Toro Personal Pace Not Working – Why And What To Do?

The Toro Personal Pace mower is excellent for small to medium size yards. It is very user-friendly, and it can adapt to different environments. However, just like any other lawnmower, it can malfunction and stop working. But, how do you make it work again? We've done the research to provide you with both the potential causes and the solutions.

To fix your Toro Personal Pace when it stops working; it’s good to know what is causing the problem. The most common include:

  • Toro doesn’t start
    • Lack of fuel
    • Wrong fuel
    • Old fuel
    • Faulty fuel pump
    • Clogged air filter
    • Faulty or loosely connected spark plugs
    • Gas cap does not vent
    • Faulty recoil
  • Toro cuts grass unevenly
    • Dull, worn, or damaged blades
    • Blades are not installed properly

Continue reading to know the common reasons your Toro personal pace mower may not work, and how to solve these problems. Included are ways to maintain your mower in good condition to last longer. 

A red colored lawn mower used in the garden to trim the lawn, Toro Personal Pace Not Working - Why And What To Do?

Reasons Toro Personal Pace Not Working And The Solutions

A Toro personal pace mower senses the speed at which you are walking and automatically adjusts to it. If you walk faster, your mower propels itself faster according to your pace. There are several reasons your mower may not work, and some of the most common include:

A toro lawn mower used in the garden

Toro Will Not Start

After owning a Toro Personal Pace mower long enough, there’s a high chance it will one day refuse to start. There are various reasons, including:

Lack Of Fuel

You can get frustrated when your mower does not start, only to discover later that you did not add fuel to the gas tank. So, if your mower does not start, first check the gas tank before assuming it has a bigger problem.

Wrong Fuel

Using the wrong fuel will not only prevent your mower from starting but can cause damage to the engine. The correct gas to use is unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher.

The ethanol content should not be more than 10%. You can also use gas that contains 15% MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether). It’s important to verify the fuel before pouring it into your machine.

Old Fuel

Old gas is not good for your mower. It can cause your mower not to start or die as you operate it. As fuel expires, residue builds up, clogging the fuel system and choking the engine. 

Old gasoline can damage the internal parts of the carburetor, such as the fuel lines and seals. It also clogs the tiny fuel ports that are responsible for your mower to start and run.

It is good to note that fuel expires between 2 and 4 weeks. That is why you should only add the amount you need to mow your lawn, which you probably do only once a week.  

To solve this problem, remove the old fuel, and in some cases might have to clean the carburetor. After draining the old fuel, add fresh fuel and a fuel additive like the one below to help clean and stabilize the fuel system.  

Check out this Sea Foam fuel additive on Amazon.

Faulty Fuel Pump

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, old fuel can cause parts of the fuel system to degrade and crack. A sign this could be the problem is when you notice fuel leaking. Thus, you may have to replace the fuel pump. 

Clogged Air Filter

This is an air filter compatible with Toro mowers that you can find on Amazon.

Air is needed for your mower to function optimally. As you mow your lawn, grass and dirt can accumulate in the air filter, causing it to clog. Thus, you’ll need to remove it from the housing, inspect it, and clean it if it is clogged. 

If it is a paper air filter, tap it against a hard surface to allow the dirt to fall. If it’s a foam filter, you may want to replace it. 

Faulty Or Loosely Connected Spark Plug

Too much dirt and carbon buildup can cause the engine to misfire. If it is also loosely connected, your mower will not start. Thus, check your spark plugs, and if necessary replace them. 

This is a spark plug for a Toro mower that you can find on Amazon.

Gas Cap Does Not Vent

If you have never noticed, the gas cap of your mower has a small hole. It allows the air to flow inside the tank so that it can vent. When it is blocked, your mower will not start. Therefore, look for the hole, and unclog it. If you can't find the clog, then you may replace it. 

You can find this gas cap for a Toro mower model on Amazon.

Faulty Recoil

If you pull-start your mower, and it refuses to start, the recoil may fail due to a bad pulley. Broken clips and missing or loose springs are other causes of your mower not pull-starting. You could first try to replace the spring, but if you still have a problem, you may have to replace the whole recoil assembly.

Toro Cuts Grass Unevenly

When your Toro personal pace mower does not work well by cutting grass unevenly, the following are some of the likely causes:

Dull, Worn, Or Damaged Blades

Worn blades will not cut your grass evenly. Blunt blades may beat and not cut the grass. Therefore, you may notice some parts of your lawn have cut grass while others do not. You cannot achieve even grass with bent blades. 

You'll have to sharpen the blades or replace them if they are worn. 

Have a look at these mower blades on Amazon.

Blades Not Installed Properly

Check out this blade balancer on Amazon.

If the blades are not well balanced, your mower will cut the grass unevenly. The weight at the end of each blade should be equal. A blade balancer like the one shown above can help you to check if the blades are balanced.

Another way to check this is by hammering a nail onto a wall. It should stick out by ¾ to 1 inch. There’s a hole in the center of the blade. Hang the blade through this hole. If the blade seems to hang more on one side, that is the side to sharpen until it balances. 

Garden using a riding lawn mower to trim his lawn

The video below demonstrates the above two methods:

How To Maintain Your Toro Personal Pace mower In Good Condition

You now know why your Toro mower may not work properly, and how to solve these problems. You may also want to know how to maintain your mower to last longer:

Use Correct Fuel

As earlier seen, using the wrong fuel can damage your mower. Unleaded fuel with a lower ethanol content is the best for your machine.

Gardener using a lawn mower in his lawn

In addition, remember to use a fuel stabilizer, and don’t forget to drain the fuel before storing your mower during winter. If you leave fuel inside the gas tank for too long, it can damage the fuel system of your mower. 

Use A High-Quality Oil

Pouring new oil into the lawn mower

Invest in high-quality oil like synthetic oil to keep the engine running in good condition. Also, change the oil after every 30 to 40 days of using your mower, or at the start of each mowing season. Don’t forget either to check the level of oil, ensuring it is not too much, or too little. 

Replace Crucial Components

Check the spark plugs to ensure they are still in good condition. As soon as they start deteriorating, you can change them before they cause problems to your mower. Regularly inspect the air filter too. Clean it as soon as you see signs of clogging.

Ensure Batteries Are In Good Condition

While you might not worry about spark plugs, fuel, or oil, you have to take good care of the batteries in your electric mower. The efficiency of the batteries inside these mowers can be reduced if exposed to extreme temperatures. Keep them safely away from too much heat or cold. 

When storing your battery during winter, keep it charged up even though you will not use it. If the battery charge is completely depleted, you might not be able to use it again. 

For corded mowers, make sure the cord is in good condition. Any damage to it is a potential hazard that should be repaired or replaced. 

Sharpen The Blades

Dull blades will not cut your grass evenly, causing your lawn to look untidy. Hence, sharpen the blades regularly. Also, remove the grass and debris underneath the carriage. 

Inspect Your Lawn Before Mowing

Walk around your lawn to check for any stones or obstructions and remove them. You do not want anything that will bend or damage the blades. 

In Closing

A red colored lawn mower used in the garden to trim the lawn, Toro Personal Pace Not Working - Why And What To Do?

The Toro Personal Pace mower is a mower that automatically adjusts its speed to match your pace as you push it. Sometimes, however, it can stop working due to various reasons. But, when you know what is causing the problem, you can repair it or replace some components.

Purchasing a Toro mower is a huge investment, and taking good care of it to last longer, ought to be one of your priorities.

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