TikTok User Shares Timelapse Of Resurrection Plant’s Incredible Transformation

Have you ever come across a plant that comes back to life after being dry for years? Say hello to the resurrection plant, a botanical marvel that defies death and continues to thrive despite harsh environments.

Also called the false rose of Jericho, a dinosaur plant, and stone flower, this plant can survive without water for 7 years!

Hard to believe? Check out this TikTok video below by @wonderful witch19 and you'll see for yourself that it's the real deal. This stunning time-lapse garnered over 3 million views and 350,000 likes. See for yourself why this plant is so incredible—

@wonderful_witch19 My new plant! I think its already one of my favorites!!! #fyp #plantsoftiktok #plantmom #roseofjericho #resurrectionplant #plants #hyperlapse ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery - Dante9k Remix - David Snell

Since this video is a time-lapse, in reality, it took 6 hours for the plant to fully open up after being placed in water (not the seconds you witness).

Curious to see what it looks like in full bloom? Let it soak in water for a few days and watch as it transforms into a lush green plant.

In this video below, @wonderful_witch19 gives an update on her own resurrection plant after keeping it in water for a week.

@wonderful_witch19 We are 2 hours from home because I didn't wanna leave her home alone 😅 today she's is a week open #planttiktok #plants #resurrectionplant #plantmom ♬ It's Afternoon, I'm Feeling Sick - Sidney Gish

As you can see, the plant returns to being completely green after its "resurrection" and has grown stronger roots. With proper care, this plant can grow for years with very minimal maintenance.

Want one? @wonderful_witch19 mentions in a comment that she purchased hers for only $7 at a local dollar store. Some comments will also tell you clues about where you can get one.

@enbicinnamonroll said "btw, I've found these before at the dollar store labeled as 'dinosaur plants.'"

Or if you're traveling near desert areas, you might chance upon these plants being blown by the wind. They act like tumbleweeds rolling around until they land in an area with water.

If you ordered online and received this in the mail, don't be disappointed if you find it dry, brown, and curled up. This is really the state that it's meant to be shipped—dry and dormant. Simply place it in a bowl of water and watch it unfurl and turn green within a few hours.

How The Plant Resurrects Itself

Rose of Jericho or a Selaginella lepidophylla. plant ressurection

The resurrection plant, Selaginella lepidophylla, is native to the deserts of Mexico and the southwestern United States. It belongs to the spikemoss family and is a type of vascular plant that can survive extended periods of drought.

When faced with dry conditions, the plant has a unique ability to curl up its leaves and preserve itself. This ability allows it to survive for years without a drop of water and without damaging its plant cells and tissues.

The secret behind the plant's survival lies in its structure and the presence of specialized tissues. It uses a strategy called vegetative desiccation tolerance (VDT) to survive drought.

VDT is the ability of a plant to withstand extended periods of dehydration and desiccation without damaging its cellular structure. It is very different from the strategy used by succulents and ephemeral plants which store water to cope with drought.

The Revival Process And Basic Plant Care

Reviving a dried-up resurrection plant is fairly easy and there are just a few care tips you need to remember. Here are the steps:

  1. Place stones and pebbles in a large bowl and add water just enough to submerge the stones.
  2. Place the resurrection plant on top of the pebbles so that it rests comfortably with just the bottom part submerged in water.
  3. Leave it alone for at least 3 hours before you see it start to unfurl its leaves. Leave it overnight and you'll see it start to turn green.

For best results, use distilled water, rainwater, or tap water which has been left out overnight to dissipate the chlorine. Resurrection plants are sensitive to water and it's best not to shock them during hydration.

Once your plant has fully revived, it's best to change the water every couple of weeks and keep it under sunlight to avoid root rot and mold growth.

These plants prefer a humid environment so misting them every few days keeps the leaves healthy.

Uses And Benefits Of Growing A Resurrection Plant

A withered dying plant on a white background

Resurrection plants are naturally found outdoors but they can also be good plants to grow indoors.

They are generally considered novelty items. However, to some religions and cultures, they symbolize good fortune, prosperity, renewal, and attraction of positive energy.

For instance, in places like Puerto Rico, they place it by the front door and put money in it to attract good fortune.

Some take the water from the plant's bowl, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it around the house to attract positive energy.

It is also used in certain rituals to attract love, for safe childbirth, or to call the spirits of a loved one who passed away.

Here are its other uses:

  1. Drought tolerance—It's a great option for gardeners living in arid regions or for those who want low-maintenance plants.
  2. Decorative appeal—Its unique appearance and ability to curl and uncurl make it a great centerpiece for floral arrangement, adding interest to the design.
  3. Educational value—For those with school-age kids in the home, having a resurrection plant is a great educational opportunity to teach them about the plant's unique survival mechanism.
  4. Scientific and agricultural importance—Resurrection plants are valuable plant species that can be used for scientific studies by providing insights into the mechanism of drought tolerance and survival. It can deepen the understanding of botany and develop more crops resistant to drought.

The resurrection plant is a unique and fascinating plant considered to be one of the most resilient botanical species around the world. It's easy to care for and can last you for years, so don't be anxious about owning one.

Whether you're a plant enthusiast or simply interested in learning about this amusing plant species, the resurrection plant is a great addition to any plant collection.

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