Tropical Plants Suitable For Pots In Full Sun [11 Ideas To Make Your Landscaping Pop]

Tropical plants add lush greenery to any garden. Their unique shapes of flowers, large leaves, and rich colors create style and drama in landscaping. These plants have an exotic, distinct appearance that could capture your attention.

Are you searching for ideas on which tropical plants are best in landscaping? Continue reading through this post for more information!

Several tropical plant varieties are suitable for landscaping because of their exotic look, large leaves, and vibrant flowers. These plants suit in pots with rich, well-drained soil and under direct sunlight.

Selecting the best tropical plants is effective if they suit your garden and the environmental condition. Would you like to know more about tropical plants and how to take care of them?

Below are some tropical plants that are perfect in gardens because of their bright colors, foliage, and exotic flowers. We've listed some of the best tropical flowers you can plant in pots and put under the sun.

A purple bougainvillea in a pot and a flowers in the garden, Tropical Plants Suitable For Pots In Full Sun [11 Ideas To Make Your Landscaping Pop]

Canna Lily

Its large green leaves and colorful flowers give a vibrant ambiance to gardens.

They grow in different varieties, their colors range from oranges and bright red to whites and yellows, and their leaves are hues of silver and green. Canna Lily is a must-have for landscaping.

Vibrant red and yellow flowering stems of canna lily


Jasmine has star-shaped flowers in pale pink or white that give an exotic fragrance during warmer temperatures. This plant is mixed in perfumes and herbal drinks.

You can find this tree in tropical and subtropical areas. There are many varieties of Jasmine: Star jasmine, Night-blooming Jasmine, Italian Jasmine, Forest jasmine, Dwarf Jasmine, and many more.

Beautiful jasmine blossom


The Mandevilla has large, trumpet-shaped flowers in pink color. During the growing season, this plant is low-maintenance. The flowers bloom in spring and will last through the fall season.

Mandevilla is a climbing plant, perfect to place in patios, arches, and pergolas.

Blooming mandevilla flowers


Bougainvillea is a climber and shrub with daunting thorns, mostly seen on building exteriors or in tropical and subtropical gardens.

This plant is famous for its green foliage and vibrant pink, orange and purple hues of petal-like bracts where the true blooms hide. Bougainvillea loves the sun but can also grow indoors.

Vibrant pink bougainvillea tropical flowering plant

Angel Trumpet

Angel Trumpets are used as ornamental decoration in greenhouses and gardens. This tree has tons of branch trunks and grows less than 26 feet high, but you can grow it into a small tree in pots.

The shrubs contain poisonous leaves, which are dangerous if ingested. Angel Trumpet is best to plant in the backyard or any location that is out of reach of children and pets.

Angel trumpet

Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus has glossy leaves and vibrant flowers. Its trumpet-shaped blooms have protruding stamens. The flower's size has a diameter of 3-8 inches.

This shrub grows fast, can reach up to 15 feet if planted in the ground, and grows well under ideal conditions. You can plant Tropical Hibiscus in a container or pots and grow it indoors.

Bright red hibiscus flower in front of view on lake

Japanese Banana

For gardeners who like the exotic look, the Japanese Banana is the best choice to plant. This plant is an herbaceous perennial, towering like a tree with large leaves like a trunk structure.

This plant can grow in pots and bring it indoors in a cold climate. It will take a year for the plants to produce bananas. Japanese Banana requires rich, medium moist, well-drained soil in direct sunlight.

Japanese banana flower with fruits

Bird Of Paradise [Strelitzia Reginae]

Bird of Paradise is a perennial plant cultivated as a houseplant because of its dramatic flowers. The shape of the flower is crane-like, which is unique and exotic-looking.

The leaves are elongated at least 18 inches long and branched from the rhizome root system. This plant is native to South Africa. Bird of Paradise grows from 5-30 feet tall in ideal conditions.

Strelitzia reginae or bird of paradise

White Ginger Lily [Hedychium Coronarium]

White Ginger Lily is a perennial plant known for its fragrance and butterfly-like white flowers that bloom in the late summer and early fall seasons.

Its flower only lasts for about one day, but they continuously appear for six weeks. White Ginger Lily looks lovely on decks or patios, which is perfect for landscaping.

White ginger lily


Lantana has a cheerful flower cluster in single or rainbow hues from yellow, orange, purple, red, white, peach, and coral, blooming nonstop from late spring and almost through the year in frost-free regions. Its flower attracts wildlife and insect pollinators.

Lantana is a member of the verbena family, native to the tropical areas of South Africa and America. This beautiful shrub requires full sun for 6 to 8 hours daily.

Pink and yellow lantana camara flowers

Purple Fountain Grass

Purple Fountain Grass is an annual grass with burgundy foliage and reddish plumes. Other colorful varieties of Fountain Grass are available such as Princess Caroline and Fireworks.

Purple Fountain Grass is perfect for the colorful landscape of your garden in the summer through fall seasons. This plant requires well-drained soil and containers and grows under direct sunlight.

Purple fountain grass

How Do I Know If Tropical Plants Will Grow In My Yard?

Tropical plants need warmth, moisture, sunlight, and food fertilizer to keep them healthy and grow fast.

Zones 9 to 11 or higher are ideal for tropical plants because the weather conditions are warm and humid, while the winter season is mild, with almost no threat of freezing.

Tips For Growing Tropical Plants

  • Ensure that you use well-drained soil enriched with nutrients and moisture.
  • Do not over-fertilize. Too much is also not good. Try using manure tea in fertilizing. You can also research or ask experts about your plant's nutrient requirements before doing anything.
  • You can plant it in containers to move it around for sunlight and avoid extreme winds.
  • Even if you live outside the tropic-like zone, you can still have tropical plants in your garden. They need to be placed indoors during colder seasons.

What Are The Best Fertilizers For Tropical Plants?

Tropical plants require fertilizer to boost their growth and vigor. We have listed some best fertilizers for tropical plants.

Miracle-Gro Tropical Houseplant Food

This tropical houseplant food has magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, and zinc. Miracle-Gro contributes to the growth of lush foliage. Apply once a week during the spring and summer seasons.

It is safe for all tropical plants, such as snake plants, pothos, fiddle-leaf figs, and many more. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

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Nelson Plumeria Plant and All Flowering Tropicals Food

Some Plumeria Plant Food has 5% Nitrogen, 30% Phosphate, and 5% Soluble Potash. These balanced ingredients stimulate regrowth after pruning.

This fertilizer is an excellent source of minerals and nutrients for container and inground-grown tropical plants such as Tree Ferns, Lily, Ground Orchids, Plumeria, and many more.

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Organic Monstera Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer

Organic Monstera Plant Food - Liquid Fertilizer has all-natural, organic ingredients to aid monstera houseplants grow tall and strong.

This liquid fertilizer helps plants to produce beautiful glossy, large, green leaves and works best for indoor and outdoor monstera varieties.

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Dr. Earth Exotic Blend Palm, Tropical & Hibiscus Fertilizer

This tropical fertilizer is rich with proteins, multi-minerals, humic acids, carbohydrates, and trace elements that aid the soil to become capable of growing healthy tropical plants in your garden.

Dr. Earth Exotic Blend is organic, and no synthetic chemicals are added. As per the manufacturer, this fertilizer is safe for humans and pets.

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To Tie Things Together

Having tropical plants in gardens gives a light ambiance. They add an exotic, unique look to the beauty of the landscaping.

Choosing tall plants like Palm trees or Japanese Bananas also adds vibrancy and height to garden borders. Taking care of them could be hard work, but it pays off when they start to grow and bloom.

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