Rare Houseplants From Costa Farms: Baltic Blue Pothos

Blue Baltic Pothos is the latest creation of the Costa Farms. It came out at the beginning of 2022, and avid collectors can easily get their hands on it.  

Although it isn't as rare as the Manjula or the Shangri La Pothos, the baltic Blue pothos has its foot firmly in the garden of rare houseplants. 

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The name makes many curious as its leaves are a greenish blue. But Mike Rimland, the renowned propagator of the Costa Farms, did leak that they are working to make the plant bluer to fit its name. 

He says the fertilizers and less light do make the leaves bluer. Depending on the angle and lighting, you do see this!

This Epipremnum house plant is viny, but Costa Farms have cultivated it in pots to make it bushier. However, you could remove the plant and let it climb or sprawl. It is all up to you.

Oh, it does develop holes as it grows, much like Swiss cheese!

As the story goes, Mike Rimland found it in Southeast Asia as it was being developed in a nursery! I agree that the color is attractive, especially when using plants in interior decor. 

Costa Farms took three years and at least ten cuttings per pot to develop the plant you now see in the stores. 

Plant parents and collectors will find the Baltic Blue Pothos easy to care for. Apart from its standard fertilizer diet (which is twice a year) and average humidity, don't overwater it.

Overwatering stresses the plant out like its counterparts. Let the soil in the Baltic Blue Pothos's pot dry out in between watering.

Don't go growing the poor plant just because it bears the name Baltic and Blue; it doesn't like too much water. The plant will show you that you are overwatering it by turning yellow!

Listen to Mike Rimland speaking about the plant and get some more information.

This ornamental plant can be used to decorate offices and homes as it vines. You could prune it to keep it bushy.

If you haven't added these babies to your collection, go out and get them! They are available in several stores countrywide, thanks to Costa Farms.

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