Tall Plants For Pots In Full Sun [15 Gorgeous Ideas You Should Try!]

Tall plants are great to give some cover. Creating a garden full of tall plants can be challenging. You must be able to prepare for the right conditions if you want to grow the plants to the desired height.

It is critical to get the right sun exposure. Most tall plants flourish well when in full sun.

Planting is tricky when you have limited garden space or no lot. One alternative is to plant in pots or containers that have limited soil. You can place the pots on the patio or deck to add to the landscape. 

Both sun and soil are vital for plants to flourish. With the right plant, you can easily achieve delightful garden scenery. To give you some suggestions, we have gathered 15 tall plants to grow in pots under full sun.  

Rustic Brick Construction Full of Flower Pots with all Kinds of Flowers or Plants, Tall Plants For Pots In Full Sun [15 Gorgeous Ideas You Should Try!]

1. Zahara Zinnia

You will love the vibrant blooms of this plant when under full sun. A hot-weather zinnia, this plant tolerates drought and has disease-resistant leaves. This type of zinnia is a mixture of colorful Zahara zinnias that will instantly add color to your garden. 

The Zahara zinnia will grow 16 to 20 inches in height and width on average. The plant grows well in containers while making a tidy bunch. 

On the pot, you will need a peat-based medium on the soil. Also, you must check the moisture level of the soil. To help the plant grow, add some slow-release fertilizer. Then use a water-soluble fertilizer during mid-season.  

2. Diamond Frost Euphorbia

A euphorbia hybrid, the diamond frost has tiny airy white flowers that bloom all season. This perennial is low-maintenance while tolerating heat and drought. It can thrive in H1 or H2 climates.  The plant has little to no supplemental water requirements. 

You can grow this plant in garden beds, hanging baskets, or pots. It can grow about 12 to 18 inches and loves full sun. Deadheading is not necessary, but it needs some fertilizers regularly. It is a self-cleaning plant that is also pest, deer, and disease-resistant.

beautiful english style landscape garden with blooming Silverfog – Euphorbia hypericifolia with wooden garden furniture, boxwood plants and colourful flower bed at the back

3. Mandevilla Vine

For a touch of the tropics, the Mandevilla vine adds bright blooms in shades of red, pink, or white trumpet-like flowers. The plant grows fast and is easily manageable. You can support its growth in a pot by adding a trellis. 

The vine prefers full sun, and it is best to put the vine in pots to move inside to protect it from the winter winds. After winter, you can place the pots again outside. 

Mandevilla will grow up to 20 feet in warmer areas but only around 5 feet in colder places.

To help the vine grow, add composted cow manure to a hole in the soil before planting. You need to fertilize the plant in the spring and fall with a good quality granular fertilizer.

Trimming during the warmer months will help the plant produce new leaves, but do not trim too much. Moreover, allow the plant to dry when watering at intervals. 

4. Supertunia Petunia

With its continuous blooming, a supertunia petunia is an award-winning hybrid plant you can grow in pots. The pink blooms will surely be an upgrade for your garden.

Flowers petunia - Supertunia Vista - Paradise

It loves to stay under 6 hours of full sun. The plant is also heat and drought tolerant, which you can plant in zones 10-11.

The petunia will grow 12 to 20 inches when it is mature. You will need well-drained soil and just enough water. These grow well as fillers and spillers for your garden landscape.

5. Calibrachoa

This popular annual plant will have nonstop bell-shaped blooms that grow well in pots, raised beds, or hanging baskets. The flowers offer a rainbow of colors that will add to the liveliness of your garden. The average height is around 6 to 12 inches.

The calibrachoa loves to stay under the sun for 6 hours and will also tolerate partial shade. The sun is vital for the growth of abundant flowers and maintaining the rich green leaf color.

colorful bright calibrachoa in hanging pots. Sale of flowers. Flower pots hanging in the store

If you are planting them in pots, choose a high-quality all-purpose mix that will drain well. Do not forget to water the potted plant daily because they dry out fast.

6. Dianthus

The dianthus requires low maintenance with clove-scented flowers that bloom in every color. Tall varieties such as the Sweet William or Carnation can grow as tall as 3 feet.

It also loves at least 6 hours of sun. The plant will produce fewer flowers or rot if it is under partial shade for longer. Regular watering is a must during the hot seasons. 

Dianthus barbatus. Blooming turkish carnation. Summer flowers. William dianthus. Flowers in the garden.

7. Geranium Tall, Dark, and Handsome

The name can be unusual, but this geranium variety is the tallest among other geraniums. True geraniums will only grow to 2 feet, but the tall variety will reach up to 4 feet.

This geranium loves a sunny location. During summer, it is a must to deadhead to have more blooms. 

You will need a climbing frame to support the growth upwards.

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8. Angelonia

With their resemblance to snapdragons, most refer to the plant as the summer snapdragon. Although only averaging at 1.5 feet, the angelonia makes a good addition to garden bedding. It also thrives well in pots and window boxes. Moreover, they love the full sun and well-drained soil.

Pink Angelonia Serena​ flower​ bloom​ in​ summer​ time.

9. Tall Kangaroo Paw

With an average height of 2 to 6 feet, the tall variation of the kangaroo paw is an attractive element in your garden. Some tall options you can choose are Bush Sunset, Big Red, or Landscape Lila.

Colorful flowers bloom from spring to summer that nectar-eating birds love. That is why the plant is great to grow in decorative pots for vibrant scenery.

Position the potted plant under full sun to light shade while protecting them from strong winds.

Bright red furry tall blooms of Australian kangaroo paws cultivar adds color to the late spring urban garden on a cloudy morning with long lasting blooms attracting birds and bees.

10. Bamboo

A tall and sun-loving plant you can grow in your garden is bamboo. Potted bamboo will be at least 50 to 75% of its normal height. Also, the hardiness zone where you plant the bamboo influences its height. 

3D illustration of Bamboo bushes in a black pot isolated on white background

It is good to put them in large pots to control spreading varieties. Running bamboo will only grow half of its natural height of 30 feet, while clumping types reach up to 10 feet only.

If you want a tall bamboo variety that grows in small containers like pots, choose P. vivax or P. dulcis, which can be high as 20 feet.

11. Passionflower

Another tall plant you can plant in pots is the passionflower. For a mature plant, its height is around 15- 30 feet. The tall varieties include passion vine, maypop, or the wild passionflower.

You can grow the flowers in pots. By doing so, you control its rampant growth. 

Just bring them outside under a warm spot during summer. During colder months, place them indoors near a sunny window.

passionflower passiflora incarnata aka may pop or passion vine host plant for butterfly larva caterpillar gulf fritillary (agraulis vanillae)

12. Plumbago

If you want another tall plant in your garden, choose plumbago. The potential height of the plant is around 6-10 feet. These tall plants are actually shrubs, but their branches are like vines.  

The plant will tolerate drought and bloom beautiful blue flowers in full sun. You also need some pruning to allow for more growth. 

Plumbago auriculata in the park on the asia

Use a good potting medium such as a soilless mix with a neutral pH when planting in pots. Give enough room for the plumbago to grow in a pot. 

Water the plant regularly and feed it with fertilizer every spring to achieve a tall height. 

13. Sky Vine

As long as you add a trellis or a place near a pergola, the sky vine has a maximum height of 30 feet. The vine grows rapidly and gives pale to violet-blue blooms.

Blue trumpet vine or Thunbergia laurifolia with green leafs which can be used as an antipyretic and for detoxifying poisons

You start sowing the seeds in a small pot, then place it in full sun with regular watering. Its growth is vigorous in sunny conditions but with some protection in the striking afternoon sun.

14. Pentas

The average height of Pentas is 1-3 feet. It will bloom all summer and in hot weather. It is a good resting place for pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies because of its landing pads.

Pentas prefers the full sun. They will quickly dry, so you will need moist and well-drained soil. Water the plant when it is dry.

The name of these flowers is Pentas lanceolata.

15. Dahlias

Widely known as a garden favorite, dahlias are suitable to grow in pots and under full sun. You get a variety of colors that will create the perfect garden landscape. Even in containers, the plant will grow to up to 6 feet

Orange dahlia in garden. A picture of the beautiful orange dahlia.

The plant loves the full sun. If potted, make sure to have enough compost to aid growth. You might want to place the pots on a terrace or a balcony.

In Summary

You have many options for tall and potted plants that love the full sun. Your garden will look amazing if you know how to take care of the chosen plants.

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