21 Trellis Ideas For Vines And Climbing Plants

Nothing is more beautiful than a trellis filled with vines and flowers. Not only does this provide a privacy screen for any number of situations it also provides a stunning backdrop for your outdoor space.

That boring wood fence? Adding a trellis can transform that boring fence into a beautiful garden piece everyone will enjoy.

There are a few popular forms of the trellis. You have the traditional freestanding trellis (often with lattice), and then you have arbors and pergolas.

Arbor trellises are archways or curved structures that have trellises built into them. Pergolas are sturdy structures with a roof. Plants, too, can benefit from a trellis.

Growing on a trellis can give plants better air circulation and sunlight exposure. It also provides easier access for bees and other pollinators. If you're growing something you harvest on your trellis, this offers easier access for humans.

Traditionally trellises were made of wood and had a simple lattice design.

However, nowadays, many gardeners have put creative spins on the traditional trellis, creating luxurious and elegant garden statement pieces.

It is not so uncommon to see geometrical shapes, wild patterns, or colored glass incorporated into a trellis design.

Formal rose garden with arching trellises, 21 Trellis Ideas For Vines And Climbing Plants

1. Traditional Modern

retaining walls and terraces with trellises and roses. Rectangular trimmed hedge of boxwood on the roof garden. backyards of Italian gardens with climbing wisteria

They've taken a traditional wooden lattice trellis design and switched it to an artsy modern twist.

Instead of a whole wall of trellis, they've framed it out and separated it into two pieces framing a window; this adds a simple yet elegant look to the home's exterior.

2. Arbor Trellis

Rose garden

Here they've created a beautiful arbor trellis walk-through. They have the arbor trellis with roses, and they've also turned the fencing into a trellis!

This arbor trellis seems like it'd be challenging to achieve, but it's not. In place of elaborate fencing, you could use a lattice trellis connected to support posts right up against the arbor structure.

Check out this arbor trellis on Amazon.

3. Slanted Trellis

Close up of cucumber plants growing on a trellis in an upwards angle in the vegetable garden.

If you don't have a fence available to use, this slanted trellis design might be just right for you. They've built a row of slanted trellis' for easy harvesting and display of their beautiful fruit blooms.

As a bonus, the plants are bound to benefit from this design's increased air circulation. The slanted trellis design is trendy for cucumbers.

This design offers increased sun exposure for the cucumbers, increasing fruit production.

Cucumbers can also take up a lot of garden space. This design allows you to reclaim some of that space by having the cucumbers grow upward instead of outward.

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4. Trellis Arches

formal rose garden with arching trellises

A tunnel of beautiful roses? That's the effect these arched trellis' set up in a row provide. You could make this tunnel even longer or shorten it to suit your needs in your garden.

5. Stunning Pergola

Backyard Pergola with climbing Wisteria vines. There is also an outdoor barbecue and table and chair set.

Look at how beautiful this pergola looks with the vines growing all over it! Not only does it provide beautiful greenery, but it also provides shade from the hot midday sun while relaxing under the pergola.

6. Modern Archway

They have used a more modern design with an exaggerated curved arch but incorporated it into a trellis wall. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be when the vines mature?

7. Playing With Shapes

This trellis plays with different sizes of squares creating a stunning piece. Once the vines grow onto the trellis, you can trim them to maintain the unique shapes and spaces.

8. Fun Chevron Pattern

Switching up that traditional trellis design, this one incorporates a chevron pattern. This adds a chic element to any garden!

9. Honeycomb Style

What a fun statement these little trellises make! The blue paint on the fencing contrasting with the black honeycombs turns this backyard trellis into an art piece.

Best of all, you can easily make these trellises yourself!

You could copy this design or create either a larger or smaller honeycomb to suit your specific gardening needs. They even have small versions to incorporate into your houseplants, creating an indoor plant trellis.

See this indoor trellis on Amazon.

10. One Of A Kind DIY

This trellis could easily be accomplished with 1 x 4 pieces of wood. It's not a detailed design plan, yet it looks modern, interesting, and unique.

11. Curved Design

This design is effortless and straightforward, yet just by deciding to stagger the slats and create a curve, it looks modern and different.

For an added visual effect, you could add color to this trellis. Putting it up against an opposite wall or fence with color would make it pop.

12. Upcycled Bottles

They've taken antique bottles and glasses to create a unique, visually appealing trellis.

All while upcycling some old bottles and glass! Scouring the shelves at a thrift store could provide all the glass you want for this project!

13. Repurposed Art

Who would have thought a metal headboard would make such a beautiful trellis for the garden! What a unique and thrifty idea for a trellis.

They mounted the headboard to the fence and viola a beautiful trellis that is both functional and beautiful.

14. Repurposed Frame

This chic farmhouse trellis is accomplished by simply taking an old mirror frame and adding some wire where the mirror once was.

You could leave the wood natural or paint it whatever color your heart desires to fit perfectly with your farmhouse chic garden area.

15. Window Trellis

These trellises resemble windows and are very simple yet luxurious when contrasting with the wall's white. You could use this technique or add flowerpots at the bottom for a more cleaned-up look.

You could also achieve a similar look with staked trellises. Metal trellises with the same faux window look are easy to come by, and you can stake in the ground at desired intervals for a similar design.

Check out these metal trellises on Amazon.

16. Choosing Iron

This iron design adds an elegant flair to any wall. You can find these iron works in many varying designs and themes.

Since it is a natural iron work, if you want to create a contrast with a painted fence or wall, these iron designs make accomplishing this easy without needing paint.

View this iron trellis on Amazon.

17. Trellis Pyramid

Adding this simple trellis pyramid into your raised garden bed, or any garden for that matter, adds some visual interest and extra garden space growing upward and deterring insects and other pests.

If you've planted a vine or climbing plant that needs harvesting, these also make that task easier. The pyramid design also offers a decreased risk of fungal diseases for your plants.

Check out this trellis pyramid on Amazon.

18. Vine-Covered Pergola

This row of pergolas looks stunning with Wisteria vines growing all over them. The Wisteria blooms look elegant, dangling from the roof of the structure.

19. Bamboo Fencing

This simple bamboo trellis fencing offers an inexpensive and effective trellis fence, proving you don't need anything elaborate to accomplish a privacy screen or structure for your vines to grow.

You could place this in various areas in a garden, anywhere from a wall, fence, or freestanding.

20. Simple And Private

This simple square trellis design will do precisely as designed and support your vines or climbing plants.

Once the plants have matured, it will be an effective privacy screen and a wonderful place to show off the blooms of the vines.

21. Minimalistic Arbor

This simple arbor design shows even if you want a trellis with a roof, you can accomplish this with more simple means.

Once covered with vines or climbing plants, it will provide a beautiful garden feature, providing a nice entryway into your garden, patio, or stairwell.

If you decide to utilize this simplistic arbor for grapevines, know that it will create an easier way to harvest your fruit once ripe!

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To Wrap Up

There are so many varying options of trellises designs and styles to choose from. They make a wonderful garden feature, enhancement for your fence, and privacy screen.

We hope we have given you the inspiration you need to embark on adding a trellis to your garden area! If you enjoyed this article, you might also find these helpful:

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