Discover the Art of Repotting a Texas Sage Bonsai Tree with This Viral Video!

Are you a plant lover looking to take your bonsai tree to the next level?

Look no further than the viral TikTok video by Zanestrees on repotting a Texas sage bonsai tree! 

With over 582K likes and 2389 shares, this video is a must-see for anyone looking to elevate their bonsai game.

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First, let's start with the basics.

Bonsai is a Japanese art form that involves growing small trees in containers.

These miniature trees are trained to grow in a particular way, often mimicking the shape and style of full-sized trees.

The end result is a beautiful and unique plant that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Now, back to the video.

Zanestrees starts by showing us what the Texas sage bonsai tree looked like two years ago before he repotted it.

It was in a dull black plastic pot, and there were numerous branches that had grown upward.

He then expertly demonstrates how to transfer the bonsai tree to a proper bonsai pot.

Zanestrees provides tips on everything from breaking up the roots to filling the air pockets with soil mix.

He even adds moss as a top dressing to regulate water and protect the surface roots.

The video ends with a beautiful shot of the repotted bonsai tree in Zanestrees' garden.

Zanestrees' expertise and engaging personality shone through in the comments section of his viral TikTok video.

Viewers were impressed by his knowledge of the art of bonsai.

One user commented on the passion, dedication, and patience required to create a bonsai tree.

Zanestrees' response to the comment was a simple, yet effective "well said."

He also showed his sense of humor, responding with laughing emojis to a user who said they knew bonsai would never be their thing after hearing about the process of filling air pockets in the roots.

Zanestrees even took the time to answer a user's question about where to buy bonsai pots.

He also shared that he had plans to work on bougainvillea trees in the summer.

Overall, viewers loved interacting with Zanestrees in the comments section and appreciated his engaging personality and expert knowledge.

Zanestrees' passion for bonsai is evident, and it's infectious. You can't help but feel inspired to try your hand at bonsai!

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