How To Remove The Battery From A Milwaukee Pruning Saw? [Step By Step Guide]

The cordless Milwaukee pruning saw requires a battery to run. You might have purchased one and are now wondering how to remove the battery to charge it. We've done plenty of research, and here's what we found!

Below is a step-by-step guide to removing the battery of a Milwaukee pruning saw:

  1. Locate the release buttons on the battery pack.
  2. Press the release buttons and keep them down.
  3. While pressing the release buttons, pull the bottom of the battery pack away from the device.
  4. Release the button once the battery pack unlatches from the motor housing.
  5. Remove the battery.

The battery of a Milwaukee pruning saw is connected to the body by a latch inside the housing. The release buttons remove the battery from the latch. Continue reading as we discuss the other essential details needed when using this saw. Let's begin!

How Do You Remove The Battery From A Milwaukee Pruning Saw?

Milwaukee pruning saws are handheld devices that can be convenient to use compared to larger chainsaws. Handheld Milwaukee pruning saws are battery-operated.

This design can add to the convenience of removing power lines when doing outdoor work.

Milwaukee power tools utilize a battery system that allows users to use the same batteries among some Milwaukee products interchangeably.

A package of Milwaukee hatchet chainsaw battery m12 on an isolated background

You can connect M18 batteries to the other M18 power tools and M12 batteries to the M12 tools.

However, the interchangeable battery feature may awkwardly result in other batteries fitting a different power tool. Milwaukee power tools released from the same line of products are designed to fit a single battery.

When interchanging batteries, ensure that you use the device's appropriately sized battery. This means that if you are using an M12 pruning saw, only use batteries for M12 products.

Forcing an M18 battery in an M12 pruning saw can cause damage to both the product and the battery.

Removing the battery from a Milwaukee pruning saw can be done by pressing the release buttons and pulling the battery out. Below is a detailed step-by-step guide you can refer to when removing the battery from a Milwaukee pruning saw.

Locate The Release Buttons

Trade cordless power drill and saw over electrical technical drawings

Locate the release buttons to release the battery from the device's housing. The release buttons on the user manual appear more like a pinched area than buttons.

They can be found in the black part of the battery, just below the red lining at the bottom of the device handle.

The release buttons can be found on both sides of the battery case. When the battery is detached from the tool, the release buttons can be found directly below the latches on each side of the orange body of the battery.

Another feature identifier of the release buttons would be the two horizontal lines on the battery case. You can find these between the latches and the item's label.

Press And Hold The Release Buttons

Once the release buttons are found, press down to release the battery, as we mentioned above, the release buttons can be found directly below the latches of the battery.

This is because the release buttons are directly connected to the latches.

The latches connected to them will be pushed back when you press the release buttons. This will result in the latches unhooking from the grooves inside the pruning saw's handle.

Force the release buttons down on both sides of the battery.

Simultaneously Pull The Battery Pack

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While keeping the release buttons down, pull the battery pack away from the tool handle. You can do this by grabbing the rectangular bottom of the battery and giving it a short tug.

Some users report that the battery pack can be too hard to remove from the handle.

You can check if the latch has become unfastened by pressing the buttons and giving it a short tug. If not, give the press more force before tugging again.

Avoid immediately pulling the battery pack without checking if the latch has loosened.

If you forcefully pull down the battery without knowing if the latches are unhooked, you can end up breaking the latches. If the latches break, you will not be able to return the battery after charging.

Release The Buttons

When you pull on the battery pack while keeping the release buttons down, the latches inside should pass the grooves inside the tool housing. This will unhook the battery from the tool's housing.

Keep pressing the release buttons and tugging on the battery until you feel the latches have been unhooked.

If you noticed that the battery pack could slide down, the latches loosened. You can let go of the release buttons at this point.

Remove The Battery

To remove the battery from the pruning saw, pull it away from the tool. It should slide right off.

Place the battery in a dry area when recharging. To return the battery, slide it back on. The latches should automatically hook on the grooves if the battery is inserted correctly.

How Do You Reset A Milwaukee M18 Battery?

sing my Milwaukee Fuel battery powered chainsaw to cut fire wood

Place the Milwaukee M18 battery on the appropriate charger to reset it. Connect the charger to a power outlet and proceed to connect the battery.

To know if the battery is resetting, wait a few seconds for the charge to come through. Afterward, the pack fuel gauge lights should show the battery's remaining charge before resetting it.

You should see the same charge the battery had before it shuts down.

How Do You Know If You Need To Reset A Milwaukee Battery?

There is no specific indication that will tell you when you will need to give your Milwaukee battery a reset. Generally, if the Milwaukee battery shuts down, you must reset it.

The battery shutting down could be a safety measure that the tool takes to prevent damage to the product or injury to the user. The Milwaukee battery has an intelligent circuit that regulates the device's internal temperature.

It will shut down when the battery senses its internal temperature is above average operating temperature. You must place the battery back on the charger when it shuts down to reset it.

In other situations, a battery shutting down could result from mishandling by the user. The device could be used on large objects above the power tool's capacity.

When the user forces the tool to reach an extremely high torque, it can cause the tool to use more electricity. When the tool reaches close to its highest amp capacity, the device will notify the user with a buzzing sound for 2 to 5 seconds.

It is recommended that the user should release the trigger once the buzzing sound is heard. However, if the notifications are ignored, then it can cause the battery to shut down.

If the battery shuts down due to such situations, the user has to reset it.

How Do You Fix A Flashing Green And Red Milwaukee Battery?

Trade cordless power drill and saw over electrical technical drawings, How To Remove The Battery From A Milwaukee Pruning Saw [Step By Step Guide]

A flashing green and red light on a Milwaukee battery could have multiple reasons. Below is a list of why there are flashing green and red lights on a Milwaukee battery and how you can fix them.

The Battery Is Improperly Connected

If the green and red lights on your Milwaukee battery start to flash constantly for 5 seconds, it could indicate that the battery is not placed correctly on the charger.

To fix this, remove the battery from the charger and reconnect it. Make sure that the battery is sitting correctly on the charger port.

Reset The Charger

If the green and red lights continue to flash constantly, it could indicate that the charger needs reset. To reset the charger, remove the charger's plug from the power outlet.

Wait for a few seconds before plugging it again. Wait for 5 to 7 seconds to see if the flashing has stopped.

Replace The Charger

If the red and green lights flashing persist after resetting the charger, you can choose to replace it instead.

The flashing red and green lights could indicate that the charger is damaged or faulty and will not be able to charge the battery.

Milwaukee replacement chargers are available in local depot stores or online. You will have to purchase a suitable charger for your type of battery, although some Milwaukee chargers can charge M12 and M18 batteries.

Shop for a Milwaukee charger on Amazon.

To Wrap Things Up

Milwaukee pruning saws have detachable batteries that users can use on other Milwaukee tools in the same series. However, this can cause minor size changes that can make battery removals harder.

This article discussed how to remove the batteries from a Milwaukee pruning saw. We also discussed how you could reset the battery and the charger of the tool. Make sure to follow the correct method to avoid damaging the products.

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