13 Simple Garden Ideas To Inspire You

If you're like most, you love the idea of a garden but are turned off by the prospect of starting one. After all, creating a garden is complicated, right? In reality, gardens can be simple and easy to create. 

Smaller, simple gardens are an excellent way to bring some color and vitality to your yard. Whether you decide to grow vegetables or simply colorful flowers and other plants, your home will undoubtedly benefit from a simple garden. 

While starting a simple garden is, well...simple, it can be daunting to figure out just where to start; there are so many plants and garden styles to choose from. But you're in luck because we created a list of 13 simple garden ideas to help you get started with your very own garden. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Modern inspired backyard with different shrubs and other colored plants, 13 Simple Garden Ideas To Inspire You

1. Raised Garden In Side Yard

This simple garden makes use of this house's side yard. It consists of a couple of raised sections surrounded by wooden beams. Light-colored pebbles provide some visual contrast, elevating the look of this quaint garden. The purple blooms stand out in stark contrast to the plethora of green foliage. 

A stunning arrangement of garden flowers and plants on the backyard

2. Planters, Flowerpots, And Fountain

A small concrete fish pond decorated with margaritas and other variegated flowers

This small, simple garden is comprised of numerous single flowerpots, planters, and a large rectangular fountain. Incorporating several planters allows you to experiment with different types of plants. The red and pink blooms really pop against the green foliage. The fountain adds even more life to the garden.

This example shows you that you don't need an expansive yard in order to enjoy a garden. Take advantage of any space you have and use lots of planters to create a magnificent-looking garden. 

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3. Only Flowerpots And Planters

Minimalist inspired resting area in front of the house with different kinds of plants used as its border

Flower pots are amazing because they allow you to make practically any space a simple garden. This front porch is adorned with an array of flowerpots, giving what would otherwise be a mundane porch a sense of life. A few small window planters in the background complete the scene.

4. Large Flowerpots With Vining Plants

Modern inspired backyard with different shrubs and other colored plants

This quaint corner is comprised of multiple huge flowers that boast colorful blooms. The flowerpots vary in size, shape, color, and texture, giving this simple corner garden more visual depth. And last but certainly not least, the vining plants adorning the trellises in the background top it all off.

5. Simple Walkway Flower Bed

A spacious garden of a two storey country home decorated with different plants on the sides

A simple flower bed lining a walkway can have a powerful impact. This small garden is home to a number of small vibrant shrubs. Light-colored pebbles are a great choice for this kind of garden, as they provide visual contrast, highlighting the plants in the garden. Consider incorporating plants of various heights to achieve a unique look.

6. Plant And Rock Garden By The Road

Exterior of a rustic inspired mansion with a huge driveway and a stunning garden area

This garden is simple yet unique. The garden is a large patch delineated by garden edging and mulch, and there are several large rocks and low-key plants interspersed throughout. Dark mulch really makes a garden pop, and it also makes it look vibrant and healthy. What makes this garden really stand out is that it's completely separated from the house. If you opt for a similar setup, you'll undoubtedly have the most unique garden on the block.

7. Backyard Flowerpots And Trees

A spacious rustic themed patio area decorated with bamboos, shrubs, and other varieties of plants

This cozy backyard garden features an assortment of flowerpots scattered throughout the yard. Shades of red are the colors of choice for this simple garden's flowers. The small trees on the side break up the scene. And last but certainly not least, the grass is vibrant and healthy, tying the garden's elements together. 

8. Garden With Bamboo And Lush Greenery

A small stunning garden area decorated with flowers making a perfect resting place

Sometimes smaller gardens can be more powerful. This oriental-style garden features bamboo, lush greenery, and unique ornaments. White rocks provide the perfect base for the plants, providing exceptional visual contrast. Although this quaint garden is relegated to the corner of the yard, it's undoubtedly the yard's focal point.

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9. Colorful Assortment Of Blooms

A small stunning garden area decorated with flowers making a perfect resting place

This simple garden is chock full of all kinds of colorful blooms and floral textures. You can practically smell the fresh scent of this simple garden. The cascading plants in the corner add even more visual interest to this unique space. Arranging plants and flowers in a circular fashion is a great way to make a space look and feel overcome with natural wonder. 

10. Quaint Garden Greenhouse

A stunning arrangement of garden flowers and plants on the backyard

Who says a greenhouse has to be big and grand? This quaint garden shows that even a small greenhouse can be an amazing addition to a simple garden. Several vibrant green plants sit inside the greenhouse, and numerous colorful blooms line the surrounding area.

11. Picturesque Patio Garden

A large and spacious garden area with a patio designed with small garden pots and beautiful flowers

What better way to dress up a patio than with a simple garden? Small planters and flowerpots go a long way toward adorning a patio. What's more, using small flowerpots allows you to incorporate the essence of nature in unique spaces. 

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12. Flower Garden Lining The Driveway

Exterior of a brick house with a small sand pathway with flowers and plants on the sides

The driveway doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it's remarkably easy to dress it up and make it more lively. Both sides of this driveway are spilling over with colorful blooms and vibrant green foliage. When it comes to creating a simple garden that packs a punch, plant selection is key. 

13. Well-Manicured Landscaping

Modern country home with small windows, a huge lawn decorated with different kinds of shrubs, 13 Simple Garden Ideas To Inspire You

There's certainly something to be said for well-manicured front yard landscaping. Who says a garden has to have colorful blooms? This yard highlights the fact that well-maintained shrubbery can dress up a home's exterior and create a welcoming natural aura. Visitors won't be able to help but admire the tamed natural beauty that lines the front yard. 

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you the creative inspiration to get started with a simple garden project. Incorporating a simple garden in your yard is a spectacular way to dress up your house and create an inviting, natural ambiance. When it comes to a garden, simplicity can be beautiful.

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