73 Different Types Of Pumpkins That You Can Grow In Your Garden

It would be hard to believe but pumpkins weren’t as popular as they are today. Sources from ancient literature show that pumpkins weren’t even a staple fruit, much less home decor. Things changed when Irish immigrants realized that pumpkins could be used to carve jack-o-lanterns instead of potatoes and turnips. The ritual took America by a storm and was soon adopted by other countries around the world.

Pumpkin seeds can be planted indoors in your area, make sure they are seeded at least 2 to 3 weeks before the last frost date in your area. They are especially vulnerable to frost, so if you’re planning to plant them outdoors, make sure to do so after the last frost date in your area. Make sure to provide your pumpkins with plenty of sunlight. The ideal growth zones for most pumpkin varieties are 3 through 9.

They need rich soil mixed with plenty of manure and compost. Make sure the soil pH value is between 5.5 and 7.0. There are several varieties of pumpkins with at least 73 popular breeds, from the massive Dill’s Atlantic to the miniature Baby Boo pumpkins. Let’s explore them all!

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Assorted pumpkins displayed at pumpkin show, 73 Different Types of Pumpkins That You Can Grow In Your Garden

1.    Jack Be Little Pumpkins

If you thought all pumpkins grew to the size of several basketballs, then you haven’t seen the Jack Be Little pumpkins. At a size of only 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches height, these adorable fruits pumpkins can fit in the palm of your hands and have a cute globe like curvature, making them all the more cute to look at. Because of their tiny size, farmers prefer growing these instead.


Each plant will bare you at least 10+ baby pumpkins that can reach up to 10 feet in length. Jack Be Little seeds can sprout in as little as two weeks after sowing. Their plants will grow to at least 2 feet tall and 10 feet long, this means they require a large area outdoors. Make sure the mounds are at least 24 inches wide and 8 inches tall, at a spacing of 6 feet. They need 90 days before reaching full maturity.

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2.    Atlantic Giant

The Atlantic giant is the most menacing entry within these giant, round varieties and makes for an amazing addition to any public pumpkin harvest festival. The Atlantic Giant can grow over a whopping 990 pounds and has beauty to complement the size. Specialist breeders are able to grow these pumpkins to a bone-crushing 2600+ pounds.

For obvious reasons, these big, fat, monster-sized fruits are the most popular type of pumpkins and regularly get featured in pumpkin harvest festivals and county fairs. Their round and heavy size tends to be the center of all attention. Who doesn’t want to see the ‘freak’ among all fruits? Due to its large size, the Atlantic Giant needs at least 130 days to reach full maturity.

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3.    Big Max

Not to be confused with the Big Mac, the Big Max is a type of pumpkin quite popular for its size. As the name suggests, the Big Max is also one of the bigger varieties within pumpkins. The color for the Big Max can either be pale or bright orange. These pumpkins have an average weight of over 90 pounds, but some fruits have reached over 300 pounds.

They need plenty of moisture, space, and fertilizer. Because of their larger size, Big Max pumpkins require at least 110 to 120 days to reach maturity. For best results, it is recommended to grow one fruit per vine because these pumpkins are hungry for space.

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4.    Prizewinner Pumpkin

The prizewinner pumpkin has the most uniform and well-rounded shape out of all the bigger pumpkin varieties. The pumpkin can grow up to 200 pounds or more and has a uniform round structure. They will require at least 120 days for full maturity. For a bigger harvest, it is best to remove the first 2 or 3 female flowers once the plants start blooming. This ensures the plants grow larger with an increased leaf surface.

You would see prizewinner pumpkins in numerous county fairs and harvest festivals because of how aesthetic and well crafted they look. These pumpkins have a good round structure with small blossoms scar and shallow rubs. They have a uniform reddish-orange hue.

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5.    Big Moon Pumpkin

Big Moon Pumpkins grow to a large size and are good at drawing in big crowds during festivals. They are best used for great decorations. The pumpkins have a bright color of orange to them and look good when placed on the porch. Additionally, the Big Moon pumpkin also has thick skin, which can be a tough hassle when you are scooping the pulp out.

The Big Moon pumpkin isn’t meant to be eaten or carved because they often lack the flavors of their smaller cousins. Additionally, carving can be difficult because scooping the pulp out is really a chore.

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6.    Blue Pumpkins

Blue pumpkins form a contrast against their warmer yellow and orange sibling. Their appearance might appear ghostly at first look because we have grown accustomed to seeing pumpkins in their general orange pomp, but these are quite beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as well. They weigh anywhere between 15 to 20 pounds.

Their color texture is bright with visually deep ribbing. Blue pumpkins are divided into numerous other sub-types, which range according to the brightness of the color blue, and the size of the pumpkin itself. Blue pumpkins are ideal for both decorations and eating.

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7.    Kabocha Pumpkin

The Kabocha pumpkin is basically a squash that masquerades as a green pumpkin. The Kabocha goes along with the names Japanese pumpkin, Delica, Ebisu, Hokkaido Pumpkin and Delica. These pumpkins are very popular in Japan because of their unique appearance.

Kabocha pumpkins have a distinct green skin with a thick texture. Even odder is that the skin manages to retain its color even after it has been cooked. These pumpkins have an odd, irregular shape that that isn’t round. They have a very sweet flavor, which makes them a good addition to your kitchen recipes.

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8.    Kakai Pumpkin

Mostly harvested and produced in Japan, the Kakai pumpkin is a personal favorite in the region. The pumpkin has a tinge of the color gray and comes with orange ribbing and stripes. The size ranges from 5 to 8 pounds and is consistent with the kind of expectations that the Japanese have from it.

The Kakai Pumpkin has a good curve, and it can be used within the kitchen for edible purposes. While the Kakai itself isn’t a good choice for eating, it is popular because of its blue hull-less seeds. The blue seeds can be roasted and enjoyed for both nutrition and taste.

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9.    Jarrahdale Pumpkin

The Jarrahdale pumpkin is an Australian heirloom and was developed as a good cross between the famous Blue Hubbard and Cinderella Pumpkin. This pumpkin has a flattened drum-like round structure, in much the same way as the Cinderella pumpkin. Its skin is light blue or grey, depending on how ‘bright’ the seeds when planting.

They can grow to a size of 120 pounds with vines that extend over 18 inches tall and 30 feet long, so be prepared to give it plenty of space. Being a ‘winter’ pumpkin, the Jarrahdale has hardiness zones 2 through 11.

The flesh is golden yellow and ideal for edible purposes, they often make a good pumpkin pie. The flavor of the Jarrahdale pumpkin is mildly sweet and is good to consume. The texture is creamy and dense and makes them good for eating. Looks wise the Jarrahdale could be second only to the Cinderella in being the best porch pumpkin displays in town.

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10.    Cinderella Pumpkin

The Cinderella pumpkin has become increasingly popular over the years because it was featured in the popular children’s fantasy movie of the same name. The pumpkin has a bright, orange color with a flattened, round structure with deep ribs and deep orange rind. Cinderella pumpkins weigh between 15 to 30 pounds and require only 100 days to reach maturity. Make sure to give enough time for the pumpkin to grow on the vine before cutting the stem. This allows the deep orange color to mature.

The Cinderella pumpkin isn’t just good eye candy, but can also be used in the kitchen to make some enchanting recipes and pumpkin pies. They would definitely get you the attention you want, through their enchanting red-orange skin and whimsically rounded shape. These pumpkins are perfect for placing on the porch for added attention.

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11.    Fairytale Pumpkins

Fairytale pumpkins are exceptionally similar to the Cinderella pumpkins, with the only difference being in the name of the product and that they hail from the Midwest. The skin for the fairytale pumpkin is as vibrant and bright as that for the Cinderella pumpkin and attracts people immediately. Their most noticeable feature is the strikingly deep lobes with thick flesh.

Fairytale pumpkins reach a size between 12 to 18” across and weigh around 20 pounds. They require at least 110 days for full maturity. The pumpkins have a good taste as well and can be added to your pumpkin pie recipe for a good time chewing on the enchantment of fairytales.

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12.    Cheese Pumpkins

Cheese pumpkins are so-called because their yellow-orange texture bears a striking resemblance to cheese wheels. They come in a variety of sizes and are displayed across the porch by themselves or alongside their bright orange cousins. Cheese pumpkins share many characteristics with Cinderella pumpkins due to their flattened, lightly-ribbed texture. They need 106 days to reach maturity.

These pumpkins also have a good sweet, creamy and dense flavor to them. They average around 10 pounds and have sweet flesh that can be used to bake delicious pies and other products.

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13.    Musquee de Provence

The Musquee de Provence is a pumpkin with French origins. It has a flat shape that resembles large wheels of cheese. Its skin is rich brown and heavily ribbed and lobed people. The pumpkin is popular because of its rich, sweet, and creamy taste, making it perfect for use in recipes.

Due to their distinct shape, you can use these pumpkins for good decorations. These pumpkins require can reach a size of 20 pounds and requires at least 120 days for full maturity. The seeds will germinate in warm soil and quickly rot in cold soil. Ideal temperatures are between 60⁰F to 70⁰F. Make sure to separate the hills at least 6 feet apart. Plant 5-6 seeds per hill.

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14.    Baby Boo Pumpkins

Baby Boo Pumpkins are meant to make your Halloween even spookier and fun. They have a creamy white texture with a potential to carve exceptionally spooky and interesting details, which is why they are best incorporated in your home during Halloween season. If all goes well you would be able to get the best out of Halloween this season through these spooky pumpkins that will most definitely get everyone’s attention.

These pumpkins reach an average size of 3” in diameter and 2” tall. Due to their tiny size, you can grow these pumpkins in as little as 95 days.

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15.    Casper Pumpkins

Named after Casper the Ghost, these pumpkins are eerily white and have an interesting aura to them. These pumpkins are a definite attraction for your home and spice up the overall look of your Halloween or fall setting. The pumpkins require full sun and fully mature in about 105 days. You can germinate them indoors and transplant outdoors once the threat of frost has gone.

Not only do these pumpkins look great in your pumpkin patch, but you can also use them for decoration or cooking purposes. Because of the white color on them, these pumpkins will add the diversity you need in your Halloween setting.

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16.    Blue Doll Pumpkin

With a blue skin, you can bet these pumpkins will attract large crowds in festivals and fairs alike. Their skin texture is exotic blue with deep blocky ribs. Underneath the skin, you will find a sweet orange flesh that is delicious to eat and perfect for recipes.

The pumpkins will reach a size between 15 to 20 pounds and reach maturity in 100 days. Their unique appearance makes them ideal for decorative purposes.

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17.    Connecticut Field Pumpkin

The Connecticut Field Pumpkin is one of the more well-rounded varieties that are popular for being the original Halloween pumpkin thanks to its bright orange color with a ribbed rind and coarse flesh. When fully mature, the pumpkin weighs between 15 to 25 pounds, measuring between 12 to 20 inches, with a uniform spherical body. These pumpkins require at least 120 days to reach their full size.

The Connecticut Field Pumpkin can work perfectly fine for larger Jack’ O Lanterns and can spice up the interior of your home during Halloween.

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18.    Howden Pumpkin

The Howden pumpkins are described by many gardeners as ‘aggressive’ growers, with some vines growing more than 2 pumpkins! Their bright orange color and thinner ribs make them ideal for use as Jack O’Lanterns during the Halloween Season.

The fruit grows around 20 to 30 pounds in weight and is big enough to work as both interior and exterior décor items. The fruit requires at least 115 days to fully mature. You can place the pumpkin on the porch for a visually thrilling experience.

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19.    The Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin

Literally called Jack O’Lantern Pumpkins, they are the most prominent pumpkins around the world. The pumpkins are extremely popular because of their beautiful curvature, color, and design. They reach a size of 25 pounds in at least 110 days under the full sun.

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20.    Peanut Pumpkins  

Peanut pumpkins have a unique skin with a covering of peanut like beige bumps, making for a unique display. These pumpkins are particularly popular in the west because of their unique structure, but underneath the peanut-like layer, you will find a thick, juicy flesh which is ideal for use in recipes. The flavors make the pumpkin perfect for eating during the day and allow you to eat your perfect pumpkin whenever you want.

When fully grown, peanut pumpkins weigh between 10 to 12 pounds, requiring at least 105 days to fully grow.

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21.    Warty Pumpkin

The red warty pumpkin has a good tinge of bright red and orange appearance. Warty pumpkins can be used in Halloween parties and other festivals because of the structure that they possess.

These warty pumpkins weigh around 20 pounds and require 105 days to reach maturity. Despite their weird appearance, Warty pumpkins are good for eating too thanks to their sweet and stringless flesh which is both delicious and healthy at the same time.

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22.    Hokkaido Pumpkins

Hokkaido Pumpkins, which are also known as Red Kuri Squash, share the same appearance as the thick-skinned winter squash. They are pink in color with a pleasant exterior and a round shape. The hard outer layer is complemented by the soft, fleshy innards with delicious flavors, making the pumpkin an ideal choice for recipes. Many people believe that Hokkaido pumpkin has the same flavor as Chestnuts.

The squash hails from the family of Cucurbita Maxima. It takes about 90 to 100 days to reach full maturity. The Hokkaido is relatively lightweight at around 4 to 5 pounds only.

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23.    Turban Squash

The turban squash, also known as French turban or the Turk’s turban is a delicate form of squash that is native to the winter season. This quirky pumpkin gets its name due to its unusual shape which resembles an Arabian turban. It hails from the family of Cucurbita maxima. The fruit grows to a size of 12 inches and weighs at a moderate 5 pounds. It requires around 95 to 120 days to reach full maturity.

If you live in an area with a short growing season, plant indoors at least 6 weeks before the last frost. As is true for other pumpkins, make sure to week on a regular basis to keep the plant well fed.

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24.    Dickinson Pumpkin

Dickinson pumpkins are basically medium to large tan squashes. They weigh between 10 to 30 pounds or more and closely resemble your average pumpkin. The pumpkin has a more or less oblong shape with characteristic flattening ribs that dictate the curvature of the pumpkin.

The pumpkin sports a bright orange color. Dickinson pumpkins also have a firm skin that goes well with the thick orange flesh inside. These pumpkins usually thrive in hot summers when there are good moisture levels and longer nights. They require at least 100 days to reach full maturity. Their best quality is that they store for at least 5 months without rotting.

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25.    Marina Di Chioggia Pumpkin

This variety is an heirloom to the town of Chioggia, which is a small fishing village near the coast of Venice, south of Italy. This large, turban-shaped fruit carries a deep blue-green color and is considered to be the most beautiful out of all varieties of squash.

The pumpkin boasts of a rich and sweet flesh that is deep yellow and orange in color which is ideal for recipes. The squash was first found in Italy but owes much of its popularity to Spain where it was first used in ingredients containing pumpkins. Their ideal growth zones are USDA zones 3 through 12. They require at least 95 days to reach full maturity. The ideal weight is between 10 to 15 pounds.

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26. Munchkin Pumpkin

Children happen to love it, and it is a delicacy that adults cannot live without. The munchkin pumpkin is the perfect addition to any home with children. Widely considered as one of the best miniature pumpkins, the Munchkin Pumpkin only grows to a size of 3 to 4” wide, meaning it can fit into the palm of your hands. It requires only 100 days to reach maturity.

Its firm skin keeps protects the flesh from rot for a long time. The munchkin pumpkin can also be used as a novelty for decorations at home.

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27.    Queensland Blue Pumpkins

The Queensland Blue Pumpkins are a bigger variety of pumpkins that are native to the Queensland area in Australia. The pumpkins are considered as an heirloom variety and sport the color blue which makes them a novelty fruit.

The pumpkins are easily distinguishable because of their silver grey and blue skin that makes them stand out. The flesh inside is of deep orange color and has a dry texture to it. The mildly sweet flavor makes these pumpkins perfect for eating as well as decorating. They weigh between 7 to 8 pounds and require 130 days to fully mature.

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28.    Knucklehead Pumpkins  

The knucklehead pumpkins are botanically classified within the Cucurbita pep group of pumpkins. These pumpkins are grown as a hybrid of different varieties of pumpkins and are harvested as a hybrid of gourd and squash. Their vines yield fruits weighing between 12 to 16 pounds at 12” height and 10” width. Knucklehead pumpkins require 105 days to fully mature.

The knucklehead pumpkins are considered part of a special line of pumpkins known as the super-freak pumpkins. This line was developed in Holland, Michigan and has since become popular was the super freaky taste and the fact that these pumpkins have a unique shape and size to them. The color is usually bright red or orange, and the pumpkins have distinct bumps on the surface of their firm skin.

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29.    Seminole Pumpkins

Seminole Pumpkins, are a variety of Cuban pumpkins hailing from the Cucurbita moschata family. Other cultivars of the same variety include the Calabaza and the butternut squash. The fruits require only 60 to 90 days to reach full maturity. Their vines can reach up to a whopping 25 feet, so make sure to give them plenty of room to spread. They weigh between 6 to 12 pounds.

The Seminole pumpkins are available in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors based on the seeds. While these pumpkins have a lot of variety within them, they generally happen to be dull orange in color and rounded in shape. Their appearance can vary based on numerous factors, and they usually taste sweeter than other pumpkins.

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30.    Crookneck Pumpkins

Crookneck pumpkins basically originate from the species of Cucurbita moschata. These pumpkins are native to the region around Central America and Southern America, predominantly Mexico among many other countries. They are distinguished due to their elongated meaty bodies that weigh up to 20 pounds.

The crookneck pumpkins contain cultivars that are known as pumpkin or squash. The moschata cultivars also happen to be generally more tolerant of hot and humid weather and are easier to grow in such weather. Additionally, the pumpkins support a pale yellow color that can often turn bright yellow at times. Their smooth tan skins firm and quite rigid, unusual when you factor in the conditions of their harvest.

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31.    Crown Prince Pumpkin

When asked about their idea of good winter squash, most allotment veterans point towards the crown print squash. The crown prince squash has for ages been one of the most desired squash flavors for many. The squash comes with an extremely nutty depth that tastes like honey and has a pudding-like flesh. Their vines bear fruits averaging between 6 to 9 pounds.

The crown prince squash is perfect for roasting as it is one of the most long-storing squashes out of all that we have currently have within the market. The squash has a steel blue color, which goes well with the nutty flavor, ideal for use in recipes.

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32.    Blaze Pumpkins

Blaze pumpkins are just popular spin-offs of the popular Jack O’Lantern pumpkins. These pumpkins are grouped as a separate type of pumpkin, but the seeds and the method of cultivation for Blaze Pumpkins are extremely similar to the method of cultivation that is followed for the Jack O’Lantern pumpkins. Their vines will bear fruit in 100 days.

They are characterized by their flat, round shape reaching a height of only 3” and a width of 7”.  The pumpkins happen to have a good firm outer skin, with fresh and soft inner flesh. The pumpkin is extremely easy to carve due to the skin’s texture, which means you won’t be having any hard time making spooky faces out of it.

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33.    Calabaza Pumpkin

Calabaza, which is also known as West Indian pumpkin is a popular variety grown mainly in the West Indies. It is also extremely popular in tropical America and the Philippines. Their hardened skin is characteristically lined with vertical ridges, a sign that the pumpkins have reached full maturity. Underneath the tough skin is an orange sweet flesh which is ideal for use in recipes for delicious pies.

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34.    Lumina Pumpkins

Lumina Pumpkins owe their spooky appearance to their ghostly white color. This makes them ideal for carving and decorating in both outdoors and indoors. The fruit measures between 8 to 10” across and measures a moderate 12 lbs in weight. They only require 90 days to reach maturity. Make sure to plant them 6 to 8” apart for the best yields.

Lumina Pumpkins are good alternatives to the average yellow/orange pumpkins such as the Dill Atlantic Giant.

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35.    Small Sugar Pumpkins

Small sugar pumpkins, as their name suggests, are miniature varieties reaching only 7 inches in diameter. These pumpkins are, however, quite rarely used for decorative purposes and are instead used in the kitchen. Some people believe they are more delicious than the Connecticut Field pumpkins when it comes to pies.

Their vines develop 4 to 6 pumpkins in 110 days measuring, they tend to weigh between 10 to 12 pounds and have slightly ribbed skin-deep hues of orange and yellow.

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36.    Styrian Pumpkin

These pumpkins were first delivered in the Styria province of modern-day Australia and are unique because of the structure of their seeds. The seeds for these Styrian pumpkins happen to have a thin coating present, instead of the customary shell. Their vines grow up to 20 feet long, so make sure to leave plenty of space outdoors. The pumpkins are ready for harvest between 90 to 120 days after planting the seeds, symbolized once the vines turn brownish and die.

They grow in zones 3 through 11. Use a fertilizer rated at 5-10-10. The entire seed is considered to be edible and makes the pumpkin perfect for both decorative and cooking purposes. The seeds are said to be high in oil content and can be consumed either raw or after they have been roasted.

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37.    Rumbo Pumpkin

The rumbo pumpkin is a part of the Cucurbita Moschata family of pumpkins and resembles the Cinderella and the old-fashioned cheese pumpkin because of the flattened ribbed appearance. Their vines bear fruits weighing 15 lbs after 100 days.

This pumpkin sports a very thick color of dark yellow or orange. The colors sit well on the firm skin of the pumpkin, which protects the delicious flesh inside for long periods of time.

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38.    Winter Luxury Pumpkins

This beautiful variety of pumpkins was first introduced by Johnson and Stokes during 1893. These pumpkins have a good flavorsome taste to them and are aesthetically pleasing. The color orange looks good on the small diameter of the curve, which makes the whole pumpkin stand out. Make sure plant the seeds 7 days after the last frost or once the soil temp reaches at least 70 degrees F.

The seeds should be planted 10 feet apart and rows of 10 inches to about 1 foot apart. Consider the fact that these pumpkins happen to have a long shelf life; you can use them for decorative purposes before actually making pies out of them. In addition, the pumpkins weigh between 6 to 8 pounds, requiring at least 105 days to reach full maturity.

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39.    Baby Bear Pumpkin

As the name suggests, baby bear pumpkins happen to be quite small with a slender and well-rounded shape. These pumpkins are a personal favorite for children because they are easy to hold and have a beautiful appearance with deep ribbed skins in hues of bright orange and yellow.

Baby Bear pumpkins are favorite among gardeners because their vines bear at least 8 fruits per plant in only 105 days! Underneath their unique appearance is a pie-worthy flesh that your family would love.

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40.    Lady Godiva Pumpkin

Lady Godiva pumpkins are famously distinguished due to their soft shell which produces seeds that are ready to eat right out of the fruit. Their attractive skin has yellow-orange rings with green stripes, making them ideal for decorations and festivals.

The seeds of the Lady Godiva pumpkin can easily be eaten straight out of the fruit. If you want an additional taste, you can also roast the seeds. Once roasted, dip the seeds in some olive oil and throw a pinch of salt for additional flavors and taste. These pumpkins are high in nutrition and perfect for your family. It requires at least 105 days for the vines to yield fruits.

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41.    Pepitas Pumpkin


Pepitas pumpkins are used as both a delicacy and decoration. Pepitas pumpkins were given the All American Selections Award because they are an excellent source of both nutrition and can be used for decorative purposes.

They usually have a yellow color with patches of green spread all across the body. The firm skin sports a yellow color with thin ribs and green patches throughout.

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42.    Aladdin Pumpkins

With a dark orange color, the Aladdin pumpkins weigh an average of 35 to 50 lbs per piece. The pumpkins happen to have moderate ribbing across the exterior and the handles are firmly rooted within the exterior of the pumpkin. Their large span of 12 inches width and 15 inches height makes them ideal for carving. It takes around 110 days for these pumpkins to fully mature.

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43.    Casperita Pumpkins

Casperita pumpkins are similar to Casper Pumpkins we mentioned above, with just a few differences here and there. They are distinguished by their spooky white appearance, which makes them an instant favorite for the Halloween period. These pumpkins act as a good alternative to the bright orange and yellow pumpkins that we have hanging everywhere during the Halloween season.

They weigh in at merely 1 pound with a distinct globular structure and deep ribs. Furthermore, the pumpkins have firm skin, which makes them excellent for carving. You can scoop out the inner fillings to make a good, white Jack O’Lantern that will spice up your Halloween celebrations and get you the kind of uniqueness you want.

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44.    Cotton Candy Pumpkin

Cotton candy pumpkins are among the most unique looking varieties due to their quirky appearance. They feature a prominent white color with narrow ribs and tough handles and color that looks absolutely appealing. One can find similarities with the Casper or Casperita pumpkin types here, but the Cotton Candy Pumpkin stands out due to its white flesh.

When fully grown, they measure at 9” in diameter and weigh between 5 to 12 lbs, taking about 110 days to mature. The Cotton Candy Pumpkin is perhaps the only pumpkin variety that has both white skin and flesh within it. The glossy skin for the cotton candy pumpkin also makes them great for painting. Give your kids a chance to show their painting skills on a white canvas with these amazing pumpkins.

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45.    Ghost Rider Pumpkins

Ghost Rider Pumpkins come in the color orange, with a handle that is green in color. These pumpkins are known by this name, because of how many people change them into the iconic Ghost Rider face mask during Halloween season. They require 115 days to reach full size.

The pumpkins are the perfect size for a face mask, as they can grow up to 12 to 16 inches in width. Additionally, these pumpkins are usually 8 to 20 pounds in weight, which is ideal for carrying on the head. You can also use their flavors for a sweet pumpkin puree.

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46.    Warty Goblin Pumpkin

The Warty Goblin Pumpkins, or Cucurbita maxima in Latin, stand out because of their heavily warted skin with plenty of bumps on it. The pumpkin itself has a circular and hard shape with green warts sprinkled across the exterior skin. Warts stick for several weeks after these pumpkins are first harvested before turning yellow.

The pumpkins weigh between approximately 10 to 20 pounds, requiring 100 days to fully mature. To reach full growth potential, the pumpkins require a 5-20-20 fertilizer and must be harvested before severe frost. Because it is a unique pumpkin variety, the Warty Goblin Pumpkin sparks a lot of interest and attraction once it is set at pumpkin patches and markets.

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47.    Autumn Gold Pumpkin

The Autumn Gold Pumpkin, or Cucurbita pepo in Latin, is a winner of the All American Selections Award due to being one of the most well rounded and firm pumpkins out there. The bright orange color and the curvature of the Autumn Gold Pumpkins places them in the same category as Jack O’Lantern pumpkins, making them ideal for decorative use.

Their vines are highly productive, yielding at least 3 to 5 pumpkins after a small period of only 90 days. These pumpkins have a thick orange skin to them, and weight around 7 to 10 lbs in weight. The minimal weight and the bright color make them perfect for hanging in your porch.

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48.    Baby Pam Pumpkins

Latin for Cucurbita pepo, these dark orange pumpkins are tough-skinned with a smooth texture. Baby Pam Pumpkins are perfect for kids to play with, as they don’t weight a ton, and are easy to roll around the floor or carry for a small child. These small pumpkins are particularly famous during the Halloween season, as kids can masquerade around with them on their heads, to get the Halloween spirit rolling.

Their vines grow to a length of about 1 foot, aggressively yielding a harvest of small 2 to 5 pounds of fruits that measure between 5 to 6 inches in diameter. It takes about 100 days for the seeds to fully mature. Additionally, Baby Pam Pumpkins are also good for decorations, painting, and pies. They have plenty of flavors inside of them and make good pumpkin pies.

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49.    Flat White Boer Pumpkins

These Flat White Boer Pumpkins are attractive in look and unique in taste. Their looks and taste are what attract people towards them, which is why these flat white Boer pumpkins are in good demand within all kinds of people. Their vines yield moderately heavy fruits weighing between 10 to 15 pounds after a period of 120 days.

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50.    Trombone Pumpkins

Trombone Pumpkins, Latin for Cucuribta moschata, are extremely rare in nature and are known for their long ‘trombone’ like neck or upper area. The pumpkins were really popular in their heyday due to their sweet flesh which resulted in them being used as recipes in soups, scones, and pumpkin pies. For obvious reasons, these pumpkins are not used for decorative purposes.

For the ideal harvest, sow clumps of 3 seeds 2cms deep. It takes around 10 days for the seedlings to emerge and 90 to 110 days for the vines to start yielding the fruit.

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51.    Ash Gourd Pumpkin

The Ash Gourd Pumpkin or Benincasa hispida in Latin, are one of the few varieties of pumpkins that have a prominently rich green color. The Ash Gourd Pumpkins were famous in Ancient Chinese culture, and was popularly referred to as the ‘Chinese Preserving Melon’. Chinese across the globe still consume it for the numerous health benefits. They prefer to grow in soil with a pH value of 5 to 7.5.

The average time for a full harvest is between 45 to 100 days. The pumpkin is eaten as a vegetable when it has matured after the harvesting process. The pumpkin is also known to be responsible for reducing weight in individuals that want weight loss.

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52.    Full Moon Pumpkins

Full Moon Pumpkins, or Cucurbita maxima in Latin, are giant pumpkin varieties that can grow up to 3 feet tall and weigh between 60 to 90 pounds. Their appearance is a rich creamy-beige with a smooth skin featuring narrow rinds. When fully grown, these pumpkins tend to resemble the full moon, hence the name ‘full moon pumpkin’.  Their prominent appearance makes them ideal for use as decoration in festivals. It takes about 125 days for these behemoths to fully mature.

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53.    Gladiator Pumpkins

The improved disease protection, preferred fruit size, and amazing color variety have made the Gladiator Pumpkin is one of the most popular pumpkins across the whole country. The Gladiator pumpkins do not only ensure proper disease protection, but they are also perfect for health. Make sure to sow them outdoors between May 10th to June 10th. Plant the seeds 6 to 10 feet apart or in hills of 4-5 seeds per hill.

These pumpkins carry a good bright orange color, with moderate ribbing on their sides. Gladiator Pumpkins reach 13” wide easily weigh over 25 pounds. Their vines yield a full harvest after about 115 days. The long handles for these pumpkins are deeply rooted within the fruit, which makes them extremely easy to carry.

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54.    Mammoth Gold Pumpkin

The Mammoth Gold Pumpkin or Cucurbita pepo in Latin, is a molted, pink and golden-orange pumpkin that is popular due of its size and appearance. It seems to shimmer when placed directly under sunlight. The pumpkin has a round size and is perfect for decorations as well as cooking. A fully grown fruit weighs north of 40 pounds, sometimes reaching 100 pounds, hence the name ‘Mammoth’.

It is surprising to note that despite their large size, mammoth gold pumpkins require only 105 days to reach maturity. The thick, pale yellow skin of the Mammoth Gold Pumpkin is highly edible but slightly coarse. The pumpkins can be used for pies and novelty purposes.

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55.    Moonshine Pumpkin

Very uniform and smooth in appearance, Moonshine Pumpkins are similar to the Casper and Casperian Pumpkins, because of their white appearance. These pumpkins happen to have an amazing white color, which is spooky for Halloween purposes, but equally aesthetic for setting as a decorative item inside your home.

They have a smooth white uniform skin with dark, green handles. The vines yield around 3 to 4 pumpkins per plant after 100 days, each weighing north of 12 pounds.

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56.    Sparkler Pumpkins

These pumpkins have an extremely unusual appearance. For starters, they’re tiny with bright orange skin and deep ribs. They have notoriously long handles that are up to 3 times taller than the fruit itself. But their most unusual feature has to be the little white patches on their orange skin, almost akin to sparkles, hence the name ‘sparkler pumpkins’. These characteristics make them ideal for use in home décor.

Their vines yield an amazing 15 to 18 fruits per plant, each weighing less than a pound after a period of only 90 days.

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57.    Spirit Pumpkins

Spirit Pumpkins carry numerous benefits for the average homeowner. Firstly you can harvest these pumpkins in smaller spaces because their vines only reach between 4 to 6 feet long. It takes about 95 days for a full harvest with each pumpkin weighing between 10 to 15 lbs and growing at least one foot wide.  these pumpkins come out to be bright yellow and have a diameter that is around 10 inches.

The diameter is also the perfect type for a Jack O’ Lantern, so you can utilize them in Halloween season. Their flesh isn’t particularly famous as a delicious recipe, but you can make do with it in most cases.

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58.    Spookie Pumpkin

The spookie pumpkin, or Cucurbita pepo in Latin, is a prolific dark orange pumpkin that weights around 6 lbs and reaching a height of around 6 to 8 inches with an average harvest period of only 90 days from seed to maturity. The pumpkin is supposed to be a cross between the Jack O’ Lantern and the Sugar Pie Pumpkin, which is why it has both the characteristics of these pumpkins.

Not only can the spookie pumpkin be used for decorative purposes during the Halloween season, but it can also be used for making some great quality pies. The spookie pumpkin has thick, orange flesh, which is good for making sweet and flavorsome pies.

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59.    Valenciano Pumpkins

Valenciano pumpkins have a flattened shape and are quite unlike some of the other varieties that are present within the market. These pumpkins are treated as white pumpkins, but the flattened shape and design that they have helps them achieve a different response from the public. When fully grown, they reach a size of 15” diameter to 8” tall, weighing in at 8 to 10 pounds after only 110 days.

Valenciano pumpkins also happen to have a good and firm natural skin, which makes carving easier. The thick walls help you use them for decorative purposes and even as Jack O’Lanterns during the Halloween season.

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60.    Cronus Pumpkin

Cronus Pumpkins, Latin for Cucurbita maxima, are giant pumpkins that easily weigh over 60 pounds during full harvest. Furthermore, these pumpkins are highly resistant to powdery mildew, making gardening less of a chore for growers. For the ideal harvest use 12 ft wide rows with a spacing of 3.5 ft.

The fruit requires only 115 days to grow. They have bright orange skin with lots of long, deep ribs. The Cronus Pumpkins are also popular for their consistent blocky and round shape.

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61.    Sweet Dumpling Pumpkin

The Sweet Dumpling Pumpkin or the Sweet Dumpling Squash is one of the smallest varieties among winter squashes. They measure only a few inches wide in diameter with a weight of less than half a pound, as a result, the average time period for a full harvest is only 90 days. Their skin is attractively variegated once fully ripe.

The variety of colors including yellow, orange and green creates an interesting aesthetical look. The sweet dumpling pumpkin is most famous for the amazingly sweet and flavorsome taste they carry. Their mildly sweet and delicate taste is suited for all kinds of cooking methods.

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62.    Australian Butter Pumpkins

The Australian Butter Pumpkin, or Cucurbita maxima in Latin, is a traditional Australian heirloom pumpkin, which has tanned skin with amazing orange flesh. These fruits weigh up to around 16 lbs with an average harvest period of 110 days. The Australian Butter Pumpkins are usually harvested during warm seasons, because of how they are natives to the warm lands of Australia.

For an ideal harvest, plant the seeds in clumps of 3 at least 2 cm deep with a spacing of one meter. The seedlings should appear between 5 to 10 days. The orange flesh of the Australian Butter Pumpkins has plenty of flavors stored in it, which make for a good eating experience for everyone involved. You can also use them for decorative purposes, because of the amazing orange display of these pumpkins.

63.    Batwing Pumpkin

The Batwing Pumpkins, or Cucurbita pepo in Latin, is arguably the most unique variety of pumpkin with a distinct dark green color on the exterior with thin ribs. They are incredibly tiny at only 1/4th pounds, reaching full maturity after a period of 90 days only.

The pumpkin is usually orange in color but has a good tinge of dark green and black on the exterior surface that makes it resemble a batwing in nature and look. The exotic color combination makes way for exciting uses for decoration during Halloween.

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64.    American Tondo Pumpkin

The American Tondo Pumpkin, or Cucurbita moschata in Latin, is an attractive and unique pumpkin with has an ornamental appearance thanks to the pale orange skin which is accentuated with green stripes and thick ribs. It grows to a weight north of 15 pounds after only 100 days.

When this fruit is young, it looks speckled green and can be eaten as a squash. The flesh inside is best enjoyed in varieties of pies because of flavorsome taste. For this reason, the American Tondo pumpkin can be used in both home décor and food.

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65.    Big Moose Pumpkin

The Big Moose Pumpkins, Cucurbita maxima, are giant pumpkins with bright red-orange rinds and narrow ribs. The Big Moose Pumpkin is ideal for gardeners who want to show off large pumpkins on roadside stalls during festivals.

When fully grown, these pumpkins can easily weigh over 125 pounds after a period of 110 days. They are popular among gardeners because their vines easily grow extra large pumpkins. Watch out for powdery mildew, squash bugs, and cucumber beetles in the first few weeks.

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66.    Futsu Black Rinded Pumpkin

The Futsu Black Rinded Pumpkin is one of the many varieties of pumpkins that can be stored for a long period of time.  The skin is very tough with extremely deep ribs that look intimidating when carved. They are ideal for use in both home décor and for cooking purposes since their flesh is sweet. Their weights tend to be between 4 to 5 pounds after growing for about 105 days.

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67.    Golden Delicious Pumpkins

Golden Delicious Pumpkins, or Cucurbita maxima in Latin, are an American breed and one of the larger varieties of pumpkins available to grow. They have a bright orange color with narrow yellow patches on the rind and no ribs at all, making them one of the smoothest pumpkins ever. Golden delicious pumpkins require a well-drained soil with at least 8 hours of sunlight every day.

These pumpkins are popular among gardeners because they are relatively easy to grow since the sprawling vines generously yield 18-pound fruits after only about 110 days. It is believed that the Golden Delicious Pumpkin is a cross between varieties of the Green Delicious and the Bone Marrow.

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68.    New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin

The New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin is a perfectly small and aesthetic pumpkin. The fruit has a good color of dark orange to it and looks perfect when you first view it. The New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin is small in size and weighs around 4 to 5 lbs at max. Once in the kitchen, the New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin makes a good addition for pies, which can be consumed by all members of the family alike.

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69.    Sweet Meat Pumpkins

The Sweet Meat Pumpkins, or Cucurbita maxima in Latin, are favored for their savory flesh and their unique rind which has a characteristically gray hue. These pumpkins have a flattened, uniformly round appearance with no ribs. Their flesh is a bright orange with a unique taste full of different flavors.

The pumpkins can last in the open for 6 months before they should be brought to the kitchen to be cooked. A single squash can weigh around 10 to 15 lbs after an average harvest period of at least 115 days.

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70.    Triple Treat Pumpkins

Triple Treat Pumpkins have beautiful orange skin and delicious hull-less seeds. Besides the skin being perfectly uniform, the orange flesh inside is also delicious to eat, which is what makes these pumpkins perfect for a good pumpkin pie as well. They weigh between 8 to 10 pounds with an average harvest period of 110 days.

These Triple Treat Pumpkins are good for both decorative and cooking purposes. Moreover, you can also use the seeds of these pumpkins to good effect by eating them or raw after cooking them in some olive oil.

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71.    Jack of all Trade Pumpkin

The Jack of all Trade Pumpkin, or Cucurbita pepo in Latin, has a bright orange skin with shallow ribs that are ideal for carvings. Furthermore, they have a flat base which stabilizes them on your porch. They grow to a size of 20 pounds after only 95 days.

The pumpkin can also be used for cooking, as the flesh inside it is known to make some delicious pumpkin soup and pie. These pumpkins are small in size and can be perfect for the Halloween season.

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72.    Oz Pumpkins

Oz Pumpkins happen to be round and orange, with a smooth rind that is yellow when it ripens. They have sturdy handles that make it easy to carry them around.

These pumpkins weigh around 4 to 5 lbs on average and around 6” wide, they require at least 100 days to reach maturity. The yellow flesh inside can be used for making interesting recipes that will sit well with everyone present inside of your home.

73.    Thai Kang Kob Pumpkin

The Thai Kang Kob Pumpkin, or Cucurbita Muschata in Latin, has a perfect sea green color, which can turn to chestnut color when the pumpkin after a few days under storage. Its appearance is very unique due to the extensively ribbed structure with distinct green warts and a tiny handle.

The weight of the Thai Kang Kob Pumpkin comes around 6 to 8 lbs on average, making them among the smaller variety of pumpkins. The orange flesh inside is said to contain numerous flavors that are good for soups, pies, and curries. It takes about 110 days for them to reach full maturity.

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