TikTokers Reveal Their Epic Potato Gardening Failures

Who doesn't love potatoes? They are tasty, nutrient-rich, and easy to grow! Well, for most, they're easy to grow...

However, only some are lucky to grow potatoes at home. Here is a TikTok video showing an epic fail in potato gardening—

@modhippiehabits Garden Fail: potatoes! 🥔 #garden #urbangarden #gardening #gardenharvest #lowwaste #gardenfail #potato ♬ Sad Emotional Piano - DS Productions

Failure is inevitable and applies to everything, just like in gardening. Sometimes you'll fail, and there will be times you'll succeed.

In this particular case of potato planting, what went wrong? She did two things differently from what she regularly does with planting potatoes:

  • An automatic water system was installed
  • There was a change in the planting tool, from a well-draining grow bag to a wooden barrel

The idea failed since there needed to be more harvest than what she revealed. A wooden barrel was used, which was supposed to be an ideal container for growing potatoes. Still, the soil had too much moisture from over-watering, resulting in failed potato planting and harvesting.

More Spud-Tastic Fails

A happy gopher made his home in the entire row of this gardener's potatoes! Humans aren't the only ones that are fans of potatoes it seems. Other folks in the comment section lament similar things happening to their potatoes—all kinds of critters are thankful for gardens.

@thehomesteadingrd Garden fails are common, no matter how much experience you have! Let’s fail forward together 💪🏼. #gardenfail #failforward #potatoharvest #homeateading #fyp ♬ original sound - The Homesteading RD

Tiny 'tatoes, anyone? This gardener had an unfortunate crop turnout, too. All the excitement of it looking promising, then bam, just a couple little guys!

@internalcompassofnc 😂😂😂 if you needed a laugh #gardening #potato #fail #gardeningtiktok #orderfood #fml ♬ original sound - Internal Compass of NC

All these fails to say, it happens to everyone. If this was you this year, don't get discouraged—there's always next year to try again and learn from your last crop!

Successfully Grow Potatoes In Just Four Months!

Newly Harvest potato in a basket

When planted carefully and taken care of, a fruitful potato harvest will happen in just four months time! 

Here is another TikTok video showing how to successfully plant and grow potatoes. 

@joesgarden #howto grow potatoes at home, the easy way! 🌱🪴 #plants #DIY #reuse #eco #planttok #seeds #potato ♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

You can definitely learn a lot about the easy way on planting potatoes at home from this TikTok video by @joesgarden.

As mentioned by the tiktoker, you can use any container as a planting tool for your potatoes as long as there are holes at the bottom of your container. One more thing, you can check if your potatoes are ready for harvest when you see that the foliage dies back.

Tips For You!

Harvesting new potatoes in a wicker basket on a green potato field. Ecological farm in latvia

  • Grow potatoes in well-draining and loose soil. 
  • Plant your potato sprouts in springtime, as this is the season for growing potatoes.
  • Water your potatoes once a week to ensure moisture in the soil. Do not overwater your potatoes.
  • Overwatering will result in potatoes catching up with molds and diseases. 
  • To give your potatoes more vitamins, give them liquid fertilizers or add more compost once or twice a month.
  • After a fruitful harvest, keep your potatoes rigorously washed!

In no time, plenty of potato harvest will happen, given that you'll keep in mind the tips for planting and growing potatoes. Keep your soil well-drained at all times, and use organic fertilizer and compost to ensure that your potatoes will grow and yield a good harvest. Cheers to your potato gardening success!

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