Parents Rejoice: Toddler Finds Hidden Gems At Plant Store!

Are you a plant parent who's always on the hunt for new ways to expand your green family?

Are you tired of spending a fortune on expensive plants and want to try your hand at propagation?

Well, we've got a new trick up our sleeves that's as cute as it is effective!

Enter the viral TikTok video by @plantmom_3.

This video features a toddler with a knack for finding fallen plant cuttings.

Who knew you can now enlist the help of your little one to grow your plant collection without spending a dime! Now this is a perfect example of a young plant-lover in training.

Watch the cutie detective find hidden gems below:

@plantmom_3 My littles always keep an eye out for fallen stems! #plantsoftiktok #plantsoftik #planttok #plantmom #plantthings #plantlover #plantlife #planttips #planterstrickshot #planttiktok #wanderingjew #propagate #propagateplants #propagatewithme #savethestems #savethecuttings #propagateplant ♬ original sound - disappointment

In the video, her toddler is seen picking up plant cuttings that have fallen on the floor of a plant store.

The mom brings them home, propagates them, and turns them into full-on plants.

With 9.5M views, 689k likes, over 7k shares, and 1300 comments, this video has sparked a new trend in the plant community.

People are now joking about training their toddlers to find them plant clippings and the mom comments are quite funny!

One user, @amberlopez16, commented, "Train the toddlers to find me clippings."

Another user, Stefani, said, "Ohhh, I’m bout to train my twins to do this RIGHT NOW."

Propagating with Clipping

This video is not just about finding plant cuttings.

It also shows the process of propagation, which is a great way to grow your plant collection without spending a lot of money.

Check out this propagation hack as seen in the video: From Soil to Water: A Hack That Will Revolutionize Your Plant Game

And if you're wondering what plant was featured in the video, user ellie commented, "yess tradescantia zebrina."

And indeed it is a Tradescantia Zebrina, a perennial plant that can thrive in any indoor conditions.

So, if you're a plant parent looking for a new way to find plant cuttings, train your toddlers!

Who knows, they might just develop a green thumb and love for gardening as they watch their cuttings grow!

Have you tried this trend? Let us know in the comments!

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