My Troy Bilt Snow Blower Is Blowing White Smoke – Why? What To Do?

Generally, a Troy Bilt snow blower blows smoke to indicate it's consuming fuel. But your unit blows white smoke suddenly. Now, you're wondering why this issue appeared and how you can fix it. Luckily, we did the research and have the answer below!

A Troy Bilt snow blower might blow white smoke using expired gas or bad engine oil. A faulty carburetor may also make the machine produce blue or white smoke.

Find the source of the issue and use the appropriate fix based on your findings for long-term results.

So continue reading as we discuss these underlying issues in greater detail. We'll also tackle the potential solution for each highlighted concern. Doing this increases the likelihood of eliminating the white smoke from your Troy Bilt snow blower. Let's dive in!

3 Reasons Why White Smoke Is Coming Out Of Troy Bilt Snow Blower (And Their Possible Fixes)

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Expired Gas

Snow blower gas often only lasts about 90 days before losing its volatility. After that point, using the leftover gas in the machine may only generate problems, such as a failure to start.

But if the snow blower's engine can turn over, it may produce white smoke from its exhaust.

How To Fix

Drain the leftover fuel in your Troy Bilt snow blower and refill it with a fresh batch.

Follow these general steps to help you achieve these goals:

What You'll Need
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Drain pan
  • Siphon pump kit
  • Snow blower fuel
Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Place the machine on a flat and level surface.
  2. Ensure that the Troy Bilt snow blower's engine is off.
  3. Locate and remove the spark plug to prevent an accidental engine start.
  4. Place the drain pan under the machine, specifically under the fuel tank.
  5. Remove the drain plug from the gas container and let the liquid escape. Wait until the tank is empty before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Return the drain plug to its original location.
  7. Unthread and remove the snow blower's gas cap.
  8. Place one end of the hose in the siphon pump kit in the gas tank.
  9. Place the other end of the siphon hose in the gas container you bought recently.
  10. Turn on the siphon pump and wait for the gas to reach the recommended amount in the machine's tank.
  11. Remove the siphon hose from the snow blower's fuel tank and close the container.
  12. Return the spark plug.
  13. Turn on the Troy Bilt snow blower's engine and check if it still blows white smoke.

You can watch the video below if you need help draining your snow blower's leftover fuel. It's important to note that the snow blower model in the clip isn't a Troy Bilt unit.

The gas-draining procedure should still be similar if you're working on a Troy Bilt model.

Check out this video on YouTube explaining everything further:

Bad Oil

snow plow tractor at winter removing white snow out of road against heavy snowfall weather, My Troy Bilt Snow Blower Is Blowing White Smoke - Why? What To Do?

Unlike fuel, engine oil typically provides the necessary lubrication to ensure the snow blower's parts don't grind. One of the downsides of engine oil for snow blowers is that it doesn't last as long as fuel for the machine.

Generally, snow blower engine oil only lasts approximately one month or up to 50 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

If you see white smoke coming from the machine, it might be a good indicator to change the oil in its engine.

How To Fix

Draining the leftover engine oil and refilling the machine with a fresh batch may help eliminate the white smoke. Here are the general steps to follow if you're dealing with this underlying issue:

What You'll Need
  • Drain pan
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Funnel
  • Engine oil
Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Put the snow blower upright and park it at a site with flat and level ground.
  2. Ensure that the machine's engine is off and remove the spark plug.
  3. Locate the oil drain line and place a drain pan next to it.
  4. Use a ratchet and socket to loosen the bolt on the drain plug.
  5. Turn the drain plug counterclockwise until you can remove it.
  6. Allow all the leftover oil in the machine to drain. Dispose of the oil properly afterward.
  7. Return and secure the drain plug to its original location.
  8. Remove the engine oil cap and set it aside temporarily.
  9. Place a funnel in the opening and pour the recommended engine oil into the container.
  10. Remove the funnel and return the engine cap.
  11. Return the spark plug and turn on the snow blower's engine.
  12. Allow the machine to idle for a few minutes to check if it no longer produces white smoke.

Check out this engine oil on Amazon.

Warning: Don't mix engine oils. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations to choose the correct engine oil for your Troy Bilt snow blower model.

Note: You may need to tilt the machine to ensure that all the leftover oil escapes from its reservoir. If you do, return it to a position parallel to the ground before refilling its engine oil reserves.

Watch this video if you need a visual guide for the procedure mentioned above:

Faulty Carburetor

A snow blower's carburetor generally provides the engine with the correct air and fuel. If this assembly wears out or acquires damages, white or blue smoke may appear from your Troy Bilt snow blower's exhaust.

Aside from the blue or white smoke, other signs of a bad carburetor include:

  • The engine fails to start or turn over
  • Your snow blower feels sluggish or has poor overall performance
  • The engine may still start or turn over, but it may take several tries before you can use the machine

How To Fix

Perhaps your Troy Bilt snow blower's carburetor needs cleaning. If so, you can watch the video below if you need help removing dirt, debris, and gunk from the machine's carburetor:

But if cleaning the carburetor didn't solve the problem, you may need to replace the worn assembly with a new unit. At this point, follow the general steps below to replace the faulty carburetor in your Troy Bilt snow-blowing unit:

What You'll Need
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Standard pliers
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Vice grip
  • Panel remover tool kit
Step-By-Step Guide
  1. Place the snow blower on a flat and level surface and ensure its engine is off.
  2. Set the slider in front of the machine to its middle position.
  3. Loosen and remove the bolts securing the snow blower's front cover.
  4. Pry the fasteners from the front cover.
  5. Push the front cover up and away from the machine.
  6. Unthread and remove the screws from the carburetor assembly's cover.
  7. Squeeze a vice grip or the needle-nose pliers in the middle of the vent tube.
  8. Remove the bolts securing the vent tube and disconnect that component.
  9. Unthread and remove the bolts that secure the carburetor assembly.
  10. Detach the spring attached to the carburetor.
  11. Pull out the worn carburetor assembly and replace it with the new unit.
  12. Go through the previous steps in reverse order to return the pieces you removed to their original locations.
  13. Turn on the Troy Bilt snow blower and check if the white smoke problem persists.

Check out this replacement carburetor for Troy Bilt snow blower on Amazon.

Watch the video below if you need help removing your snow blower's carburetor:

What Happens If There's Too Much Oil In A Snow Blower?

Street snow blower. Self cleaning snow from road, sidewalk

Pouring more oil into your Troy Bilt snow blower's engine than needed may result in different issues. These concerns may include oil leaks, the spark plug wearing down, or the engine failing to start or turn over.

What Does The Color Of The Smoke From Your Snow Blower Mean?

Snow blower at work on a winter day. Snow blower clearing the road after snowstorm and snow

A snow blower may blow smoke with different colors. These colors are:

• Black: The engine is blowing more fuel than usual. • Blue: Oil or another liquid mixes with the fuel. • White: It may indicate that the snow blower is trying to consume expired fuel or bad oil.

Should I Spray My Snow Blower With WD40?

WD-40 Oil

You may use WD40 to lubricate different parts and assemblies in your Troy Bilt snow blower. But avoid using the standard WD40 product. It's a water-displacing solution with lubricating properties.

However, it may also accumulate gunk over time if you're not careful.

See WD40 water-resistant spray on Amazon.

To Wrap It Up

Remember to inspect your Troy Bilt snow blower to find the main reason it's blowing white smoke. You can use the different procedures mentioned in this post to help eliminate this problem.

Take note you can always use this post as a guide, especially if you reencounter this concern.

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