TikTok Users Have Mixed Feelings About This Family’s Natural Pool

The Kovic family's natural pool has been making waves online, with mixed reactions from the public.

Some people love its natural beauty and eco-friendliness, while others are concerned about its potential for spreading disease and its high maintenance requirements.

Despite the differing opinions, the pool remains a unique and polarizing feature in the self-sustaining swimming area the family has created in their backyard.

Beautiful white water lily bloom detail, plants used at natural swimming pool for filtering water without chemica

On the one hand, those who appreciate the natural pool highlight its beauty and that it's a more eco-friendly option than chemically filtered pools.

Other people aren't convinced, thinking this could be an invitation for bacteria and fungi to grow inside the swimming pool.

Would you swim in a pool that wasn't filtered using chemicals?

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Even though this alternative to pool building and cleaning is different for many of us, it has been deemed safe for use.

According to natural pool expert Larry Carnes:

Safety is relative but without traditional pool chemicals, health and safety are better. Any plants that you planted in and around your pool will act as a natural filtration system and be completely safe.

So, in a way, going chemical-free is better for the environment and those using a swimming pool. However, those on TikTok had varying opinions on whether they'd try something like this.

Here's how the internet reacted to this eco-friendly pool concept

lush luxury pool

"'Natural swimming pool'.... you mean a pond?" -@nix_and_hazel

"I’ve swam in plenty of questionable waterways. This is luxury!" -@i_am_cbr

"I’ve just had to follow you because I can’t wait to see the end result 😁" -@hayleygregs89

"In Minnesota, we have a community natural swimming pool here! everyone loves it." -@witchesstitchesatelier

"IF I CANT SEE THE BOTTOM, no, thank you" -@devincarlson323

"Why do people respond like they were invited to the pool party?" -evkami

Overall, most of the comments were pretty pleasant.

Despite the mixed reactions, the Kovic family's natural pool serves as a reminder that there are alternative ways to approach swimming and recreation.

As our society becomes increasingly aware of our environmental impact, natural pools may become a more mainstream option for those prioritizing sustainability.

Understanding and appreciating the unique features of self-sustaining pools like the one the Kovic family has created is essential, as they offer alternative solutions.

Even though transitioning to a different type of filtering system can be nerve-wracking, if the result means fewer harmful chemicals being used and swam in, this could be worth a shot.

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And on top of that, this all-natural pool became much clearer after a few weeks of being filtered by the aquatic plants. Truly fascinating!

With this type of pool filtration system, you might need to wait a few weeks before the water clears up.

The Antique pool (Cleopatra's Bath) view in Pamukkale

The Kovic family's natural pool has garnered both love and hate from the public, which is unsurprising since it is out of the box. Some people appreciate its natural beauty and eco-friendliness, while others are concerned about its potential health risks and maintenance requirements.

Regardless of personal opinions, the pool serves as a unique and polarizing feature in the self-sustaining community that is ever-growing and evolving.

Maybe going viral and reaching hundreds of thousands of people will inspire a new pool-building trend in the all-natural direction. 

Would you have a pool that didn't use chlorine or chemicals to stay clean? Is it cool to swim around aquatic plants, or does that creep you out?

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