Rare Houseplants Now Available From Costa Farms: Geogenanthus Ciliatus

Costa Farms always unearths rare houseplants that make plant parents the proudest on mother earth. The new kid on the block is the Geogenanthus Ciliatus! As it has been nicknamed Geo since it has come from floors of the rain forests in Ecuador and Peru. 

Geo is a medicinal plant/herb, but the Costa Farms have included it in their Trending Tropical collection as a decorative houseplant.

Geogenanthus ciliatus rare plant held by one hand.

You will find this rare plant with large fleshy leaves are bold and look great in a minimalist decor. 

You'll find it planted in coconut peat which regulates moisture. 

Geogenanthus ciliatus is a plant that thrives in well-drained soils. Geo communicates to let you know when it requires some water.

A well-hydrated Geo plant has vibrant leaves, but the petioles go limp when thirsty. It even sulks, and the leaves face downwards.

Water the plant just as your other houseplants and care for it well. If you love propagating plants, you can do so easily with the Geo. It has rhizomes that make the process simple.

To make your Geo feel right at home, it's important to create the perfect environment. Think warm and humid - with a humidity level of around 65%, your Geo will thrive.

Don't worry about turning up the heat too much - the ideal temperature range for this plant is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can keep it cool and comfortable. So, water your Geo and recreate those tropical conditions - you'll be amazed at the results!

Here is a video of a happy Geogenanthus ciliatus in its new home.

Costa Farms released the Geogenanthus ciliatus about a year ago, and its thick leaves make it a wonderful indoor plant. The plant hunters say that they found it in Southeast Asia, although it's a South American plant.

Mike Rimland has an eye for plants because he spotted withered-looking plants but saw the hidden gems in them.

Having developed it for about five years, they have come up with an extraordinary plant you can find in bulk in your local stores.

Watch this video to hear more about this temperamental, sweaty (non-succulent) plant from its propagator Mike Rimland.

It's a plant that even beginners can easily handle. 

Moreover, it is an award-winning plant that makes Mars look habitable! So what are you waiting for? Grab one and increase your rare houseplant collection!

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