Toro Recycler Vs Super Recycler: Which To Choose

Both the Toro and Super Recycler take care of tall grass in short order. But which one is a better fit for your needs? Well, we have researched this topic and have answers for you. Understanding the difference between these mowers is vital to choosing the best for you.

If you want a heavy-duty professional mower, you should choose Toro's Super Recycler over a Toro Recycler. If you only mow a residential lawn once a week, the cheaper Toro Recycler will be the better choice.

In this article, we will learn whether you should choose a Toro Recycler or a Super Recycler. We will also learn the answers to other interesting questions, such as how to adjust the height of a Toro mower, and howto start a Toro mower when it's cold. Keep reading to learn more!

A comparison between TORO recycler and SUPER recycler, Toro Recycler Vs Super Recycler: Which To Choose

Toro Recycler Vs. Super Recycler: Which To Choose

When choosing between a Toro Recycler and a Super Recycler, it's crucial to understand their key differences. The Super Recycler offers many features that the Toro Recycler doesn't at the cost of a higher price tag.

Let's learn about these features and discuss whether you need them.

Rear Wheel Drive Vs. Front Wheel Drive

One key difference between the Toro Recycler and the Super Recycler is that the Toro Recycler is front-wheel drive, and the Super recycler is rear-wheel drive.

The rear-wheel drive capabilities of the Super Recycler give it better traction and power to drive over uneven ground. While the Toro recycler's front-wheel drive does offer decent torque, it doesn't compare to the Super Recycler.

If the lawn you need to mow is bumpy or on a hill, you should opt for the Super Recycler. If you need the mower to cut a smooth lawn that's not on a gradient, then the capabilities of the Toro Recycler do the trick.

Redirection Wedges

Under the deck of a Super Recycler, there are three metal wedges. These wedges push grass away from the edges of the deck back into the blades allowing it to be cut finer.

If you need to cut exceptionally tall or thick grass, these wedges will help your mower chew the grass better. Some thicker debris like tree suckers often need to be cut multiple times, and a Super Recycler can make that easier.

If you only mow a residential lawn cut weekly, then a Toro Recycler will function fine.

Metal Wings

Adding metal wings under the Super Recycler's blade is part of what makes the Super Recycler super. These metal wings help create an updraft of air to keep cut grass flowing smoothly into the mower's bag.

Having extra suction power is especially helpful when mowing wet grass. Wet grass tends to stick and can even stop your mower's blade. With the additional airflow from the metal wings, clumping grass is less likely to bind up your mower.

The Toro Recycler can also be effective if you ensure your lawn is dry before mowing. If the grass is wet, you'll be better off waiting for a dry day with your Toro Recycler.


The width of Toro Recycler is twenty-two inches, while the Super Recycler is twenty-one. While, at first, it may seem that this is an area where the Toro Recycler has an advantage, looks can be deceiving. The Super Recycler is an inch narrower, so it delivers its power to a smaller area, giving it more strength.

When cutting thick overgrowth, you mustn't cut more than the mower can handle at a time. Cutting too quickly can lead to a rougher cut and even bind up your mower. The narrower width of the Super Recycler makes it perfect for cutting down grass that hasn't been cut in weeks.

If you are cutting a clean and regularly maintained lawn, then the Toro Recycler can cut it faster since it covers more area.

The Verdict

Gardner on ride on lawn mower,

While the Super Recycler outperforms the Toro Recycler at cutting overgrowth and wet grass, a standard lawn is cut faster with a Toro Recycler. If you are a professional or have a yard with many tree suckers or steep slopes, then a Super Recycler is the best choice. If, however, you only mow your lawn once a week and it's a standard lawn, then it would be best to choose a Toro Recycler.

How Do You Adjust The Height On A Toro Mower?

Lawn mower on lush green grass on a summer day under a blue sky

To adjust the height on a toro mower, you need to adjust the metal handles on each wheel. First, check the position of each metal handle and ensure they are all in the same height setting. If you try to mow with the wheels at different heights, your mower will cut unevenly.

Something important to note about checking the height of each wheel is that the front wheels' height settings count in the opposite direction as the rear wheels. One way to remember which way the wheels adjust is that the lowest level has each wheel's handles pointing in, and the highest level has the handles pointing out.

Check that the back and front wheels are the same height from the most inward position. Next, if you want to raise the mower, adjust each handle one notch out from the mower's center. If you're going to lower the mower, adjust each handle a notch in from the center.

After adjusting the height of your mower, it's a good idea to perform a test by mowing a small area before mowing the entire lawn to ensure you like its adjusted height. While cutting your lawn too high doesn't have too large of an effect, cutting your lawn too low can damage or even kill your grass.

What Octane Should I Put In A Toro Mower?

Pouring gasoline into a red plastic container

A Toro Mower functions best with 87 octane gasoline. While you can fill your mower with higher octane gasoline, like 90 octane, it won't provide you with an increase in performance.

The Toro's user's manual sets 87 octane gasoline as the recommended fuel, but there is another fuel you can use. While it isn't recommended, 85 octane gasoline will function nearly identical to 87 octane. It would be best if you didn't use any octane below 85 because it won't deliver enough power for your mower's engine to turn over properly and may lock up your mower.

How Do You Start A Toro Mower When It's Cold?

Toro Titan zero turn lawn mower with bagger attached in yard of grass

When it's cold outside, the oil in your mower's engine can thicken and make it difficult to start. While sometimes you can start your mower by repetitive pulls alone, there is a quick solution that guarantees instant starting in even the coldest weather.

The secret to starting your Toro mower when it's cold is ether. Ether is highly combustible and can be used to start a cold mower. Spray some ether onto your mower's air intake and pull its cord.

The ether will deliver enough power to force your mower's engine to turn over. After your mower's engine completes a few cycles, it will warm its oil and be easier to start.

Sometimes when using ether, your mower will start up and then die again. The solution is to spray more ether and try again. After starting the mower a few times, the engine's oil should be warmer and less viscous, making starting easier.

If you want to buy some ether for easy mower starts, here are two of the best available on Amazon.

STA-BIL Starting Fluid

You can find this product here on Amazon.

Penray High Ether Starting Fluid

You can find this product here on Amazon.

Do You Still Need To Edge If You Use A Toro Mower?

Lawn edger machine edging grass next to sidewalk

When mowing with a Toro Mower, you can cut grass close to the edge of your lawn and may wonder if edging your lawn is still needed. If you desire to have a nice-looking lawn with clean lines, then edging is still required.

Edging is used for more than just the edge of your lawn. Edging allows you to even out grass where your mower can't reach. Inside a dog kennel or around a tree can be challenging to cut with a mower alone.

The wheels on your mower will also push grass along the edge of your lawn in a groove. While your lawn may look proper when you're finished mowing, the grass in that groove will spring up after a few hours, leaving unsightly lines.

It would be best when cutting your lawn with a Toro mower to finish the edging with a weedeater.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we learned that you should choose a Toro Recycler if you mow a standard residential lawn and a Super Recycler if you mow professionally or have a sloped and difficult-to-cut lawn. We also learned how to adjust the height on a Toro Mower properly.

Remember, if you mow your lawn with any Toro mower, it would be best to also edge with a weedeater.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to learn more, check out some of these other posts.

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