How To Sharpen A Garden Hoe [Quickly And Easily]

Would you like to know how to sharpen a garden hoe quickly and easily? Well, we have researched this topic and have answers for you. Understanding how to sharpen a garden hoe is vital to ensure it performs optimally.

To sharpen a garden hoe, use a Dremel, file, or grinder to sharpen the cutting edge. Sharpen the outside edge to a thirty to forty-five-degree angle for the best results.

No matter the tool, sharpening in a smooth motion with even pressure will produce the best edge.

This article will teach us how to sharpen a garden hoe quickly and easily. We will also learn the answers to other related questions, such as what garden tools should you sharpen regularly and how you sharpen them. Keep reading to learn more.

farmer sharpens garden tool on electric grindstone in rural shed. - How To Sharpen A Garden Hoe [Quickly And Easily]

Close-up of a Caucasian man's hand sharpening a hoe on a grinder, sparks fly from the tool. Preparing for garden work

mans hand sharpens a hoe on electric grindstone in rural shed.

How To Sharpen A Garden Hoe [Quickly & Easily]

Low section of girl hoeing weeds in vegetable garden using hand fork and mattock. - How To Sharpen A Garden Hoe [Quickly And Easily]

There are a few ways to sharpen a garden hoe quickly and easily; some methods are quicker and easier than others. Let's look at each way to sharpen a garden hoe quickly and easily to learn which is best for you.


Close up view of sharping a lawn mower blade with rotary grinder. Sparks fly as the grinder wheel sharpens the metal blade. Rotary tool.

First, find a grinding attachment to sharpen a garden hoe with a Dremel. Once you have secured the grinding attachment to your Dremel, secure the garden hoe to a table so you can work on it.

Once the hoe is secured, begin using the grinder on the Dremel to sharpen its cutting edge. You must sharpen the cutting edge on the top of the hoe and not on the underside.

Working in a smooth motion, sharpen the edge back and forth at a thirty to forty-five-degree angle. The cutting-edge angle is essential to ensure a balance between cutting strength and durability.

If the cutting edge is sharper than forty-five degrees, it dulls too fast. For a hoe, the ideal angle is between thirty and forty-five degrees.

Once the cutting edge is sharpened, turn the hoe around and Dremel away any metal burs that have appeared. This method to sharpen a garden hoe is straightforward but isn't the fastest.


"Male hands are using a file to sharpen a lawnmower blade which is clamped in a vise atop a wood workbench. Focus is on the file near the bottom hand, the blade is slightly soft."

To sharpen a garden hoe with a file, first set the hoe on the ground with the blade pointing up. Next, begin sharpening the cutting edge with the file while holding down the hoe with either your other hand or your feet.

Hold the file at a thirty to forty-five-degree angle relative to the cutting surface and slide the file gently, applying continuous even pressure.

Slide the file like this across the entire cutting edge, making your way back and forth from one side to the other. Once you have filed across the whole cutting edge four or five times, stop.

On the other side, you will see small burrs where metal has been uplifted by filing. Take your file and slide over them lightly once or twice until they are gone.

This method isn't the easiest, but it's very fast.


Close-up of axe sharpening

Sharpening a garden hoe with a grinder is quick and easy. Start by turning on your grinder and bringing the hoe to the grinding surface.

While holding the hoe at a slight downward angle so that the cutting edge makes contact with the grinder at a thirty to forty-five-degree angle, press the hoe into the grinding wheel.

Keep even pressure on the tool and slowly rotate it from side to side to allow the grinder to make contact with the entire cutting edge. After a few passes across the cutting edge, it will be fully sharpened.

You can also use the grinder to remove metal burrs on the other side. Take the hoe and lightly swipe the side with burrs against the grinding wheels once or twice. You want to remove burrs gently because sharpening on the other side can reduce the hoe's sharpness.

While using a grinder is one of the easiest and fastest ways to sharpen a garden hoe, there is a drawback to the initial cost of purchasing one, but once you have a grinder, it is the quickest and easiest way to sharpen a garden hoe.

What Garden Tools Should You Sharpen Regularly?

Many garden tools work better when they are sharp. Let's learn what garden tools you should sharpen regularly and how to sharpen them.


Old axe standing against a piled pieces of firewood in wood

Axes should be sharpened before every use. The efficiency of an axe is greatly determined by how sharp it is. A dull axe will take many times as long to cut wood as a sharp axe.

How To Sharpen An Axe

The best tools for sharpening an axe would be a file or a grinder. Let's discuss how to sharpen an axe with a file and then sharpen an axe with a grinder.

When sharpening an axe with a file, use even pressure and smooth motions. The file should be at a thirty-five to forty-five-degree angle to the cutting edge.

It would be best to avoid a thirty-degree angle on an axe. Axes have to cut through hardwood and handle repetitive high-force impacts, and if the cutting edge is cut too thin, it will dull quickly.

If you are sharpening your axe with a grinder, turn on the grinder and press the cutting edge into the grinding wheel at a thirty to forty-five-degree angle while holding the axe firmly.

Like with sharpening a hoe, rotate the cutting edge back and forth about five times. You will then need to flip the axe around and sharpen the other side. Once both sides have been shaped, regrind each side slightly once or twice. The light resharpening on each side will help ensure the cutting edge is evenly balanced between sides.

Lawnmower Blades

A Rotary lawn mower blade in a vice after sharpening.

Lawnmower blades also need to be sharpened regularly. When a lawnmower blade becomes dull, it won't cut the grass as clean, leading to a choppy lawn. A lawnmower blade should be sharpened every twenty hours of work or about two to three times per year.

How To Sharpen Lawnmower Blades

Lawnmower blades are best sharpened with a file. Lawnmower blades are too long to be sharpened easily with a grinder, and a Dremel is too small.

Start by removing the blade from the mower and securing it in a vise. Having the blade secured will make filing easier and more accurate.

Start by using the file to sharpen the top half of the blade's cutting edge. Using even pressured strokes, sharpen the entire length of the cutting edge at a forty-five-degree angle. Lawnmowers use too much power to have a narrower cutting angle since it would make the blades dull too fast.

Once one side of the blade is sharpened, flip the blade around to sharpen the other side. Check for burrs that need to be removed from either side, and you are finished.

Pruners And Loppers

Winegrower pruning a vine with a garden secateurs in the autumn vineyard. Close up. Selective focus

Pruners and loppers also require constant sharpening to avoid becoming dull. They both use sharp, angled cutting edges that dull quickly and need constant resharpening.

How to sharpen pruners and loppers

To sharpen pruners or loppers, take a round file and slide it gently along the cutting edge of your tool. It's vital to use gentle smooth motions to sharpen the pruners or loppers because jerky movements can easily damage the cutting blade.

After sharpening the blade five to six times, use the file to remove any burrs on the other side. Be sure to gently remove the burrs in one motion, as multiple swipes can undo the sharp edge you've made.


A shovel is stuck in a pile of dirt with bokeh in the background.

Shovels are another tool that should always be sharpened. Some people are unaware they should sharpen their shovel, but you should because it makes digging many times more manageable.

How to sharpen shovels

Sharpening a shovel requires a file and is very easy. Slide the file smoothly against the cutting edge of the shovel. Do this back and forth along the cutting edge until you sharpen each part of the edge four or five times.

Next, sharpen the other side of the shovel the same way. Like when sharpening the axe, finish by sharpening once on one side and once on the other. This will help ensure the cutting edge is balanced between front and back.


Many tools need sharpening, and there are many different tools to sharpen them, but no matter what you're sharpening, a file can get the job done. If you would like a file that can sharpen any garden tool, here are two of the best available on Amazon.

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Final Thoughts

This article taught us different methods to sharpen a garden hoe quickly and easily. We also learned about various garden tools you should be sharpening regularly and how to sharpen them.

Remember, no matter what tool you're sharpening, keeping an even pressure and smooth motions is critical to doing a good job.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to learn more, check out some of these other posts.

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