Best Soil Mix For Hanging Baskets [7 Top Options You Should Try!]

Hanging baskets look stunning on patios, in doorways, and gardens. They're beautiful, but growing plants in baskets and hanging them doesn't stop there. It is necessary to learn how to maintain the plants and to fill your baskets with the correct potting soil. We researched the best soil mixes for hanging baskets and have information to share.

Having the right potting soil in hanging baskets makes a huge difference. Hoffman Organic Potting Soil, Staghorn Fern Potting Soil Mix, and many more are ideal to use for hanging baskets. The plants will thrive in well-drained soil with essential nutrients.

Are you searching for the best soil mix that you can use for your plants in hanging baskets? Do you have other questions about how to take care of them? Continue reading this post for answers.

Water gel granules absorb water and stored water - Best Soil Mix For Hanging Baskets [7 Top Options You Should Try!]

7 Best Soil Mixes For Hanging Baskets

Here's a list of soil mix suggestions for hanging baskets.

Staghorn Fern Potting Soil Mix

This potting soil mix consists of perlite, traditional potting mix, and pumice—a perfect potting medium for hanging baskets and pots. It is 100% natural and has no additives, chemicals, or artificial fertilizers.

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Soil Moist Mats For Hanging Baskets

This product is perfect for hanging baskets, pots, and containers. These mats are highly absorbent, which reduces plant watering.

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Hoffman Organic Potting Soil

This product has a wetting agent to retain moisture. It's ideal for hanging baskets, outdoor containers, boxes, and replanting. Organic potting soil is perfect for flowers and organic vegetables.

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Fertilome Hanging Basket Plant Food

Hanging Basket Plant Food is ideal for hanging baskets, pansies, geraniums, patios, and ornamentals. This plant food is highly concentrated; it works best if used as a soil drench.

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FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix

This soil mix is ideal for indoor and outdoor plants. It consists of a 6.3 to 6.8 pH level for optimum fertilizer absorption.

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Sungro Horticulture Black Gold Organic Potting Soil

This organic potting soil has perlite and pumice for optimum air space and pores for vigorous growth. The product is recognized by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for fiber and organic food production.

Use it in hanging baskets, containers, herb gardens, patios, and anywhere you wish to use the organic soil.

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Compressed Organic Potting Soil

The soil expands 4x and can make up to 3 gallons of soil when mixed with water. It is made from 100% ground coconut coir, amino acids, humic acids, worm castings, mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, and kelp. This product is safe for pets and kids, and it is eco-friendly.

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Hanging Basket Ideas

Having colorful flowers in a hanging wooden basket is trendy and stylish. They add a brighter mood to your garden and home.

Colorful flowers in wooden basket and was hanging out. Hanging Basket Ideas

Colorful petunia flowers in hanging wicker baskets create a vibrant and joyful ambiance.

White, yellow and purple petunia flowers hanging in wicker basket pots in nursery garden.

Petunias in a hanging basket are lovely as an ornamental plant. The colorful funnel flowers add a dramatic effect to the landscape.

Baskets of hanging petunia flowers on balcony.

FAQs On Hanging Baskets:

We have listed some frequently asked questions and answers about hanging baskets:

Why Should I Buy A Hanging Basket?

Hanging baskets bring a different dimension and statement to your home's aesthetics. You can mount the baskets in any structure and use them as ornaments. They're suitable for compact gardens.

What Makes A Great Hanging Basket

Petunia Flowers hanging in a flower shop. Close-up isolated.

To achieve the brilliant outcome of hanging baskets, you need to prepare these things:

Hanging Basket

The basket's purpose is to hold the soil and the roots. An expensive basket will go to waste because flowers, vines, and foliage will camouflage it. Also, choose a well-drained pot or basket.

Assortment of vines and Flowers

You can be as creative as you want in choosing the flowers and vines you like to plant. Choose flowers that like the sun more if you will place them outdoors. If you plan to put them on the patio or porch, then any plant that can grow in part or full shade will do.

Potting Soil Mix or Compost

Get the best potting soil mix made for hanging baskets. Soil mixes available today already have fertilizer added. Avoid using regular garden soil because it is too heavy, and air will not pass through to the roots, which will cause plants to decay.

Hand Gloves

You can use hand gloves during gardening, but this is optional. Some gardeners prefer touching soil directly.

Things To Consider In Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets nowadays come in different sizes, colors, and styles. When choosing the basket, consider these areas:


Ensure that the plant, the soil, and the roots fit into the basket. You need to figure out first what kind of plant you like and know its characteristics. Some plants' roots get enormous than the plant itself.


Consider the materials of the basket. It is better to get weather-resistant materials that can withstand climate change if you plan to mount the baskets outdoors. The materials of the basket can also affect the plant's growth.


Most pots and baskets have self-watering functionality. They must have a reservoir for gradual dispersal and storage of water for your plant's needs.


Pick the color, style, and design that match your home's color palette and decor to contrast the aesthetics. You can also get plain baskets or pots and decorate yourself.

You can paint and draw on them! Ensure that you use non-toxic paint to protect your plant's health.


Remember that a hanging basket is heavy. You will add more weight once you put in the soil and plant in it. You will need sturdy support to hold the basket.

How Long Do Hanging Flower baskets Last?

Replace the annual plants that only last for a season, while you only need to trim or replace the basket of perennial plants to continue growing. Consider pruning your perennials to make space for new plants.

Do You Need To Water-Hanging Baskets Every Day?

Water the hanging baskets and containers daily during summer, and you may need to water more than once a day on humid and windy days. There is no need to water frequently in the rainy season.

How Much Does Hanging Basket Cost?

Ten-inch hanging baskets from the supermarket may cost $12.99. There are other types of baskets and materials you can select. We also listed some of the available baskets on the market:

Homewill 4 Pack Hanging Planter Baskets

This basket with coco liners is sturdy and environmentally friendly. This planter basket is perfect for balcony gardens, wedding decorations, home furnishings, and many more.

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Ashman Metal Hanging Planter Basket

These coco hanging planters are perfect for your patio, garden, deck, living room, and anywhere else. They add stylish aesthetics and elegance indoors and outdoor.

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Royal Imports Metal Hanging Planter Flower Basket

This coated metal flower basket will never bend and remains rust-free in any weather conditions. The coco fiber liners are sturdy to hold the basket in place.

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La Jolie Muse 10-Inch Hanging Planters

These hanging planters are minimalist yet stylish and elegant. The material is made of recyclable plastic; it is sturdy and durable. The planters can withstand harsh weather conditions and won't fade.

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Large Hanging Planters For Outdoor and Indoor

This hanging planter can withstand all types of weather conditions. It is lightweight and adjustable. You can adjust the height of the triple rope hanger. This product is made from natural stone powder and recyclable plastic.

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In Summary

There are many things to consider in growing plants in hanging baskets. Remember that having the right potting soil in hanging baskets is important. The plants  need well-drained soil with essential nutrients.

Knowing your goals in having hanging baskets and balancing them could be quite challenging but doable. Learning the types of plants, baskets, soil, and other things will help you to have perfect landscaping.

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