17 Plastic Garden Urns That Will Give Your Garden A Classical Touch

17 Plastic Garden Urns That Will Give Your Garden a Classical TouchLooking for durable lightweight plastic urns? We know they can be such a fantastic addition to your indoor or outdoor garden, so we went out searching for the best options out there.

The classic garden urn can give one's garden a more refined and elegant appearance. However, the traditional ones made from stone or other materials can be so heavy they are practically impossible to move around, especially when filled with soil and plants. Plastic urns are the solution.  They are lightweight and durable and come in a variety of looks and sizes so you can customize your garden areas.

Below are some examples so you can see all the great options there are out there!

1. Novelty Grecian Urn Planter

This classic Grecian urn is strongly inspired by Ancient Greek architecture. It is elegant, lightweight, sturdy, durable, and recyclable. The gorgeous white urn is manufactured with a premium quality blend of plastic material, making it perfect for accentuating any indoor or outdoor spaces.

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2. Belgrace Garden Urn Pedestal Planter

Give your garden a completely chic and stylish display with this urn planter. It is constructed with plastic and is lightweight as well as durable. The sturdy construction enables a longer life span. This exceptional accessory is ideal for carrying ferns or flowers.

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3. DCN Plastic Tall Azura Urn Planter

This urn planter is made of plastic and has some pretty classic molded details to it. The textured surface of the urn provides a distinctive, unique look. The magnificent cappuccino color allows it to match any outdoor or garden décor.

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4. Arcadia Garden Products Worthington Urn

Made with a unique blend of recycled components, these eco-friendly urns are very durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. As they are amazingly lightweight, it’s relatively convenient to clean, move, and plant them.

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5. TCDesignerProducts Decorative Silver Plastic Urn Planter

This plastic urn planter with subtle stripes has a beautiful metallic finish, making it ideal for garden decoration. You can use it the way it is or add some glitter and sparkle to it. Add your choice of flowers, foliage, or battery-operated candles in it and let it contribute towards the beauty of your outdoors.

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6. Homeford Tall Pedestal Plastic Planter Urn

Add some hints of white to your thriving green garden with this glossy plastic urn. Decorate it with breathtaking arrangements of vibrant colored flowers and lush foliage. Make sure to drill some holes in the drainage area at the bottom layer.

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7. Arcadia Garden Products Traditional Plastic Urn

These weather-resistant and easy-to-clean plastic urns are a versatile accent for any setting. The precise texture and clever stripes give them a rich ceramic look. They are lightweight and therefore easily movable and convenient for planting.

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8. Tusco Products Outdoor Black Urn

These outdoor black urns are a great cost-effective alternative for clay and natural stone pottery. They provide the exact classic look and do not have the drawbacks of getting cracked easily or being heavy in weight. They are also believed to be unbreakable, not fade over time, and extremely weather-resistant.

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9. J&M Black Silver Garden Urn Planter

These traditionally designed silver and black urn planters are lightweight and come with pre-drilled holes for effective drainage. Decorated with some white lilies, these are sure to stand out and become the main attraction of your outdoors.

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10. Syndicate Sales White Designer Urn

Crafted from recycled materials, this classic white designer urn has a leak-free design and is extremely sturdy and light-weight. The glossy charming design is perfect to showcase bright flowers and greenery.

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11. TCDesignerProducts Decorative Smooth Plastic Urn Planter

Add a pop of color to your garden or outdoor venues by decorating this plastic urn with your choice of paint or glitter. This sturdy design is completed with a glorious metallic finish and you can further accentuate its beauty by adding majestic floral arrangements to it.

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12. Tusco Products Espresso Outdoor Urn

With a rich espresso color, this outdoor urn is a classic addition to a garden, as it gives out natural clay or stone pottery vibes. It is cost-effective, weather-resistant, UV-protected, lightweight, and comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. It is perfect to display some fresh fragrant blooms.

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13. Landmark Plastics White Pedestal Urn

This ornamental white pedestal urn comes with pre-drilled drainage holes. It is ideal for planting flowers at any time of the year. It is sturdy as well as visually appealing. It provides a mesmerizing ceramic appearance without breaking the bank. With this product, you won’t have to worry about cracking due to its weight.

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14. Sapphire USA Small Medieval Flowerpot Planter

If you’re looking for some impressive display for your garden, patio, indoors, or balcony then these flowerpots are a must-have for you. They are heavy duty, long-lasting, durable, and weather-resistant. The stunning design on these pots gives a modern, fashionable, and royal touch without being heavy on the pockets.

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15. GEA Bronze Plastic Garden Pot

These captivating bronze plastic garden pots are made with recycled plastic and the painted finish is given by hand making each planter look unique and distinctive. Along with having a charming appearance, these planters are lightweight, durable, and contain a lot of room to provide the ultimate seasonal display.

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16. Akro-Mils Moroccan Bronze Planter

These compact Moroccan Bronze planters are visually appealing and give out a unique metallic look. They are made from Polypropylene, are UV protected, lightweight, durable, and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

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17. Flat Black Outdoor Planter

These black outdoor planters are ideal to showcase blooms and foliage of vivid, bold shades. They are extremely lightweight, making them easily moveable. They are made of durable plastic and the bottom portion of the planter is detachable for easy storage. Use these urns to draw attention to your balcony or garden!

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We hope you found this selection of garden urns inspirational and useful. Leave us a comment to let us know which one you liked best.

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