25 Pink And Purple Petunia Varieties For Your Garden

Let your garden bloom with a captivating palette of pink and purple Petunias!

With a bewildering array of varieties at your fingertips, you hold the power to curate a floral symphony that mirrors your unique style and preferences.

Delicate yet resilient, these annuals or perennials burst forth in a dazzling display from early summer until the very touch of winter's frost.

Purple petunia flowers in hanging planter

Among the Petunia family, the purple and pink varieties stand out as unique hybrids, brimming with distinctive characteristics derived from their carefully crafted breeding.

Their resilience and durability make them excellent choices for your garden, thriving throughout their growing seasons.

Understanding the different types of Pink and Purple Petunia varieties is essential in bringing your garden vision to life.

Discover the perfect match that will infuse your garden with a touch of individuality and charm.

Here are the 25 varieties of pink and purple Petunias that you can add to your garden.

1. Laura Bush

This hybrid petunia boasts its vibrant, fragrant violet blooms. The dark green foliage complements the striking 1 1/2 inch trumpet-shaped blooms.

A petunia bush with flowers

These petunias have a trailing habit of growth; it can grow about 2 feet in length and spread to a width around 3 feet.

Gardeners created it to be extreme weather tolerant (both heat and cold) and disease resistant.

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2. Alderman

These showy annuals display their blooms for 12 weeks, from early summer until the first frost.

Blooming purple petunia flowers in a pot

The 2-inch tubular blooms are bright bluish-purple and are complemented by vibrant green foliage.

This type of petunia is a dwarf variety, meaning it has a compact and low-growing habit of growth.

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3. Tickled Pink

Rosy purple 2 inch wide blooms decorate the long trailing foliage of the Tickled Pink Petunia. The fragrant blooms last from early summer to early fall.

Gorgeous pink leaves of a Tickled pink petunia in the garden

The climbing habit of growth gives them the ability to scale trellises or wire support cages.

This variety is one of the fastest-growing, reaching over 6 feet in length, and is extremely weather resistant.

4. Playmates

These Petunias display a unique striped pattern on their petals with alternating colors of purple and white.

Playmates petunia with white and red leaves

Vibrant green foliage enhances the intrigue of the large blooms. They have a mounded habit of growth and look wonderful in containers or baskets.

5. Sun Spun Pink Ice

Bubble gum pink blooms with dark centers decorate this mounding, compact habit of growth plant.

Pink, white and red petunia flowers with a green leaf background.

It reaches a height between 6 and 10 inches and will spread to a width between 12 and 18 inches.

It is very low maintenance but will still put on a show of abundant flowers that last for months. Provide this plant with at least 6 full hours of sun and keep it well watered.

6. Supertunia Vista Bubblegum

This hybrid petunia has been bred for its vigor. The medium-sized blooms are light pink with dark pink veins running through them. It blooms continuously through the summer and sometimes into the fall.

Blooming Supertunia vista bubblegum in a stone pitcher

Its height spans between 12 and 24 inches and its width reaches a spread between 24 and 36 inches.

It has a mounding and spreading habit of growth, looking great both in containers or in your garden bed.

This petunia variety is disease resistant, giving it a longer life. It also doesn't need to be deadheaded due to its ability to self-clean.

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7. Watermelon Charm

As its name suggests, this petunia has bright watermelon pinkish-red colored blooms. The flowers are small, yet abundant.

Supertunia Daybreak Charm with white and yellow centers

It has a mounding, trailing habit of growth, having the ability to reach 2 feet in length and up to a foot in height.

It grows vigorously and shows off its blooms all summer long, sometimes spanning into the fall months. Because it is a self-cleaning plant, deadheading is unnecessary.

This petunia will look great in containers, hanging baskets, or in your garden beds.

8. Night Sky

This hybrid petunia displays deep purple blooms speckled with white, giving it the dramatic appearance of the night sky.

Night Sky Petunia with blue solid bloom

Its celestial blooms can be seen from spring through the summer months. The plant can reach a height of 16 inches and spread to a width of 30 inches.

To make sure that your purple blooms maintain their white spots, plant these petunias in a location where they'll have warmer temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures in the evening and night.

Deadhead to encourage the growth of more blooms.

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9. Cascadia

These bi-colored blooms express deep purple petals with a cream edge. These petunias are heat and drought tolerant.

Gorgeous Cascadia flowers with white ends and dark purple gradient inner leaves

It has a more compact, mounding habit of growth, reaching a height between 10 and 16 inches and spreading a width between 16 and 20 inches.

10. Sanguna

This variety of petunias is characterized by large blooms with a spreading habit of growth.

Beautiful Sanguna Radiant Blue petunia flowers

Its blooms may be soft pink or vibrant magenta, depending on the exact variety.

They'll reach a height between 10 and 16 inches and a width between 20 and 24 inches.

Resilience to weather conditions like wind and rain makes them a favored variety. A moderate level of water needs is required.

11. Picobella Cascade

Picobella Cascade Petunias come in shades of burgundy, lavender, and coral.

Petunia Purple

It was bred to be a miniature plant but shows off a multitude of its tiny yet bright blooms along with its trailing foliage. It blooms quickly but remains in a controlled habit.

Their vigor makes it capable of tolerating more cold and/or wet conditions that it may face.

They only reach a height between 6 and 10 inches but spread or trail up to 18 inches.

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12. Chi Chi Hardy Pink Petunia

This herbaceous perennial displays tissue paper-like, pastel pink flowers, and narrow, dark green foliage. The petals are semi-ruffled.

Chi Chi Hardy Pink Petunia

This petunia, unlike others, grows from a singular stalk and branches out. It grows at a moderate rate, reaching 2 feet in height and up to 18 inches in width.

The greater the amount of sunlight it receives, the more flowers that will bloom.

13. ColorRush Pink Star

The ColorRush features a soft white and hot pink striped pattern on its petals.

Color Rush pink star petunia

It's a profuse bloomer with a long season and a trailing-mounding habit of growth.

It grows between 10 and 12 inches in height and 24 and 36 inches in its spread.

14. Crazytunia

Crazytunias stay true to their name with their obscure yet beautiful patterns and color combinations.

Petunia flowers Crazytunia moonstruck in the garden

They can reach a height up to a foot and spread to a width between 12 and 16 inches.

Their stunning blooms and foliage serve great in containers, hanging baskets, or in your garden beds. These annuals only grow in the warmest regions, like zones 10-11.

Read more about the rare black varieties here: Black Petunias (Facts, Care Tips and Pictures!)

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15. Surfinia Bouquet Denim

The Surfinia variety of petunias was the first variety to have a trailing habit of growth, making it revolutionary in the world of gardening.

Surfinia Bouquet Denim

This type of petunia has a mounding habit of growth that can reach a height of 12 inches and spread to a width out to 18 inches.

It displays its profuse blooms that last throughout the summer and fall months. The blooms are a bluish violet color.

16. Tidal Wave Silver

Faint lavender blooms with a silvery sheen and dark purple center decorate this variety of petunias.

petunia Tidal Wave Silver grows and blooms in the garden in summer

It has an impressive size, measuring up to 2 feet in height and spreading out to 4 feet.

This herbaceous annual works great in hanging baskets, containers, in your garden beds, or even as hedges.

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17. Easy Wave Pink Passion

This vigorous variety of petunias features an abundance of soft pink blooms with darker pink centers.

Petunia Easy Wave pink growing in a flower bed in the garden

It reaches a height of 12 inches and can spread to a width of 40 inches. Blooms last from late spring until the first frost.

Its trailing habit of growth makes it the perfect plant for containers and hanging baskets.

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18. Hells Fruit Punch

Coral colored blooms flower all season long on this petunia variety. With its compact size, it can reach about 8 inches in height and 16 inches in width.

hells fruit punch with purple leaves

Plant this variety in containers, hanging baskets, or in your garden beds and enjoy their vibrant, profuse blooms.

19. Littletunia Indigo

Small but mighty is one way to describe this pint-sized profusely blooming petunia.

Littletunia Indigo

The blue-tinted indigo blooms are small but grow quickly in large clusters. This plant reaches 14 inches in both width and height.

20. Peppy Cerise

This variety of petunia looks similar to some Crazytunias and ColorRush Pink Star with its white and pink striped petal color pattern.

Peppy Cerise petunias with white stripes and purple leaves

Its blushing pink blooms are marked by a white star. Dark green foliage complements the blooms well.

It can reach a height and width up to 18 inches. The dense herbaceous annual has a mounding habit of growth and grows relatively quickly.

21. Potunia Purple

Iridescent violet blooms produce a full canopy and last all season long, even in the summer heat.

Potunia piccola purple pink flowers

Their mounding habit of growth keeps them more compact, measuring up to 12 inches in height and 16 inches in width.

They are fairly drought tolerant and perform well in a variety of weather. Deadhead this petunia to promote more bloom growth.

22. Pretty Grand Deep Pink

Compact habit of growth allows this petunia to keep the plant manageable for a longer period of time.

Pretty gran deep pink petunia

Blooms are tight together and have a longer performance. The blooms are hot pink and last from early spring through the summer.

This petunia variety reaches between 10 and 12 inches in width and height.

23. Saguna Purple with White

Large, trumpet-shaped blooms with bright magenta petals edged in clean white don this petunia.

Saguna Purple with White

The bright white edge of the flowers helps the blooms to stand out wherever they're planted. These petunias have a strong branching habit.

24. Success Pink

The name serves this petunia well: if you want to plant a successful petunia, try planting this variety.

Success pink petunia flower in the garden

Its pink blooms demand attention with their great number and rounded, mounding habit of growth.

The Success Pink Petunia grows up to 12 inches in height and spreads to 32 inches in width.

25. Success Violet

As a spreading variety of petunia, the Success Violet quickly fills the space in containers, baskets, and in garden beds.

Surfinia Purple Vein petunia flowers in bloom

It is a prolific bloomer with beautiful violet-pink flowers that nearly demand attention.

Like the Success Pink Petunia, this petunia can reach a height of 12 inches and can spread to a width of 32 inches.

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Pink and Purple Petunias Varieties for Your Garden

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