Tumbelina Petunias [Care Tips, Guides, and Pictures]

Tumbelina Petunias [Care tips, Guides and Pictures]Have you ever wondered what Tumbelina Petunias are like? We have compiled a guide for you so that you can learn more about them for yourself.
Petunias are one of the most popular plants on the market today. They look excellent in your garden beds, in hanging baskets, or in containers. This versatility makes them a garden staple. The Tumbelina Petunia is a trailing variety that has beautiful ruffled double blooms. You can see shades of purple, pink, white, yellow, and patterned.
This type of Petunia also emits a sweet aroma. Its colors are long-lasting so you can be sure to enjoy it for a long growing season. You can use this variety as a centerpiece in its own planter or as a companion plant with other sun-loving annuals.

Botanical History of Tumbelina Petunia

Petunias have greatly developed over the years from when they were first discovered. Though once leggy and thin, botanists have been able to isolate their strongest qualities to help develop the Petunia as we know it today. Over the last couple of centuries, many different Petunia varieties have emerged.
Petunia varieties come in different colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. There are long and trailing varieties, then there are compact and bushy varieties. Multitudes of colors and patterns exist, too. You'll be able to enjoy your Petunias with many different attributes that you've been seeking in a plant.
Within the Tumbelina Petunias, there are at least 17 different shades of colors. This amount of variety provides you with a lot of room for creativity and designing your ideal space. The Tumbelina series of Petunias were bred by a UK botanist, David Kerley. All Petunias belong to the Solanaceae family.

How to Grow Tumbelina Petunia

Let's take a look at growing this unique flower in your own garden.

Where it Grows

Grow these Petunias directly in your flower beds, in hanging baskets, or in various containers. One of the most popular places to plant this variety is in hanging baskets or containers because of their ability to trail. This attribute allows them to cascade over the edges of their planters for a beautiful effect.


The Tumbelina Petunia is a bit more compact in its habit of growth. It reaches a height and a width of 15 inches. Your Petunia will flower from May until the first frost. You won't believe the profuse amounts of blooms that grow. It will reach its maximum size over the span of its growing season.

Deadhead your Petunia occasionally to encourage future growth as well as promoting its health.

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Growing Zones and Conditions

Since this plant grows as an annual. Its ideal growing zones are USDA plant hardiness zone 10. However, it can survive in other regions; it simply won't flower as long. USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9 are also fit for its growth.

It can tolerate colder temperatures, but not once it is freezing. Once the first freeze has arrived, your Petunias will die off. It's best to keep these plants a bit sheltered from the wind if possible.

Type of Soil

The optimal type of soil for the success of this plant variety is fertile, nutrient-rich, and well-draining. It can grow at any pH level. Take advantage of Petunias' ability to thrive in a wide range of soil conditions.

Light, Watering, and Fertilization Requirements

Your Tumbelina Petunia will thrive best in full sun. Receiving a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight each day will promote its continued health and growth.

Water your Petunias regularly. If you plant them in containers or hanging baskets, make sure to monitor their water supply more often as they will require more water in those growing conditions. The soil should remain relatively moist.

Regularly fertilize this Petunia to keep its growth on track and reach its full potential. Use water-soluble and/or slow-release fertilizer for your Petunias. A balanced formula like 20-20-20 will work excellently.

Step by Step Planting Guide for Tumbelina Petunia from Seed

  • Decide where you will plant your Petunias: flower bed, container, or hanging basket
  • Make sure the location receives full sun for at least 6 hours each day
  • Plant your seeds
  • Water at least once a week and regularly fertilize them with a balanced formula
  • Enjoy your Tumbelina Petunia as you watch it grow and bloom!

Tumbelina Petunia Photo Inspiration

After reading all about Tumbelina Petunias, you're probably wanting to plant some in your own garden at home. We've put together some photos to inspire you and give you ideas for planting Tumbelina Petunia.

Vibrant Pinks

The ruffled double flowers of the Tumbelina Petunia look exquisite. The deep pink veining on the petal adds intrigue to the plant. The hot pink color packs a punch in your garden.

Planting Combinations

Using a combination of containers, hanging baskets, and other decorative items is a great way to display a variety of flowers and plants. Combine different colors, textures, and shapes to design an entrance like no other. The Tumbelina Petunia adds a thick mass of cascading blooms.

Trailing Beauties

Since this variety is known for its trailing qualities, they make for an excellent display. Plant them in window boxes or other planters like that. Not only are their blooms beautiful, but also their lush green foliage. Don't miss out on adding these interesting plants to your space.

Hanging Baskets

Combine your different varieties of Petunia to create a dramatic effect. Since the varieties differ in their colors, shapes, and textures, it makes for a fun combination in a hanging basket.

Garden Delight

With the profuse amount of blooms produced by the Tumbelina Petunia, your garden is sure to be a showstopper. Place your hanging basket in the middle of a garden arch to accentuate the beautiful blooms.

Pure White Blooms

The pure white blooms mixed with their green foliage look excellent. White represents purity, innocence, and perfection, making these flowers perfect for wanting to create a space that evokes elegance and innocence. You can't go wrong planting white Tumbelina Petunias at home.

Entrance Hanging Basket

Mark the entrance of your home with a large hanging basket full of blooms. Placing your hanging basket full of flowers makes the space more welcoming and vibrant.

Container Planting

A wonderful way to create intrigue is by filling a container with your Tumbelina Petunia. Use a mixture of colors for an explosion of color. Place your container full of blooms on your deck or use two containers to set off your entryway or a path.

Cherry Red Bomb of Color

Red symbolizes feelings like passion and love and using the red Tumbelina Petunia certainly won't disappoint. Their blooms are showstoppers and will make a perfect addition to any garden area.

Small, Dainty Planters

Reach out and try out different kinds of planters. Using a wicker planter such as this one can help create a cottage aesthetic to your space. Using a combination of plants also helps with developing a sense of enchantment to the display.

Soft Pastels for a Gentle Aesthetic

Incorporating soft pastels like purple and pink softens the whole display. The textures and colors compliment each other well and you can easily design a beautiful display. Tumbling blooms add a dramatic flair to the piece.

Tumbelina Priscilla

Double flowered and a sweet aroma define this beautiful purple Petunia. Adding it to your garden will not leave you disappointed. Enjoy the intricate veining of each petal and how it can enhance the appeal of your garden. Gifting Tumbelina Petunias is an excellent idea for any flower-loving friends.

Outdoor Dining Centerpiece

Help enchant your quaint outdoor dining space by adding a beautiful centerpiece planting of Tumbelina Petunia. It adds elegance to a garden space. If you ever enjoy tea in your garden, this plant is sure to add to the aesthetic.

Patterned Interest

The pink and white pattern of some varieties of the Tumbelina Petunia complement the blooms of other plants when planted en masse in a hanging basket. Combining a bunch of flower varieties is a fun way to spice things up with your garden displays. People can enjoy an explosion of colors and textures with displays such as these.

Compact Trailers

There's no such thing as too many blooms! Enjoy a billowing mass of blooms with your Tumbelina Petunias. It's truly amazing how flowers can help transform a space.

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