The rhizomes can be ground up and used as a food flavoring. You can use the leaves to wrap fish. Or you can cut the leaves and shoots to eat them like vegetables.

The young flower spikes are also edible. You can eat these parts raw or cooked.

Shampoo Ginger Medicinal Uses By Region

You can find different uses depending on the region. For example, Malays have been known to use fresh shampoo ginger rhizomes as a cure for stomach aches, sores, and appetite loss.

In China, people soaked the rhizomes in alcohol. Then, the concoction would be used as a tonic or stimulant.

In India, the shampoo ginger plant has a number of uses. In addition to toothache, cough, and asthma, this plant was also used to treat leprosy and other skin conditions.

Hawaiians used to apply compressed rhizomes to bruises and cuts. They also use it to help toothaches, skin diseases, achy joints, and headaches.

Shampoo Ginger For Hair And Skin

Shampoo Ginger Zingiber zerumbet at Tropical Rainforest Costa Rica America

One of the most well-known uses of shampoo ginger is as a shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Hawaiians are the most well-known for using the 'awapuhi in this way. In fact, it inspired a shampoo and conditioner creator to create his own 'awapuhi shampoo.

Typically, the best part of a ginger plant for your skin is the rhizome. However, you could also use the liquid from the plant. If used as a lotion, the antioxidants within the liquid can help to reduce scars. It can also help rejuvenate your skin and reduce signs of aging. 

Using 'awapuhi for your hair is simple. All you need to do is harvest it from the plant and then run it through your hair. You can use 'awapuhi in combination with your shampoo.

You can use just 'awapuhi and then rinse it out. Finally, you can take it directly from the plant and run it through your hair. No fuss, no rinsing. Just beautiful shine and fresh ginger scent on your hair!

As you can see in the video below, it really is that easy:

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So, you don't think it's that easy? Well, how about a look at the video below? As you can see, she also opted to leave it in her hair without rinsing it away. We can also tell that shampoo ginger has a nice scent by watching this!

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Harvesting Shampoo Ginger

A detail shot of some colorful flowers of the shampoo ginger plant named Zingiber zerumbet in Costa Rica.

You want to wait until the pinecone-shaped bracts have started to turn red before harvesting them. Typically, you'll leave the flowers on the stem. So, work carefully. However, you can also cut the flower off and then harvest the liquid.

Regardless, you'll need to have a jar or other container handy. Lower the bright red flower closer to the container and squeeze.

The liquid will flow out, and you can redirect it into the jar. Some flowers will end up looking soapy as you squeeze them. However, that is largely dependent on the growing conditions it faced throughout the year.

The gathered shampoo ginger can be used immediately or stored for later use. The best way to store your ginger shampoo is by freezing it. Pour the liquid into an ice cube tray and put it into the freezer. You should transfer the frozen cubes into a freezer-safe container. This will extend their use for up to six months.

Check out this video to see someone harvest their shampoo ginger for the first time! As you can see, you can still get a good amount of liquid when the bracts are still green. However, you'll need to work more carefully to avoid damaging the flowers.

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Here is a close-up look at another shampoo ginger harvest. It is so satisfying to see people collect liquid from these plants!

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In this video, you can really tell how the liquid can look sudsy, just like soap. 

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Shampoo ginger, or 'awapuhi is a hard-working plant. It's providing food and the flavoring for it, herbal medicine, exotic blooms, and is even giving people ways to wash their hair. 

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