Toro Sprinkler Timer Says Fuse – Why And What To Do?

With a sprinkler timer, you can easily set your desired schedule for where, when, and how long you want to water your yard. Is your Toro sprinkler timer not working? Does it say "Fuse"? We did research and found out why this happens.

A power surge is one of the reasons why a Toro sprinkler timer says "Fuse." It could be a wiring issue or a short circuit between the sprinkler valves and the timer. Here is what you need to do when the Toro sprinkler timer shows "Fuse":

  • Unplug the device from the power source
  • Remove the fuse
  • Insert a new fuse

Do you need more information on how to solve the fuse problem with your Toro sprinkler timer? We searched the web and gathered all the answers you may need. We will also discuss other details regarding the sprinkler timer.

Toro Sprinkler Timer Says Fuse - Why And What To Do

Toro Sprinkler Timer Says Fuse - Why And What To Do

Toro Sprinkler Timer Says Fuse - Why And What To Do

Why Does Toro Sprinkler Timer say Fuse?

The sprinkler has many parts in its system, and there are several possible causes why it won't work. One of the issues we commonly see is the word "Fuse."

One of the possible reasons why a Toro sprinkler timer shows "Fuse" is because of a blown fuse. This is a common issue due to a power surge or a short circuit between the sprinkle valves and the timer.

Water spraying out of pop-up spray head sprinkler - Toro Sprinkler Timer Says Fuse - Why And What To Do

Here is what you need to do if the Toro sprinkler timer shows "Fuse":

Unplug From The Power Source

Unplug the sprinkler timer from the power source. Open the controller's face plate. The face plate has an LED screen, several dials, and switches. The fuse is behind the face plate with the backup battery and wiring.

Remove The Fuse

Grasp the fuse using your fingers and pull it until it's free. Check if the small metal filament in the glass tube is still intact. Replace the fuse if needed.

Insert A New Fuse

Push the replacement fuse back to the fuse holder and close the face plate. If the fuse blows again, you may need to change the entire controller.

Why Won't Toro Sprinkler Turn On?

Automatic garden lawn sprinkler in action watering grass

There are various reasons why a Toro Sprinkler won't turn on.

Sprinkler Valve

The valves are responsible for switching sprinklers off and on. If the valves are faulty, there will be instances when your sprinkler won't work.

Electrical Issues

Locate the drier part of your lawn and check the valve in that area. Open the valve to see if the water sprays out.

If this happens, check the sprinkler's electrical connections using a multimeter to measure the voltage. If it is dead, you may need a technician's help to fix the electrical wiring.

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Valve Solenoid

If there are no issues with the electrical wiring or the water supply, check the valve solenoid of the sprinkler. This is the electrically energized part responsible for turning the sprinkler on and off. You may need to replace the faulty valve solenoid.

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Water Supply

If there are no electrical issues with the valves, check the water supply in other areas of the house. If your home has a running water supply, you should go back to check the water shut-off valve and see if it was the cause of water supply problem.

Why Is Your Toro Sprinkler Timer Not Working?

Green grass being watered with automatic sprinkler system sunny day

Here are some of troubleshooting procedures that you can do to figure out why your Toro sprinkler timer is not working:

Timer Has No Power

  • Check the circuit breaker to see if it is off or if the fuse has blown. Replace the fuse if needed.
  • Unplug the end of the power cord's transformer. Use an electrical circuit tester to test the outlet to check if there is power. If you are not confident enough to do this, find someone to work it out or get an electrician to assist you.
  • Plug in the transformer. If there is power in the outlet, but the timer display is still off, then replace the transformer.

Watering Issues

This is the same issue with why the sprinkler won't turn on. If the timer does not turn on, there is a possibility that the valve is faulty or it is dirty. Try to clean the valves first if it will work. If the timer still doesn't work, reset the Season Adjust.

Program Won't Activate

Check to see if the dial is "Off" if the timer doesn't turn the sprinklers on or if the start time has not been programmed yet to ESP.

Change the switch to the program desired and ensure the dial is to "Set Watering Start Times" to confirm the start time. If you can't see the start time, push the button up and down to set it.

ESP Problems

ESP activates the sprinkling system to water the lawn and garden at your desired time. The valves are wired to the controller and connected to the sprinklers.

  • Turn the dial to "Off" to turn off the water. If turning the dial off won't work, check your sprinkle valves to find other causes. Seek help from a professional if you are not confident enough to troubleshoot. If the water shuts down, you can continue manually programming the timer.
  • Ensure the dial is on the "Set Watering Start Times" setting.
  • Toggle between start times by pressing the left and right arrows. Turn off the other start times.
  • To change the time settings, press the - or + buttons. You will see the "OFF" function of start time between 11:45 PM and 12:00 AM.
  • Keep the time on OFF.
  • Return the dial to the "Auto Run" setting.

How To Set A Toro ECX Timer

The nozzle of the automatic watering system waters a green lawn.

Here is how to set a Toro ECX Sprinkler:


Turn the Auto/On dial to turn on the ECX unit. It should have the current date and time. To turn the unit off to stop all programmed operations, turn the dial to "Off."

Rain Delay

Turn the dial to "Rain Delay," which will tell you how many days to delay watering.


The "Programs" setting sets separate water requirements in different garden parts.

Manual Start

Press the "Manual Start" button once to exclude or select certain water zones. Depress the "On" button for the Zone number or press the "Off" button to skip.

Set Time

You can turn the dial to "Set Time". The hour will blink. You can press the +/- to change it. Hit the "Next" button to move to the minute and change it using the +/- button. Once you're done, you can turn the dial again to Auto/On to exit the date and time settings.

Set Water Days

Turn the dial to "Set Water Days" if you want to set the calendar for watering. The word "CAL" will blink. Press the +/- to change the days to add or schedule.

Set Program Start Time

To set the start time, turn the dial to "Set Program Start Time" to adjust the watering time. Press the +/- to select the desired time.

Set Value Run Times

To set the zones, turn the dial to "Set Valve Run Times." This is used for individual zones in places like your lawn and garden bed. You can have as many zones as you wish. You can set which zones you want to water and how long you want to water them.

Season Adjust

This function is used to adjust the water temperature for the seasons.

Watch the video below to learn more on how to set a Toro ECX Sprinkler.

How To Select A Sprinkler Timer

A golf course being watered with underground sprinkler system. Irrigation and water theme. Turf grass maintenance on a golf course. This sprinkler head is installed on the back of a tee box on a beautiful golf course in the mountains.

If you want to replace your old timer, here are some things to consider in selecting the proper sprinkler timer:


Always keep expanding your lawn in mind. Purchase a timer with a bigger zone capacity than what you currently need.


How many programs do you need to water your plants? Plant varieties need a different watering schedule.

You may need more than one program to schedule watering in different parts of your garden, depending on the type of plants you have and their water needs.

Number Of Start Times

How many times do you want to water your plants in a day? Also, consider having multiple sprinklers.

Timer Placement

Consider if you plan to put the timer indoors or outdoors. An outdoor timer needs protection from rain and dust and requires specialized electrical components.

Summing Up

In this article, we have discussed why a Toro sprinkler timer shows "Fuse" and provided a solution to this problem. We also covered other issues and solutions. We hope that we can help you through this post.

If you have questions, leave a message in the comment section. For further tips and information about gardening, you may read through these posts:

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