35 Palm Tree Garden Ideas

The sight of palm trees conjures up images of a warm, breezy, tropical climate. If you think that palms can only be enjoyed in coastal areas, you're mistaken. You can actually enjoy palm trees in an abundance of climates. There are many varieties of palm trees available on the market that you can plant right where you're at.

Palm trees either have feather-shaped or fan-shaped fronds, giving each one its own unique aesthetic. Regardless of where you live, these iconic trees will make your landscape the envy of your neighbors. Be bold and spruce up your outdoor space by planting a palm tree!

Get inspired by checking out these 35 incredible palm tree garden ideas!

1. Poolside Paradise

A lush backyard oasis with vibrant green grass, a curved swimming pool bordered by natural stone, flanked by tall palm trees and a blue patio umbrella under clear skies ar 3:4

Surround your pool area with the addition of palm trees. Line them evenly outside of your pool fence to create a barrier around the pool and patio. The canopies of the palm trees add a bit of shade to the area, too.

2. Garden Interest

A secluded pathway meanders through a tropical garden, framed by a palm tree and abundant pink bougainvillea flowers, with fallen petals dotting the ground ar 3:4

Layering your plants is an excellent way to add color, dimension, and texture to your garden landscape. Flowering plants mixed with woodier plants provide a nice contrast.

3. Sentinal Palm

An affluent neighborhood street lined with manicured lawns and palm trees, in front of a spacious Mediterranean-style villa, under a clear blue sky ar 3:4

Even if you're not crazy about having a garden landscape full of various plants, you can create a beautiful space. Mingling large palms around the yard provides the space with a lot of depth, complementing the architecture of your home.

4. Clusters

A vibrant tropical garden filled with towering palm trees, lush greenery, and bright flowering plants under a sunny blue sky ar 3:4

One key thing to remember is to make sure you give your palm trees enough space to grow. If they don't have enough room to spread and root, they'll get suffocated, and their growth will suffer. You won't want to choke out other smaller companion plants, either! So, when you're planting, think about the size it will become rather than the size it is now.

5. Pool Edger

A tranquil pool with crystal-clear water reflects the surrounding lush palms and tropical plants, inviting relaxation in a serene garden setting ar 3:4

Although palm trees don't serve as a focal point in this garden landscape, they certainly increase the aesthetic and play a role in the overall landscape. Since this backyard is all about the tropics, it wouldn't be complete without palm trees.

6. Sloped Garden

An elegant evening view of a lighted swimming pool in the foreground, reflecting the blue of the twilight sky, with palm trees and a warmly illuminated two-story house in the background ar 3:4

Do you feel like you have a difficult backyard to landscape? No need to fret. Even in a backyard that's full of slopes, you can make the space look beautiful and full of life. There are plenty of plant varieties that grow well on slopes as long as the drainage system works in their favor. Use palm trees to add vertical height.

7. Lined Walkway

A curved stone pathway leads through a vibrant green lawn, flanked by lush tropical plants and the fronds of palm trees, in a peaceful garden scene ar 3:4

Further, create a lush, tropical paradise by planting a collection of palms along a walkway. However, take care to avoid planting your palms too close to the walkway. Although it would take a lot for the roots to disrupt a walkway, it's a safe bet to keep the plants a healthy distance away.

8. Potted Palm

A luxurious backyard features a long, narrow pool lined with palm trees, leading towards an elegant, Mediterranean-style villa under a clear sky ar 3:4

Planting palm trees in large pots is a great way to control the growth and spread of the plant while also savoring its aesthetic. If you're wanting potted palms, make sure you pick a variety that thrives in that type of environment. Slow-growing and low-growing varieties typically do the best in containers.

9. Raised Garden

A landscaped walkway with large stone slabs and trimmed grass edges leads to a modern building, complemented by tropical plants and a prominent fan palm tree under a bright blue sky ar 3:4

Don't neglect your raised gardens! Plant more than low-level plants in your garden beds: branch out and change up the style of the classic raised bed garden. Having a row of palm trees in this space creates an intriguing design that everyone will appreciate.

10. Front Garden

Tall palm trees tower over a luxurious house with a terracotta roof and large arched doorway, set against a neatly manicured lawn and a clear sky with wispy clouds ar 3:4

Don your front garden with an assortment of palms. Large, small, clustered, or stand-alone — the choice is yours. Palm trees add a great level of vertical interest with lots of depth and contrast to the landscape.

11. Variety Of Palms

A grand entrance to a white stucco home with a red-tiled roof is framed by multiple palm trees, vibrant greenery, and red flowering bushes under a sunny sky ar 3:4

Use a variety of palm trees to create a gorgeous variety of intriguing aesthetics. It will add instant character to your garden, full of texture and shape. Use your imagination and creativity when designing your landscape. Above all else, make it a space that you love.

12. Weather The Storms

A modern home with a neutral color palette and clean lines is accentuated by landscaped gardens, palm trees, and a herringbone-patterned driveway under a sky dotted with fluffy clouds ar 3:4

Plant your palm trees in clusters to give your landscape a nice assortment. As a bonus, palm trees have the ability to withstand heavy gusts of wind, meaning they'll be in your landscape for many years to come.

13. Perfectly Spaced

A stately Mediterranean-style apartment building surrounded by well-manicured gardens, tall palm trees, and flowering shrubs under a soft evening sky ar 3:4

These perfectly spaced palm trees give off a look of elegance and precision. It's a very orderly, neat design that keeps things in place. Foster a look of symmetry by placing the trees in even lines like this one. Depending on the landscape, you could also create multiple rows.

14. Playful Shade

A tropical retreat with towering palm trees and lush bird-of-paradise plants framing the entrance to a modern white villa with open patio doors ar 3:4

Something you may not have thought about when you initially planted your palm tree is the way it casts its shadows. The playful shadows that are cast are a welcome attribute of the trees.

15. Framed Entryway

The warm glow of a luxurious house's exterior lighting accentuates its grand entrance and columned portico, flanked by silhouetted palm trees against the deep blue twilight sky ar 3:4

Frame the entryway of your house with the use of long, spindly palm trees. These types of trees are reminiscent of the kinds you'd doodle on paper — whimsical and dreamy. Give your house a fun flair by placing these palm sat your entryway.

16. Royal Palms

A pristine white picket fence borders a vibrant green lawn leading to an elegant white home, with two lush palm trees standing guard at the entrance under a clear blue sky ar 3:4

Royal palms are a fun, frilly-looking variety of palm trees. Amazingly, these trees can grow up to 80 feet in height and can spread out to 25 feet. With that in mind, plant them in a spot where they won't hinder your view or block other essential structures. It's a regal name for a regal palm.

17. Luscious Canopies

A tranquil path of rectangular stepping stones cuts through a lush lawn and tropical foliage, leading towards a villa nestled among tall, swaying palm trees ar 3:4

Create a lush overhead canopy when you plant a large multitude of palms. The canopies provide nice, filtered light to stop the sun rays from being too harsh. The canopies also protect the lower, ground-level plants from severe weather and climate conditions.

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18. Front Garden Landscape

A welcoming home entrance is adorned with bright tropical plants, vibrant flowers, and palm fronds, leading up to a wood-paneled door, conveying a sense of lush serenity ar 3:4

Design an entrance walkway that won't soon be forgotten. The mixture of man-made structures and natural shapes combines to form a gorgeous space. The concrete walkway has multiple tiers and leads you through a neatly crafted tunnel of foliage bordered with majestic palms.

19. Spark Of Color

A minimalist white house with geometric lines is framed by lush tropical greenery, including a slender palm tree, leading to a modern glass door ar 3:4

Against an all-white and glass house, vibrant green plants stand out wonderfully. The green plants bring fantastic color, texture, and character to the otherwise blank canvas house. Plant a palm tree right next to the double-door entrance.

20. Slice Of Paradise

A serene backyard pool with rippling water reflects the sun, surrounded by patio tiles and a variety of palm plants, with a cozy outdoor lounge area in the background ar 3:4

When you're lounging at the pool, you're likely thinking of a tropical atmosphere. Using small planters filled with dwarf palm varieties does a great job of promoting this atmosphere and feeling associated with it. Use one type of palm or switch it up with a few different ones.

21. Spotlight Palm

An illuminated palm tree stands out in the night, with its trunk wrapped in lights, set against a backdrop of dark silhouetted trees and shrubs in a lush garden ar 3:4

Show off your palm tree at night with the help of a spotlight. Having warm glowing lights strategically placed around your garden is an excellent way to illuminate various landscape features. It will also create a perfect environment for lounging outside and enjoying the weather.

22. Coastal Landscape

Garden with palm trees on the island of Tenerife on a sunny day ar 3:4

In a coastal landscape, there are all kinds of succulents, shrubs, low-lying groundcover plants, and tropical trees. All the plants appear dense and moisture-loving. These plants provide deep enrichment to the landscape. Palm trees are always a welcome addition to the coastal landscape.

23. Unique Yard Accent

A vibrant peach-colored villa with a thatched roof enjoys a sunny garden setting with a bent palm tree in the foreground and a well-kept lawn ar 3:4

Give your yard a unique accent with the addition of a dwarf palm variety. These little guys, though small, are mighty in any landscape. They're typically slow growers but easy to care for.

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24. Date Palm

Estate home in Beverly Hills with swimming pool and palm tree ar 3:4

Date palms, though they do produce the date fruit, are also a lovely palm for any landscape. Their thick trunks have diamond-shaped patterns, providing a fun natural pattern. Its long fronds are frilly and whimsical.

25. Palm Wall

 luxurious poolside area with elegant white outdoor furniture is nestled among tropical palm trees, adjacent to a sophisticated villa with terracotta roofing ar 3:4

Form a lush barrier between you and your neighbor by planting a wall of palms. You can get extra privacy, provide more separation, and/or hide an unsightly fence. Think of the height you wish the wall to be and plant palms according to that height. Don't pick a super tall variety if you want an average-height privacy barrier.

26. Tucked Away

A circular brick driveway leads to an elegant home with arched doorways, surrounded by meticulously landscaped gardens and tall palm trees against a clear blue sky ar 3:4

If the corners of your house's exterior are looking a bit lonely, fill them with one or more palm trees. These plants fill the space with much-appreciated color, texture, and warmth.

27. Palm Collection

A well-manicured front yard with a lush green lawn features a striking palm tree and colorful landscaping in front of a stylish home with a red tiled roof and a large arched window ar 3:4

You don't have to spend a lot of money on your landscape to create an unforgettable space that you love. The great thing about planting trees is that you don't have to purchase and plant them all at one time. Take your time in bringing in new trees if you have to.

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28. Dwarf Palms

A desert-inspired landscape with a variety of cacti and succulents is complemented by a tall, slender palm tree, set against the backdrop of a modern home with a tiled roof ar 3:4

If adding a whole lot of height to your landscape isn't a top priority, consider using a variety of dwarf palms.

29. Desert Landscape

A palm tree stands amidst a desert garden of cacti and succulents, against the facade of a house with a classic red-tiled roof under a clear blue sky ar 3:4

Although you may have originally thought that palm trees only belong in the tropics, they can also thrive in desert climates. The sun in the desert strikes differently than the sun along the coast. That being said, make sure you take sun intensity into consideration when picking the right type of palm tree.

30. Coastal Vibes

An elegant brick driveway leads to a luxurious residence, flanked by towering palm trees and immaculate green lawns under a blue sky ar 3:4

Having palms of varying sizes is a great way to add dimension to your landscape. Change up the scenery with palms of different thicknesses.

31. Voluminous Fronds

A lush garden path flanked by bright flowering plants and palm trees leads to an inviting villa with open doors, nestled in a tranquil tropical setting ar 3:4

The voluminous fronds of date palm varieties are certainly show-stoppers. The landscape won't be lacking in anything when these trees are present.


A serene poolside scene at a stylish villa, with tall palm trees framing a view of distant mountains under a clear blue sky ar 3:4

This home has both foreground and background interest. Enjoy your gorgeous mountain views through the filter of tall, swaying palm trees. The tropical appearance of the palms stands out against the mountainous backdrop, adding warmth to the snow-capped peaks.

33. Modern Class

A modern, sleek white villa with expansive glass windows overlooks a rectangular swimming pool, with palm trees and manicured lawns enhancing the luxurious outdoor space ar 3:4

Soften the straight lines and shapes of a modern home by using palm trees in the landscape. The texture of the trunk and the fanciful shapes of the palm fronds add a beautiful, perfect contrast. Not to mention the soothing swishing sounds the fronds will make in the wind as you lounge by the pool.

34. Cool Blue Hues

An inviting natural stone pool with a cascading waterfall is nestled among a lush tropical setting, framed by towering palm trees ar 3:4

Having a wide variety of plants in your landscape and around your pool ensures a constant visually appealing space. Pull out the cool blue hues of some palm varieties in your landscape design. The blue waters complement the fronds well.

35. Palm Focal Point

A grand Mediterranean-style mansion is graced with an array of palm trees and vibrant garden beds, featuring a circular driveway leading to an arched entryway ar 3:4

This landscape features a big, beautiful palm as the focal point. Such a large, gorgeous palm adds depth to the yard along with strong coastal vibes.

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35 Palm tree garden ideas

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